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Varoufakis Launches Democracy Movement to Fight Europe's "Authoritarian Technocrats"


Varoufakis Launches Democracy Movement to Fight Europe's "Authoritarian Technocrats"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis on Tuesday launched a pan-European progressive movement to "democratize" the continent and promote alternatives to austerity and authoritarianism.

Varoufakis, known for his candid rejection of European Union austerity politics during Greece's financial crisis, launched "Democracy in Europe Movement 2025" (Diem25) at the historic Volksbuehne theater, which is known as a landmark in German leftist activism.


It's time the Left in this country did the same thing. Put aside Party affiliations and form a single Progressive Movement to strengthen Democracy. If all of Bernie's supporters commit to staying tuned in after the elections, win or not, it can be done.


There's much more to accomplish beside dethroning "authoritarians", what we all need is the overthrow of (Vulture) capitalism as the dominant/controlling system/framework on earth, a radical change to eliminate profit as the motive behind all we do, instead empowering sustainability and the Common Good as precepts under which we live and move forward - an alternative world view. Bernie Sanders "political revolution" to wake-up the people and change the dialogue will, hopefully, be a good beginning.

“The task is to articulate not just an alternative set of policy proposals but an alternative worldview to rival the one at the heart of the ecological crisis – embedded in interdependence rather than hyper-individualism, reciprocity rather than dominance, and cooperation rather than hierarchy. That alternative world view can never prevail – never, fellow workers and citizens – under the reign of the profits system, dedicated by its very nature to savage and relentless exploitation, inequality, competition, and the endless war of each against all." - Naomi Klein

"We either figure how to kill King Capital and follow through with a radically reconstructed and ecologically sustainable post-capitalist society or we can forget about a decent future. It’s not about incremental change and letter grades, moving forward at three or four yards per down. Capital is driving humanity and other living things off the cliff. We are approaching an existential chasm: we either take the revolutionary leap or its game over. The need for an eco-socialist revolution is humanity’s pass-fail moment."


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Before You Applaud Varoufakis’ New European “Democracy” Movement, Think Again @ http://99getsmart.com/before-you-applaud-varoufakis-new-european-democracy-movement-think-again/


Sometimes I think about what could be possible if we in the US could launch an actual progressive push-back. I've personally seen nothing to hint that this is possible. Liberals vow that they will fight the imposition of the austerity agenda here in the US, oblivious to the fact that the US has been rolling out the austerity agenda for years, slowly and from the bottom up. As long as we can ignore the consequences (our poverty crisis), there can be no progress.

There simply is no broader vision in the US that would make such progressive changes possible. The middle class want more incomes and security, and they don't want a penny to trickle down. The rich want more incomes and security, and they don't want a penny to trickle down. Business as usual, as the US keeps spinning its wheels deeper into the rut. This generation so strongly believes in the success of our deregulated capitalism that they think everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. Who would want to change such a system?


This points to a key issue that begs much more discussion. With all the excitement over "democratic socialism," ask people if they even know what it is. Turns out, democratic socialism includes a legitimate welfare system. Now consider public opinion. I think most people can grasp that not everyone is able to work, and that there aren't jobs for all. The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s (TANF is a short-term, marginally subsidized, job program for those with children). We created a poverty crisis. The liberal response? Laissez-faire capitalism. Merely call for job creation, and hope for the best. Trust in the free market system.

If there were a left in the US, they would be shining a light on our poverty crisis as proof of the grave short-comings of our deregulated capitalism. That's not what is happening.


Worth mentioning what I hear from the right. They are dissatisfied with the current operation of the 1990s welfare reform for two reasons. First, President Obama suspended the work requirement. Second, the states, with connivance from Obama's WashDC, have shifted those welfare rolls persons over to the Social Security Disability rolls.
Certainly falls short of the sentiment in The Communist Manifesto, and in novels like 'How the Steel Was Tempered', and Boxer in 'Animal Farm', that those who can work are expected to make every effort to work.


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