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'Utterly Disqualifying': Pete Buttigieg Panned for Praising Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/24/utterly-disqualifying-pete-buttigieg-panned-praising-supreme-court-justice-anthony

Gosh, in the end it’s all about Pete and his marriage. Well, isn’t that special. Where do I send the flowers?
Is this what is meant when they say, " it’s when the personal becomes political. "? I don’t think so, Pete. Nice try, now go back to Silicon Valley or Wall St. and hang with your bros, make a pile of money and get real.
Picking Kennedy over Marshall, Douglas or even Stevens? R U 4 REAL, Pete?


Well sounds like Buttigieg is coming out of the political closet, good for him. Now everyone can see, with out a doubt, he’s a republican to his bones.


“Pack” the court
ain’t gonna pass muster
Pete’s in the fort
surrounded like Custer

I like the way you think and your writing skills are wonderful, when is the book coming out? You know you have it in you :-)))

George Armstrong Custer was considered quite the dandy by his fellow officers. He primped and fussed over his appearance, allegedly even wearing cologne into battle.
Sioux leaders, acting upon this information, custom made and presented Custer with the original Arrow Shirt at the Battle of Little Big Horn. How fitting, indeed.
Pistol Pete is too clever by half here, praising Trump’s buddy and family business partner, Judge Kennedy. He made nee to be retrofitted with a elephant’s trunk next to campaign picture.

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Booty Judge should run as the Log Cabin Republican candidate and get the F out of the Democratic Party.