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Using Ivanka Trump's Own Words Against Her Father's Cause, Resistance Group Protests Pro-Moore Rally


Using Ivanka Trump's Own Words Against Her Father's Cause, Resistance Group Protests Pro-Moore Rally

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Try as Trump and the Republican Party might, there's no way to escape the truth about Roy Moore or Ivanka Trump's own words."




Are any of these allegations against Roy Moore for predatory sexual behavior more recent than 30 or 40 years ago?

I’m guessing that this campaign against Moore using unproven allegations from his distant past will help Moore in the election more than it will hurt him.


"The American people won’t soon forget"
Sadly they will.


These people, the Trumps, are not that “exceptional”.

I don’t need to post a picture of the vacuous Ivanka, now do I? You have the image blazoned into your brains


Even worse, they simply don’t care right now.


Shaking my head so damn hard, it’s about to fall off.
What the fuck is going on in politics and the voters ?


Too many voted for Trump knowing he is a sexual predator hoping he will create jobs. Too many support Moore for their own agenda too.

This sexual predation is quite common and not only in high office. I have wondered for some time why this is so and if it has anything to do with our history.

Abuse, sexual and/or otherwise can remain with a victim for the rest of his or her life.

Since my mother died long ago at only 28 years of age and cannot speak for herself I will: She was not only a victim of rape to a much older man at only 14 years of age but gave birth to a child to the rapist. She ran away from home and was able to have my sister cared for in a boarding school until she met my father who cared for them both. She died of either ovarian or uterine cancer soon after and it is difficult not to suspect that, on a very deep level, the rape had a lot to do with it.


These crimes can stay with the victim for the rest of their lives. See my post below/above.


There are lots of ways to damage human beings for life. Spinal injuries come to mind. Sever someone’s spinal cord and the person will never walk again. Predatory sexual behavior against a young person is another way to cause permanent harm. Something inside the person gets broken and many victims never recover. That’s why we have laws against such conduct! The pain doesn’t “just go away”, so why should we NOT hold serial predators like Moore responsible yet today? I saw one of his victims still visibly upset just a few days ago.

How about this: when SHE again walks free, then HE can walk free, too.


There’s also a special place for people who does corruption.


As I see it, there are a number of things going on…

  1. The republican insistance of party over country. The belief that they need to do whatever they can to keep democrats out of office - whether it’s voter suppression, election tampering, or accepting pediphiles as senators. They don’t seem to be concerned with actually “governing”, rather than just winning.
  2. The thousands of years of propoganda set forth in the bible. That women are dangerous, evil, not to be trusted, and will tempt men into doing the wrong thing. That they should never be trusted.
  3. The overall dumming down of the American education system. Critical thinking is becoming non-existant in this country. Students are taught to develop specific skills but not to “think” or to make rational choices. We are becoming a nation of sheep, and that is just the way our “leaders” want it.