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Using Fake Facts to Make Us Afraid


Using Fake Facts to Make Us Afraid

Arnold R. Isaacs

When you see an immigrant or a foreign visitor, especially from a Muslim country, should your first thought be that you might be looking at a possible terrorist?


Make Facts Great Again!


Real facts and evidence have been added to the GOP’s ever growing list of boogeymen, along with Obama, Clinton and others.

The fake news Trump talks about has been around since the advent of the cold war. When a US military delegation toured the former USSR after its collapse they confirmed that fake facts about the strength of the USSR kept us afraid and willing to tolerate ever growing corporate welfare for the military industrial complex.

Trump fails to mention that he, the GOP and their faux news network originate more fake news than all other sources combined.


A fearful populace is an easily controlled populace.


Yet another ridiculous lib/prog distraction from reality article blaming 'fake news" on the Tweeting Idiot of Orange. Formal propaganda in the U.S. began with Edward Bernays (a cousin of Sigmund Fraud) who is considered the “godfather” of marketing in the U.S.

He made his bones by conducting the propaganda apparatus for Woodrow Wilson in WW1 by creating the phrase “A War for Democracy” and proving how well it worked to keep an entire nation deluded.

After that war, he more-or-less went on to create Madison Ave advertising.

The Nazi Goebells credits Bernays for much of the success of his work.

“So it goes…” says the brilliant writer (not propagandist) named Kurt Vonnegut.


And it seems the U.S. populace is pretty much afraid of everything.



Every significant faction in America is pumping out bullshit as fast as they can craft it. The rewards for lying have never been greater. In politics, there are no “good guys”, just liars you support and ones you hate.

That pretty much sums it up.


Why is it not said that the greatest cause of immigration is our endless wars of choice? Who would stick around when one hears drones circling overhead night and day, never knowing when a bomb will kill you and your loved ones? If your food, power, water and other necessities for life were destroyed by ruthless empire? If you saw friends and family blown to bits in their homes?

"You think you are dying for your country. You are dying for some industrialists."
Anatole France


Like the people cannot see who is their biggest enemy. “Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep, it starts when you’re always afraid, step out of line the men come and take you away”. It could not be any more clear.


Bravo, Arnie, bravo. Metoo. I am guilty of one of those sins, leaving the US.
It is a breath of fresh air to hear a few details emerging in this one of many very sick issues in our era.
There are many of us ordinary Americans on a list somewhere, never even accused. Among them, guilty of…starting a private small town newspaper, knowing something, falsely arrested four times for robbing the corner store. Coming to a theater near you.


Excellent Journalism here on the part of Mr. Isaacs! He has sifted through this plethora of lies and propaganda and found the truth. Journalism at its best.

Unfortunately, the many Americans who believe the lies will probably never read this article. Those who get their “facts” from Twitter, Facebook and Fox News have nowhere near enough of an attention span for this much point-by-point detail.