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Utah Bill Would Legalize Running Protesters Over With Cars, Critics Warn

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/19/utah-bill-would-legalize-running-protesters-over-cars-critics-warn

Might be time to assemble the Utah Legislature for a retaking of their allegiance to their Constitutional duties.


The all-together obvious evolution of The Patriot Act and Beyond. Could see it when protesting businesses becomes defined as Terrorism. With all the subsequent handwavium since, Antifa are now fascists, right-wing anti-government wannabee militias are real patriots, and it’s illegal for you to inquire about any pipelines running through your neighborhood.

This is exactly why rule by minority is a real form of Tyranny.

George Orwell, despite all his shortcomings, must be gnashing ghostly teeth from beyond the grave.


Does Utah have protesters? It requires free will.


Indeed. Even Orwell would be astounded by what is and what is soon to come…


I’d assume so. We all know Utah is the unique state with its own religion, morally protective underwear, occasional black folks, Mitt Romney, etcetera. There’s actually a heckload of fascinating history (see Arthur Conan Doyle, or Jon Krakauer) going way back from that almost square, landlocked state.

I recall Elizabeth Cady Stanton relating her interviews with Mormon women, from before women had the vote here in USA. Cady Stanton found, among her Mormon sisters, some of the most liberated women in USA – or so she says.

Today Utah is firmly established among the dirty dozen US states most infected with Covid. We’re hoping this outbreak trajectory hits some upward limits at some point, because it hasn’t yet:


Hmmm so Utah bill makes…if Utah passed such a bill, making it legal to run over pedestrian protestors---- how long do you think it would take for Utah bill makers to be run over too?
That’s the trouble with poorly thought out and poorly phrased bills-----they can make everyone a victim! : 0


Probably not well thought out. If legislators are willing to legally allow protesters to be targets, shouldn’t the inverse also be true?


Legislating fascism, the parallels to 1930’s Germany are impossible to miss nowadays.


We already have laws and courts and juries to address running someone over. Therefore its suspect, especially considering Charlottesville “good people on both sides” insident.

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these people call themselves "good " and “moral” --how tragically pathetic they are–their hate reveals them

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Here are this guy’s contact details:
Jon Hawkins(note spelling)
350 N State St., Suite 350, SLC., UT 84114

If this bill had passed in Virginia, you can bet that James Fields would have used it as a possible line of defense in his killing of Heather Heyer. Don’t let Hawkins get away with this…let him know how you feel.


There are people who consider Mormons to be nothing but a cult of fake Christians. If the shoe fits …

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I would bet there is language in the bill that would make it a crime to run over protesters who were fascists or mormons or trump supporters.


My GOD! Mormons are SUCH monsters!

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