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'Utterly Arbitrary and Unlawful': Farmworker Groups Sue to Block Trump Wage Freeze

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/01/utterly-arbitrary-and-unlawful-farmworker-groups-sue-block-trump-wage-freeze

On one hand they are trying to require other kinds of guest workers (engineers, IT workers, computer programmers, nurses, doctors and teachers) employers to pay them a legal US wage (which varies from state to state) and here it seems they are trying to lower their wages even further below the legal US minimum wage?

People should note that with the numbers of guest workers scheduled to soar to many times what they are today, the minimum wage could become the defacto normal wage in many professions, even high skilled ones. Therefore we should pay all workers not just what “the market” (supply and demand) says their labor is worth, but also a wage thats large enough to sustain them and their families. I realize that is anathema to America’s current “Washington Consensus” but it is what the naive and trusting we the people - not just we the American people, we the people of the entire Earth expect of them.

Lets not give the country and planet a harder shock than they would get otherwise, which is a real crime given all the huge changes that have been made behind our backs, politicians everywhere, this means YOU.

BTW, this issue has almost nothing to do with Trump per se. Both parties and in deep in these deals and are likely just playing good cop bad cop, in order to royally screw every working person everywhere.

By the way all de-regulatory changes, in perpetuity, unless we buy our ways out, including these ones, likely will be hugely costly to reverse because of these damn treaties, which treat these jobs as trade entitlements of foreign countries and firms.


First off, the administration is lawless and don’t care. They will just file suit and go from there.
So now it is farm groups. Add wage freezes to government employees, and potential social security cuts. But the rich get that 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut.

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