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Vacancies, Low Morale at Trump's State Department Has Left Agency 'Near Collapse'

Vacancies, Low Morale at Trump's State Department Has Left Agency 'Near Collapse'

Julia Conley, staff writer

"There is simply no denying the warning signs that point to mounting threats to our institution."

DJT and T-Rex are clueless when it comes to diplomacy and foreign/international relations unless the focus is on business deals and even then, they depend on minions to smooth the paths. Both think they have all the answers and do not need to take time to investigate, study, or familiarize themselves with the culture, morays, behavior, or protocol needed to meet and/or negotiate with other world leaders. Nor would they even lower themselves to consult with knowledgeable, career officers in the State Department. Their hubris and arrogance undermine our nation both at home and throughout the world.

And we all know how well-received DJT is everywhere he goes outside the U.S…

Ah-yup –

“But . . .  But . . .  Who needs Diplomacy when we’ve got Nukes – The BIGGEST Nukes, believe me!”
— Tweetle-Dumb


Trumpism is an ever-growing crime against wisdom: a fire raging further and further out of control. Like those recent California fires, the flames spread further and faster than we can outrun. Those Trump-enablers in Washington endanger us all. How does a society extinguish runaway Trumpism?


I hate all the Russia crap-----but you think this might have something to do with pay back to the Russians-----And from what I understand Trump has yet to enforce the sanctions against Russia-voted by large majorities in Congress.

It’s obviously being done by design; Trump and his authoritarian cohorts hate diplomacy and have never made any secret about that fact. So what use is a State Department? A strongman leader at the top calling all of the shots, closely surrounded by his coterie of Military General hardliners, and his Cabinet packed with representatives of the MIC - i.e., Mussolini redux - that’s what they want, that’s what they are aiming for. And have just about achieved, for all practical purposes. The dismantling of America’s democratic institutions is proceeding apace.


Agreed, but the correct word is not “Trumpism,” it is authoritarianism, or more precisely, fascism. Look up the definition of fascism, and tell me what the differences are between it and the uber right-wing nationalistic organization that is the Trump government.

Henry Kissinger, war criminal, has been driving his world view of constant unending war in the State Dept. for decades. It needs a purge. Obama should’ve cleaned house were it not for that fact that he was so weak. Now, we have the MIC running foriegn policy without so much as a how do to the Congress.