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Utah's New Anti-Abortion Bill Based on Ideology, Not Medical Facts



The chief underlying constructs of patriarchy include the following:

  1. That men are to act as authorities over women's lives
  2. That males are superior to females
  3. That God is just another white guy
  4. That where possible, women deserve NO agency over their own destinies
  5. War is holy (particularly when it's cast as a holy war--that is, set between religious tribes)

Utah is the state most known for a high percentage of Mormon followers; and it wasn't long ago that Mormons promoted polygamy. Imagine that: men entitled to a plurality of submissive female sexual surrogates; but women only the chattel of a male figurehead.

My point is that misogyny runs VERY deep in the state of Utah.

I was looking for my copy of "The Chalice and the Blade," and can't find it. But I do recall how its author, Ms. Riane Eisler documented a chilling historical parallel: that WHENEVER a society grows more militarized, it always subdues women's rights--abortion (or control over one's reproductive destiny) paramount among those.

The two strongest ironies to these impossibly misogynistic practices are:

  1. That Viagra is covered by drug insurance plans
  2. That the same religious sects BENT on controlling Western women's vaginas (under the pretext of protecting all those unborn fetuses) are often FIRST to call out FOR war. They seem 100% insensitive to all the fetuses aborted by war crimes, bombs, drones, ordnance, missiles, etc.

It's sad that some women stay inside these church families and internalize the misogyny they are taught from the time they can walk and talk.


The pro lifers just abandoned their anti drug stance? New motto: drugs for fetuses. Next will come a list of which ones work or not, that is, which cross the placental barrier. I wonder what kind of fumes have passed through the governors leaky blood brain barrier.


"Separation between church and state" has become state enforcement of church dogma onto our secular nation and people of other, or no, organized religion - a federal government guarantees (or should) freedom from state power to discriminate; against women, minorities, non-conformists, free-thinkers, LGBT community, any person or group following a different drummer - against any following a different path than the political-social majority.......

Church/political acolytes demand government be the instrument to codify their particular religious dogmas and/or mythology - some might say pathology - the so-called "religious" demand enforcement by law of their particular beliefs, not just freedom from oppression, but the freedom to oppress - to deny rights to others.......no nation will long survive if such discrimination is tolerated under the cloak of "religion" or "religious" belief.


"30 other states that need leaving too" are viewed as a good start by the Cruz campaign. Anybody fighting against Trump best pay attention to not only Cruz' theocracy vision but his campaign's and the GOP's devious strategy for making that vision a reality.


From the article:

'With Republican Gov. Gary Herbert's signature on a controversial law Monday evening, Utah became the first state in the nation to require doctors to give anesthesia to women having an abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy or later.'

Except that the new law doesn't require giving an anesthetic. (One does not give anesthesia.) An analgesic, such as a 5-grain aspirin tablet, may be given instead.


The rethugs are for small government, except for women's healthcare.


Agree. Cruz is down-right dangerous.


I would have 6 listed with the first item being that women are property. So called conservatives are not conservatives, they are fanatical radical extremists full of fear and hatred. When one is full of fear and hatred, one wants to make sure others feel the same. Barf!


Acetaminophen has practically no anti inflammatory action, and therefore does not have a measurable effect on blood prostaglandins. For some unknown reason, it does affect those eliminated in urine. Aside from that, they still are ignorant, vicious, arrogant, bung holes.


I apologize for the bung hole thing. After all sphincters are the unsung heroes of daily life. And I forgot: VILE. :frog:


Important and well-stated points!


More like women's LOCKDOWN. Do you think these jackasses care about women's HEALTH?


As if sent straight out of Central Casting, the creep even LOOKS the part!