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Vampire Squid Goldman Sachs Gets Away with $5 Billion 'Non-Punishment'


Vampire Squid Goldman Sachs Gets Away with $5 Billion 'Non-Punishment'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Goldman Sachs—once described as "great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money"—has agreed to pay $5.1 billion to settle a U.S. probe into allegations that it misled mortgage bond investors during the financial crisis, the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) said Monday.


Here is centrist politics exhibiting its depravity.
Go ahead, vote for Hillarious (very dark humor) or a Republican, and continue to ensure these weasels continue to dominate our lives with impunity while democracy is undermined!


Until the Obama/Lynch "Justice" Dept holds an actual person accountable with criminal liability and prison-time, there will be no justice! Candidates, elections, Congress and legislation are all bought, empowering/exempting corporate/banker organized-crime. Corporate-banker "person-hood" a grand con, a mechanism to allow thieves and parasites to feed off humanity and escape from any real accountability - only a cost-of-doing-business slap on the wrist fine that will be recouped from the 99% and they will be allowed tax write-offs to make a further mockery of justice!
There ain't no justice, just us! Feel the Bern!


Didn't Goldman Sachs short the RMBSs they sold, knowing that they would fail and the short would net Goldman Sachs as much as the fees they made selling the RMBSs ?


Hillary go after Goldman Sachs? That is a joke. These are her peeps. There is no way any harm will come to them through her. Her favorite things are war and money. I truly hope people wake up to her long and failed history and vote for Bernie. We cannot afford another four to eight years of them sucking the life out of us and this country.


[Goldman Saks] ...has agreed to pay $5.1 billion to settle a U.S. probe into allegations that it misled mortgage bond investors during the financial crisis, the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) said Monday. (...)"

I have come to think of these actions as payola for 'recruitment' to keep wannabe invest(ors) on board with the nefarious implications of the latest-new-thing-bright-shiny-objects of TTIP model of takeovers. This, to me, is a global coup against human beings NOT in the investment "class" worldwide. That is, people who have title to land wanted by Monsanto's military methodology of agribusiness, mining companies, military industries, etc. or the legacies of communities arising from the industrial age but shut out of governance by manipulating municipal and state governments and the latest version in ALEC and that ilk of "emergency managers".

The atmosphere, soils, waters and environment, the result of millennia of uncounted traditional societies and their widely varied cosmologies/world views in relationship with the Earth. And what is breaking down? Earth systems, societies capacities to steward the well being of communities and lands.

Mass extinctions? who cares! all of that is just so passé....
The realities of the auto-eroticism of the advertising marketing delusions are some of the worst curses foisted on the planet. It is truly satanic when you consider what percentage of "modern life" is absolutely dependent on cancerous growth and by contrast how elegant simplified lives of discernment and sharing have been, how rich the contributions made to human development, and how valuable that perspective is today.


The Fine just makes the Government a Partner in the Crime. If the Heads of these Criminal
cabals don't go to jail, for extended periods, it just doesn't count. If they don't' go to jail, there is no reason to change the behavior.

Fines are simply a cost of doing business. And most of the time these 'fines' are tax write-offs so we end up paying.


well...mean while out here in the desert...I'm rolling over...playing dead
I pay taxes...which go to pay bills that aren't mine
Lloyd would get a job
of stealing the country blind
for that cool taste of water
cool, clear, water
what a barren waste this land has become without the taste of water
cool, clear, water


Important to get the deal done in case a non neoliberal is elected to the presidency.


I'm not sure what all this fuss is about sending Goldman Sachs employees and executives to jail. After all, it's not as if any were caught smoking a joint.


Your honesty is refreshing. Painful but very needed in this time of disappointment. Thanks for bringing the center back into view for me, I do sometimes loose the ability to discern the emotion I'm up-against. This is but a pimple on my butt comparatively speaking. It isn't even that unless I buy into it. You are wise old goat.


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Too big to jail? These fines may sound like a lot but they are peanuts compared to the fact that Goldman sucks is above the law and until the nefarious cheating by their officers, like Lloyd Blankstein are indicted for felonies nothing will change.

Lets hope Bernie puts a stop this! We know HRC is nothing but a prostitute for Goldman Saks.


He's baaaaack...


CODE PINK petition to get money out of politics


I am so sick of this country allowing the very rich to get away with serious, devastating crimes (like collapsing the economy for god's sake) by paying a fine that sounds big but is basically chump change to them. NOTE TO THE D.O.J. -- making criminals pay for their crimes with money they stole from us does not end up punishing them. DUH!
And gee...no wonder they have given Hillary a bucket load of cash -- connect the dots people. This is one of the main reasons they get away with this kind of shit. For the love of god, it is time to get rid of the corruption...VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS!



That's right. Goldman-Sachs helped John Paulson select RMBSs that were sure to fail even as Goldman-Sachs peddled them to other investors as good investments. Goldman and Paulson then shorted the market and made a fortune. This is what Lloyd Blankfein describes as "making markets," otherwise known as "doing God's work."


Well, this is comedy gold. They were probably making 5 billion a month during that scam. Not a bad investment.
By the way, for those of you praying for the email scandal to become "a thing' in time? This is the same (in)justice dept that just authorized this farce.
It's all rotten, babies. All of it.


No, no.
I trust she'll hit them with guns blazing. First will be a sternly worded private speech. Followed by a Cabinet appointment. Some poor Gold in Sacks VP or board member is going to get stuck with a low-paying gubmint job.


What part of GREED don't the Shillary, GOP voters get???? Man, It blows my mind.