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Vast Majority of Democrats Want Sanders to Stay in Race: Poll


Vast Majority of Democrats Want Sanders to Stay in Race: Poll

Nika Knight, staff writer

A new poll released Wednesday found that a majority of registered Democrats want presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders to stay in the race.

The national survey of 2,001 voters by Morning Consult found that 57 percent of all Democrats polled want Sanders to keep running, while 33 percent want him to drop out. Ten percent have no opinion.


It hard for me to reconcile the numbers of Democrats in total who want Sanders to remain in the race , with the number of votes he has received in each of the primaries. That 33 percent that want him to drop out suggests to me that this a truer reflection of the total Clinton supporters .


Hillary seems hell bent on destroying the Democratic Party like The Donald has the Republican Party.


As a life-long independent, I couldn’t agree more!


Funny that your remarks reflect my instincts; I often say that my “I” stands for issues.


Gov. Jerry Brown, what a disappointment! Endorsing Clinton-2. What’s up with you? Yeah, the money. Mana from heaven not good enough. Think again, my ol’ (former) '60’s mentor.

Senator Sanders’ Rallies Today:

1PM PST Palo Alto, CA - here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ-pqbUWd-0
7PM PST Davis, CA - here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybUfsc3E_K8


IN TO THE END WITH BERNIE! as for Jerry Brown, he is just another Clinton clone. We in California who are progressives stopped voting for Jerry long ago, so no surprise there. The best part of Bernie’s campaign is that he is pulling more progressive folks to stand for office up and down the ticket. This will play a big role in continuing to build the movement that we so desperately need. and folks, we need to stay in the streets and reinvigorate a big PEACE movement. Until we do, our tax dollars will continue to flow to the military industrial thugs. btw - how did you like the 30-60,000 of us who greeted Bernie on MOnday on the streets of Oakland? Of course those photos never made it into the msm newscasts on TV that nite. They mostly showed a small group of us and dared not expand the camera lens for fear of telling the truth. One pathetically reported there were hundreds, maybe some thousands. they lie daily. I was there and saw us all. Peace -


There were around 5-7 thousand, last night in Monterey and earlier, a packed, overflow crowd was at the Santa Cruz, believe it or not, “Kaiser Permanente” Arena. Can’t wait 'till America’s Citizen Commons is cleansed of these insulting corporate sponsorships!


That the best comment so far and that is what I am telling my congressional reps.


We need to keep track of the SUPER delegates that vote for HRC and ensure we DON’T vote for them when they come around for re-election. They have been corrupted by the money and are voting against the people.

Bernie OR bust!!!


I find your comment repulsive.


what about if you want to vote for progressive dems, down ticket candidates, people that bernie has endorsed? would you then have to re-register as a dem each time to vote for them? i agree with the statement of 40% all leaving the democratic party after june 7, but there are alot of dems that bernie supports. just wondering if switching to indie will prevent us from voting for down ticket dems cuz we forgot to change back to dems… and then there we are again, unable to vote. what say ye?


My local Channel 4 in Detroit just revealed a poll that should raise some eyebrows for Clinton supporters. Bernie Sanders has INCREASED his popularity here in Michigan. For state voters, Clinton only has a 4.5% lead over Donald Trump in a head-to-head match-up, but Sanders beats Trump by 18.7%. That means Clinton is barely above margin of error and Bernie is trouncing The Donald.

The primary was back in March, which Bernie won ‘shocking’ the media.

It’s time for three-way race polling, Trump, Clinton AND Sanders. Didn’t we have Joe Biden polling for more than a month basically interfering with polling of Bernie vs Hillary? Surely the media can ‘interfere’ with a wild-card scenario poll,

At any rate, today, Michigan seems to reflect the real truth, that my state dislikes the two big liars (Clinton/Trump) which should come as no surprise in a state that doesn’t trust its’ governor either (Rick Synder-Flint Water Crisis).

I’ve been warning Clinton lovers for nearly a year, that they would be flirting with disaster to support a known liar reflected in polling long ago.


You’d still have a requirement of “grouping” of issues to facilitate the logistics of voting, ergo parties.
A multiparty system with proportional representation is still the best available to give various opinions a voice, as long as there is a size limit at the bottom, for entering parliament/Congress, to forestall a proliferation of single issue parties, as has paralyzed the Reichstag in the Weimar Republic in Germany with more than 50 parties represented.

The necessity of forming coalitions for a viable government leads to further compromise and tempering of extremism.


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Unreel, you’re referring to a long string of political assassinations which have helped to keep the more violently corrupt faction of our government in power for all these years.

The string started with the shooting of President John F. Kennedy. Much of the evidence points to a Louisiana mobster organizing the killing, and of organizing the make-up murder of the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, when the police couldn’t kill the patsy outright in a shootout on the day of the murder.

A jury declared that Dr. Martin Luther King’s murderers are probably still at large.

Bobby Kennedy was murdered the night that everyone knew that he’d get the Presidency.

Paul Wellstone, possibly the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate and a possible presidential candidate, died in a plane crash.

John Kennedy Jr., the President’s son, possibly a man with a bright political future, died in a plane crash.

Numbers of foreign democratically elected presidents have been killed by the CIA.

Roman Catholic Archbishop Oscar Romero was gunned down on his church altar by friends of the CIA.

Former priest and wildly popular Haitian President Jean-Paul Aristide was kidnapped by the CIA and dropped off halfway around the world in an African country. My guess is that the CIA didn’t want to gun down yet another holy man.

A number of us share your fear that the jackals of this world, the people who only like a democracy when they’re looting it, would commit political murder once again. I still don’t like your comment.


My sincere question to an Independent. Do you think it leans left enough and could get the machine revved enough to meet the 15% requirement to get into the debates by the next election with another Bernie, if not Bernie himself?


STAY IN IT TO WIN IT, BERNIE!!! and, if the dems don’t see the light, a huuuge write-in campaign should be started. strong text


Bernie still has the Empire bomb — the option to drop the news bomb to the American people that what they think of as “their country” is really just a Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE that is nominal HQ in, and merely ‘posing’ as, our former country.

If only 3 to 5% of Americans seriously understand this fact, shout it out loudly, protest in the streets that we are actually ruled by an effing EMPIRE, then Bernie’s rather vague and vacuous call for a “Political Revolution” (against what?) could easily lead to firing a loud, public, overt, continual, but non-violent new “Shout heard round the world” to ignite a real '“action sentence” (with an ‘object’) of a real Red White and Blue Second American Revolution against EMPIRE and a truly revolutionary “Political Revolution against EMPIRE”.


Even by ‘margin of error’ Bernie trounces the ‘iron lady;’ oops! I mean the ‘ironic lady;’ seems to be sticking to impending threatening charges. Irony, indeed. :minidisc: