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'Utterly Terrifying': Study Affirms Feedback Loop Fears as Surging Antarctica Ice Loss Tripled in Last Five Years

'Utterly Terrifying': Study Affirms Feedback Loop Fears as Surging Antarctica Ice Loss Tripled in Last Five Years

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"The most robust study of the ice mass balance of Antarctica to date," scientists say, "now puts Antarctica in the frame as one of the largest contributors to sea-level rise."


The “conservative” counter messaging has already begun laying blame on the loss on the western side to underwater volcanic activity. Naturally, they do not present any evidence, just a narrative of a process that is conveniently not detectable via satellite. Have they deployed “secret” research vessels to monitor such activity. Naw, they’ll leave that to Gawd, I’m sure. Watch for this denial technique, as it surely will capture the imaginations of the useful idiots that put the useless (but extremely dangerous) idiots in charge.


An earthquake hits your city. What do you do then? Do you:

A. Be terrified?
B. Get a wrench and turn off the natural gas lines before your neighborhood catches fire and burns down, then start rescuing people from trapped buildings?

Your planet is about to lose half of its food supply in 50 years. Do you

A. Be terrified?
B. Look for greenhouse gas drawdown solutions and promising avenues of research, and make sure that some government pays for them?


“That doesn’t mean we should be desperate”. Well just exactly when do we reach the point of being desperate? When it is too late perhaps unless of course we are already there and the best course of action is to remain calm as long as possible while life as we know it more and more rapidly comes to an end. Frankly, maybe a little bit of desperation might be the motivation needed to force the PTB into the kind of action that might possibly help some survive the increasingly desperate future. It is coming and moving far faster than predicted.


A wake up call! HA HA very funny. Science has predicted this for decades.

Meanwhile people keep having kids, then go shopping and pray, or wish, or whatever. If you just believe hard enough, it will all come true, because children bring their own source of double plus fun!

Absolutely NOTHING will stop the cult of natalism this side of total extinction.

One side blames minorities, the other side blames corporations. Both side breed, shop and complain that they aren’t getting satisfaction.

You think this is terrifying? The planet is capable of much larger storms, much worse fires, droughts that last thousands of years.

Meanwhile the pope and other religious leaders tell people that having children is your duty. Ad agencies tell people that the key to a good life is family.

Then when the shit hits the fan people say, WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?


The wake-up calls have already been shouted for decades. The problem is that those who have done the shouting were ignored. Here is a short list if scientists that are part of that list - you might merit from finally reading or listening, although it might well be too late. You may already have read or heard some of them.

Peter Wadhams
James Anderson
Guy McPherson
Peter Sinclare
David Wasdell
Alun Hubbard
Paul Beckwith
Dahr Jamail
Tim Garrett
Michael Mann
James Hansen
Natalia Shakhova
Mike Sliwa
Michael Benton
Derrick Jensen
Robert Schibbler
Daniel Trimwright


You blame population and refuse to look at the inequitable consumption of resources and the inequitable generation of pollutants. Shocking given the actual facts, which you have never once actually addressed head on. One trick pony, one simplistic trick pony.


You obviously haven’t been listening to Pope Frances lately. You have a lot of research to do.


C. Create a new economic system that doesn’t ignore most of the environmental impacts (most of these impacts do not have market values, and global warming is one of many environmental issues that are at the crisis stage), one that recognizes absolute limits to consumption and the generation of pollutants and one not based on endless growth in throughput. That system isn’t capitalism, and capitalism is increasingly undemocratic and inequitable. If the left doesn’t work on creating a sustainable, democratic and inequitable alternative (they exist in theory, and to an extent in practice, but the left is rallying around any of them in large numbers), then the right will, and their alternative will be brutal and undemocratic.


Yeah, been telling discover this for some time.


Gosh who would ever thought the world’s most prominent climate scientist could have been right?


Besides all of America gas guzzling and polluting cars and trucks----------how much does bombing nations , using depleted uranium; continually building 800 military bases, and burning military refuse plastics ( a la Afghanistan and Iraq)---------- wasting jet fuel harassing China--------and along with Pruitt flying everywhere----and Donald too-------------SO-- if we weren’t doing all of this warring and annoying and murdering ------------ wouldn’t that help with trying to stay under 350ppm… oh wait staying under 400 ppm?


Haven’t read the entire article – but … Scientists are terrified?

Their view of Global Warming had to be that the HEAT would only increase –
Therefore, the MELTING could only increase – and much more rapidly.

We are at a point now where what we are feeling is only the HEAT capitalism
created up to about 1968. Imagine all that happened after that time which
scientists know will greatly increase the Global Warming events we will be
feeling and the severity of those Global Warming events.

This is at the least the point where we all stop doing anything except getting
into our communities and coming together in the interests of all humanity.

Pretty much all of the labor we do supports capitalism and the wealth of Elites.

This is where Capitalism and especially “The Oil Trust” has delivered us …
and it’s about time to exist this train ride to Hell.


Oh really? Which Pope Francis is that? The one who says that transgender people are destroying all of mankind. Or this one?


Inequitable consumption of resources… Because resources are magic. They appear because magical elves in the forests make them. Or because you read a self help book that says if you can dream it, then it will come true.

Or because of prayer.

Talk about a one trick pony. Only honey, your horse is dead.

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Create a new economic system…

Okay Joan. You’re on. Show us this system.

Or are you too busy and expect someone else to do it?

Where do you plan on going? People keep saying the same thing over and over. We need a new system.

Okay, show us this system. It has to take into account 8 billion people and a population growing at three additional people per second.

It has to switch energy systems without shutting down the old system so billions do not starve.

It has to take into account that we have already passed 410 ppm, so climate change is going to cause a lot of chaos.

Also, apparently you can not tell people to stop having children, because that would just be wrong.


What in the hell are you talking about? Who ever said that and what does that silly nonsense have to do with anything I said? Like I said, you cannot have a thoughtful response to the actual data. Maybe think about the implications of the data, or just yammer on about one single factor, which is all it is.


Oh sure, let me get right to that. I alone will construct an economic system that has never existed, because humans were never forced by worldwide environmental conditions to create a system like that. I am pointing out reality, that markets ignore lots of information (fact), that there are limits to consumption and pollution generation (fact), and that capitalism is increasingly undemocratic and inequitable (facts too). Countless studies showing this. None of this can be denied. Whatever system would have a chance to deal with these issues, it wouldn’t be capitalism, and notice that you dismiss something you have no argument against. It isn’t logical. Like I said, you take part in these conversations while being allergic to facts. Why you bother responding to me if this is the type of stuff you say is beyond me, and I won’t waste more time trying to get you to think a little deeper once again. Maybe someone will.


C. Book a cruise line tour to view the Antarctic while it still exists.