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Vaccine Access Advocates Cautiously Optimistic As G20 Summit End With Pledge to 'Spare No Effort' to Ensure Widespread Distribution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/22/vaccine-access-advocates-cautiously-optimistic-g20-summit-end-pledge-spare-no-effort

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Let’s hope there is a 2020 version of Jonas Salk out there who will develop and freely share their vaccine recipe with the world!

Perhaps Cuba.


Trump doesn’t want to donate to the COVAX effort? Does this guy have any brain neurons working at all? The only way to contain this virus is to have the whole world vaccinated which means the countries with the most money to deliver to the effort…and who could lose more if they didn’t, should contribute/participate. Seems to me we need to have Biden move into the White House post haste. Otherwise things will spiral out of control.

That’s what we’re watching this week: the Thanksgiving spiral.

Over several months Covid case-fatality has steadily dropped, due to improved care, to about 1/3 of what it was in March. At the same time, USA’s caseload has exploded at an accelerating pace, clearly visible as we steam past 12M cases.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  03/14/2020       2,234       2,234
>  18.  05/16/2020   1,464,831   1,467,065
>  27.  07/18/2020   2,231,096   3,698,161
>  36.  09/19/2020   3,050,774   6,748,935
>  45.  11/21/2020   5,279,146  12,028,081

This 9-week segmentation shows the last segment almost doubling the penultimate – an alarming pace of caseload expansion. So far the steady expansion of USA’s caseload has been counterbalanced by smaller case-fatality ratios. With our 7-day average of daily deaths steaming past 1,500, it might be interesting to more closely scrutinize the relationship between trends of new-cases and deaths.


This chart, from OWID, might have much to say to inquiring minds. To my eye, whether I’m looking at peaks or troughs in the comparative curves, there’s a remarkably consistent 3-week lag between moves in the new-cases and deaths curves, respectively. The current surge in deaths we can trace back to Halloween, appropriately enough.

While we can appreciate that some positive vaccine news might indicate the eventual appearance of a light at the end of the tunnel, first we have to get through that tunnel.


Shouldn’t have to hope for a Jonas Salk to save the world. The resources to mass produce any vaccine is available but the public good runs smack into the wall of capitalism. Oral Polio Vaccine costs 15 cents so mass production is possible. There are 1.7million known viruses in birds alone. Our planet is painted in viruses. They are a part of our evolution. There are more viruses on this planet than stars in the universe. If the system isn’t fixed then we get to do this dance of death with the Umbrella Corporation for Covid-22 and then Covid-26 and then Covid-31… Why are corporations allowed to make decisions for all humanity based on what is best for their shareholders?


And the Orange Sphincter will be out of the White House, and God willing, beginning his eternity of conscious torment in a lake of fire.

Do we know how much this magic is going to cost us? what’s my bill going to be?

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What did you buy grandma for xmas? A coffin. Black Friday will have a whole new meaning in the future.


No less inspirational, but as a piss-poor Pittsburgh kid…

~https://www.technologyreview.com/2005/07/01/230689/the-myth-of-jonas-salk/ (the TRUTH shall get you trolled)


~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/11/23/nurs-n23-1.html (… make it what rich folks WANT to hear and just keep repeating it over and over on TV and the internet)



So, when are they going to cough up the truth about a Wuhan bio weapons lab with U.S. money involved?

Bats in a market, yeah, right, ehhh, what’s up doc?

No other country allows this amount of time between election and taking office. It was designed so that the elected could make it to DC by horse.

Trump has decided that if the country can’t be his, then it will not exist, nor will the world.


"The European Union and United Nations say $4.5 billion is still needed from G20 nations to fill a funding shortfall. "

Net worth:

Bezos 200 billion
Musk 104 billion
Gates 105 billion
(dump estimate 2.1 billion) negligible.

These “people” would not miss 4.5 billion from their coffers. Perhaps for the “good of the planet” they could each donate (not dump) 1.5 billion.

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How’s that curfew thing doing in CA?
We are waiting to hear if we are out of municipal lockdown.

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The market will bear almost any price, and those who cannot meet that price, well, Darwin.

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It is super stupid, imho, as the virus cares not a fig about the damn clock. All it has accomplished is to cast aspersions on sensible precautions by needlessly mixing in idiocy. Gavin Gruesom’s worst idea since deliberately introducing the virus to San Quentin State Prison.

You’ll note that California has slipped up, out of the group of half a dozen states doing a better job withstanding this virus (in my digest of JH stats, above). Curfews are a great way to screw everything up – you’ll get nothing but customary police terrorism as a result.

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Thailand never went into total lockdown. They closed the borders and set a 9pm to 5am curfew. The big difference was the closure of all indoor dining, bars, schools, and shopping malls, and masks were required in public, no exception. Results, 3600 cases with 60 deaths.


Meanwhile Sweden just banned all Public gatherings of more then 8 people. You know Sweden which the “COVID is a Hoax” types claimed not wearing masks and not having a lock down as their example worked?

The guy in charge of of this stated that if he had to do it all over again, he would have imposed stricter restrictions , much like most Countries in the world did.

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I don’t think the curfew is being enforced, Some areas have said the will not deliberately enforce. At issue is Los Angeles, that is off the charts high in infection rate and low rates of compliance in using basic precautions. I can’t help thinking very bad thoughts about them.

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It’s just unnecessary. Where community infection has risen to such dangerous heights, people need to avoid risky exposures 24 hours a day. That’s the non-negotiable reality imposed by a tyrannical virus, at this point. So rules which relate to that reality should be taken seriously.

To mix in rules which nobody takes seriously is lethally misguided, imho. I want to bang my head against the wall, seeing those packed airports, fern. This isn’t misleadership. This is widespread suicidal stupidity, and it’s sending me around the bend.


i agree, rules should be taken seriously and reinforced. Exaggerated cues for personal responsibility that is self-rewarding. Where I live it is being taken seriously by comparison to some places in CA. partially because there are not as many distractions or large events centered here. We still have some of the issues like nursing homes and things that prove to be stubborn to improvement.

Most definitely a steep learning curve.

Take care of your head, throw darts at a Trump poster or something.

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