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'Valve-Turners' Putting Lives On the Line For Our Climate Emergency


'Valve-Turners' Putting Lives On the Line For Our Climate Emergency

Leonard Higgins

"Our lives are at stake. But people won't understand that until some of us demonstrate we're indeed fighting for our lives."


Oil companies control the government. Those that resist oil are enemies of the state. These defendants have awesome courage.


The Children’s Trust is doing much the same thing. Only it’s kid’s not their parents. The whole thing could be played out on the stage of the theater of the absurd. Having to file suit or get arrested for doing the right thing(s) is insanity. Absurd!


The necessity of defense of the planet


Yes, as George Carlin said thirty years ago, "Hey, all you people trying to save the earth, RELAX! The earth isn’t going anywhere: YOU ARE.

I knew when he said it exactly what he meant, and global warming was only the tip of the iceberg, to mix a metaphor, and it still is. The science has been understood for well over a century, and the principle for a half century longer, although they didn’t mention that in my physics classes in the 1960s. The only genuine controversies in 1990 were how much how soon, and the precise nature of the consequences of inaction. The error bars were still pretty long then, but a decade later the uncertainties were essentially negligible.

A third of the USian public sees science as just another BS (“Belief System”), different from theirs and therefore wrong. The Fossil Fools have known all along what they are doing, but their BS tells them that science, technology, and Adam Smith (whom they haven’t read but who got it wrong anyway) will somehow save them. That makes them psychopaths, which kind of defines our task, most likely a lot more valve turners.


Mr. Higgins, thank you for your bravery and putting your life on the line.

In a time of universal, environmental, terrorism by the fossil fuel companies; people like you are arrested for speaking the truth!