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USPS Needs Financial Aid to Continue Providing Essential Services

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/21/usps-needs-financial-aid-continue-providing-essential-services


Slimy Texas Congressman Pete Session’s 2006 kill the USPS legislation is the USPS’ big millstone.

Although Slimy was voted out of office in 2018, he is running in a different Congressional district (TX-17) in November. Send your spare change to Slimy’s opponent’s (Rick Kennedy) campaign post haste !

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“…the Postal Service is facing insolvency due to crises-related drops in mail revenue and increased costs.”

Only partially true. The main focus of their insolvency is due to congress forcing them to fund their employees pensions and healthcare for 75 years into the future. Something no other government agency or business is forced to do. Their ability to generate revenue was also severely curtailed also. Before this legislation was passed, the USPS’s books were in the “black”, and would be doing fine in the pandemic with out it.
Lets apply this legislation to FedEx, Amazon, and UPS and see how healthy their balance sheets would look.
This legislation was passed by the gop with dem help to kill the USPS, further enriching the other private delivery companies, it needs to be removed, do that and the USPS would once again flourish.


Hi ReconFire:
When I read that about the Post Office having to prepay 75 years ahead----I was flummoxed! WHY does the Post Office have to deal with PREpaying 75 years of heaIth care? The military should have to be the group that prepay for wars—as they have enough wars for no reasons!
And maybe too, elected congressional people should have to prepay their heaIth , insurance —which would be expensive—but then we could build them congressionaI dorms so they could save on renting. Congressional dorms… hmmm and with curfews too, so they focus on their JOBS of working for We the PeopIe!
And YES ReconFire—make FedEx, Amazon and UPS prepay for their employees who get heath insurance as part of their jobs too! Though I wonder how many of their employees ( delivery and packers ) get insurance. So—the DEMS f***ed over workers along with the GOP? TERM limits term limits, those representing us are often NOT representing us at aII! : (

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Hey stardustIBID, The two links below give a more in-depth account of the legislation, and keep in mind this happened in 2006, so it’s not new. The fact the Postal Service has stayed alive this long is amazing to me. Most of us have heard the phrase “it can happen here”, we now have to wrap our heads around the fact, it has happened here, and we are now a full on fascist country. This didn’t start with Trump, but he’s the wrecking ball TPTB have used to finish the job.



Ummm, they need to revoke the Postal Accountability Act of 2006. That’s all. Rather than continuously sweeping it under the table. The postal service is not a cash cow.


…“There is growing bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress for a postal relief bill, which is urgently needed to prevent a postal shutdown and ensure that USPS can continue offering critical services during the crisis and into the future…”

Notable for its likely-purposeful omission is any mention of “The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act” (H.R. 6407) - enacted into law within three weeks of its initial submission in 2006. A key provision of this Act is that it requires the USPS to pre-fund the retirement of its employees seventy-five years in advance. In other words, before those employees are born.

Even as it claims to be advocating for the USPS, this piece is propaganda for those who wish to see it privatized or dismantled.

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Hi ReconFire:
That you for theatric references. : )

Oh how duplicitous the Iegsiature can be. The USPS is treated unfairly in having to prepay that $5 bison in heath care—and they are not free to raise rates as Amazon and Fed Ex and other FOR PROFIT companies do. And too, the USPS can’t raise their rates without Congress regulating them

BUT now I see the problem too many in Congress are wanna be emperors Iike Trump----and I am sure that the Higher Rates are charged by Amazon, Fed Ex etc. and these corporations are very generous to the elected ones.NO FAIRNESS HERE at aII. I have never ordered anytime from Amazon and never wiII—and sadIy too, Amazon and others do not go everywhere that the PeopIe are----but the Post Office does.


The first postal service was established in America way back November 1639. Richard Fairbanks of Boston became Postmaster of Massachusetts’s Bay Colony. The first US postal service was organized in different countries at different years like Virginia (1657), New York (1672), Connecticut (1674), Philadelphia (1683), and New Hampshire (1683). On July 26, 1775, the Continental Congress created the first version of the Post Office, naming Benjamin Franklin as the first Postmaster General.

For decades moneyed interests have had their eyes on privatizing our postal service and the 2006 legislation was just one of, but the most serious, acts toward this end. Last week Trump’s appointed postmaster general issued several edicts he knew would slow and interrupt our postal service. Clearly the plan is to so cripple USPS, it will look inefficient and “efficient” privatization will become necessary.

May I propose an act of solidarity and declaration in support of our postal service? Sunday, July 26 let’s all go to the USPS site and order something. Besides stamps and other traditional mailing supplies, they offer a number of interesting USPS branded items like backpacks, messenger bags, beach towels, totes, t-shirts, miniature mail trucks and so much more. Spread the word…let’s do this!

YES! Buy stamps. I got some beautiful Tiger stamps from the SAVE VANISHING SPECIES… an aIso some TY Rex dinosaur stamps to to put on outgoing biIIs. : )
Besides the tiger the vanishing species stamps are: African elephants, Marine turtle, great apes , Asian elephants and the almost gone from the Earth, rhinos.
If you want to know more about the stamps go to your IocaI post office and see those stamps! Then BUY some!
I wiII have to check into the other fun sounding items suggested, ImissShireyChishoIm : )
That’s the most fun way to heIp the post office besides being nice to the maiI people!