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Varoufakis: 'I Prefer To Cut My Arm Off' Than Sign Deal without Debt Relief


Varoufakis: 'I Prefer To Cut My Arm Off' Than Sign Deal without Debt Relief

Jon Queally, staff writer

Declaring that both he and the people he represents are tired of "extending and pretending" over the austerity conditions that have repeatedly been tied to bailout packages, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has expressed confidence that Sunday's scheduled referendum over the latest offer from the nation's foreign creditors, known as the Troika, will be rejected and said his feelings about the inadequacy of the deal are so strong that he would "prefer to cut off his arm" than sign another deal that does nothing to address the impossible debt burden that has been forced on Greece and i


Thank you, Mr. Varoufakis. As Stiglitz says (paraphrased), there will be some pain in saying “no,” but it will be more transitory than the pain of following capitulation, and in the long run, will result in economic growth and dignity for all. Plus you would be one more model for other countries to follow.

Greece, please say no to the Troika bullies who would rather you starve than give you true debt reduction, as you once did for others. It’s a terrible thing that Germany is not repaying the kindness you showed her after WWII.


The Troika is like the vampire, keeping it’s victims alive to replenish the needed blood supply, and putting Greece’s 99s in suspended animation and in the dark, too. As Argentina’s Fernandez points out, " the dead can’t pay. " . But the IMF/EU Banks don’t want Greece to die they want to bleed it, dominate it and steal everything that isn’t nailed down. There’s geo-political and military components here, as well. Those Aegean Islands have a big upside for economic development and the powers acknowledge this; by using austerity to steal what the people of Greece will not voluntarily surrender. Greece portends the bleak future for the world; picture a country completely dominated by Bankster/Gangsters and run by characters looking like Bela Lugosi.


Perhaps a NO vote will put a stake through the vampire’s heart, or expose it to the sunlight. Garnish it with garlic?

  • Hellas, don’t be bled white, hang in there and regain your honor, dignity and Freedom!
  • Our hopes and prayers are with you.


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Its incredible, a country is being blackmailed and hardly a word of it from the media. Except those in the media telling the Greeks to vote yes. The ECB by not funding the Greek banks are in effect holding a gun to the head of the Greek people. Where is the outrage! And the same issues are going on in Puerto Rico-people living in poverty so the elite can stay fat and rich. But yet no real examination of the underlining reasons and how these loans came about. And as the Fed takes on all the bad debt of the mega banks I am sure there will be a day we in the US become Greece. And of course it will be the working peoples fault for"living beyond their means" just as the media is saying about the Greek people.