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Using DOJ 'to Crush a Victim,' Barr Claims Trump Cannot Be Sued for Denying E. Jean Carroll's Rape Accusation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/20/using-doj-crush-victim-barr-claims-trump-cannot-be-sued-denying-e-jean-carrolls-rape

If Trump and Barr do not face prosecution for their many and egregious crimes than our justice system is a farce.


Sexual predators like Trump, and their defenders like Barr, deserve the worst kinds of punishment and banishment.
Trump’s self-confession of sexually assaulting multiple women (on the Access Hollywood tape), his close friendship with Epstein, his self-confessed sexual desire for Vanky, his bragging about promiscuity and adultery, and the many women who have accused him of sexual misconduct are all the evidence you need to know that Trump is the commander-in-chief of rape culture.


Guess RAPE, just isn’t that big a deal for evangelical republicans

This boy needs to go down HARD


This cannot stand. This would be a big flip of the finger to all women regardless of victimhood. It makes no legal sense. He must not be allowed to hide behind the United States Justice department. He has run long enough from his crimes. She has actual evidence! She can actually prove her case against him with semen on a dress. Barr, mr. catholic, is an abomination and a sleaze.


she was a liar who was trying to sell books by accusing him of raping her in a department store more than two decades ago,

No doubt she made it up in order to sell books. That is what many of my Bible, Trumping relatives still believe! Folks: WE ARE LIVING IN THE FOURTH REICH!

Jean was raped in a women’s dressing room in a department store by Trump but she made it all up in order to sell books? You would think that would be hard for even Trump’s acolytes to believe.


The purpose of the American judicial system is to crush poor and working people and serve the rich.



The fact that Barr is the A.G of the US IS A FARCE!


This is not the first time (or the second, or third, or…) Barr has gone of the rails, it’s Congresses job to hold appointed government officials accountable, where has the House’s impeachment proceedings against Barr been…nonexistent, why?


And so much more, culminating with an absurd SCOTUS pick.
The whole right-wing needs to be eliminated or replaced.
Hardly a decent soul among them.
How can any sane person allow them to rule the roost?


I would love to see the 13 year old (?) who claimed in a court filing (withdrawn after she was threatened, sure sounds like drumpf), that drumpf raped her at an epstein party join this case, forcing jabba the barr to defend drumpf of child rape in public.


That is the scary part! I wonder if the awake Germans in Nazi, Germany, said much the same thing about the Nazi, Party? The Republican Party is insane!


Without a doubt.

Women! Rise up and vote this shit OUT!


So glad we have Mr. Frotteurism arising to the occasion to stand up and protect all women everywhere from sexual assault. Reade (yesterday’s news), as we know is a liar. We know this because, unlike Carroll who accuses a member of the GOP, Reade accused a democrat.

By impeaching Barr, we could kill 2 birds with 1 stone: highlight the lawlessness & treachery of Barr & delay the confirmation of Barrett. Why won’t Democrats do it?

Very good question, I have brought up this topic before, and the response here has been fear of alienating the voters before the election. In my mind this shouldn’t matter, it’s congresses duty, no matter how close an election is.

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