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Venezuela Accuses US of Plotting Coup, Declares State of Emergency


Venezuela Accuses US of Plotting Coup, Declares State of Emergency

Nika Knight, staff writer

Venezuela's leftist president Nicolas Maduro announced a 60-day state of emergency on Friday evening and accused the U.S. of plotting with right-wing groups within the country to overthrow his government.

On the same day, unnamed D.C. officials warned of a coming "meltdown" in Venezuela.

"Sees" or promotes?: U.S. sees rising risk of coup in Venezuela https://t.co/LVgCavUtUf via WSJ


But a spokesperson for the US Government claimed that the USA has a long tradition of not supporting Coups in other countries!!!


The US under Obama is really working overtime to return the hemisphere under America’s thumb - Honduras, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela…even steps with Cuba. All designed to promote corporate interests.


Note that Reuters stated that Venezuela has consistently paid its debt on time which contradicts the blatant smear campaign by unnamed US intelligence officials.

The truth is irrelevant and the needs or desires of the people (who elected this government) unimportant to their right wing or the USA’s right wing. Why is this kind of thing even necessary except that you get the sense that some outrage against the common folk or the environment is being forestalled and the USA wants to set it in motion. A neocon destabilization of oil rich/resource rich So. America like that of the oil rich Mid East?

Do we ever assist democracy anywhere anymore? Oh wait…another question comes to mind!

Do we even support our own democracy anymore either? Seems the answer is no to both questions.

The corporate coup via trade deals and intelligence agencies proceeds apace. Maybe the truth is becoming that a worldwide corporate fascism is being erected.

Oligarchic capitalism may end up becoming corporate fascism quite easily. We all best be warned. Whether it is Chinese state run capitalism and its socialized fascism by committee or Russian autocratic fascism aka self appointed Putin or American corporate fascism straight up no ice or whatever… Democracy appears to losing.

Last chances are most bitter when they have been missed and are no longer available. It hurts later when you think about that last chance that you could have taken but didn’t. That one hurts forever.


Agree with all but your Putin slap.

P.S. Hey HILLARY!! Where are you on a possible Venez coup? Can we expect some pronouncements from you in the near future urging peace and law? (Haw haw)


Venezuela has been down this road several times before. The CIA has apparently succeeded in overthrowing the leftist Brazilian leader however i think they will face strong opposition in Venezuela thanks to the late Hugo Chavez’s foresight educating the poor to understand and exercise their civil and economic rights.


America doesn’t believe in regime change, we came, we saw, he died.


“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”
Margaret Thatcher


The fascists in Venezuela with the fascists in Amerika’s backing tried to oust Hugo Chavez in a failed coup. It looks like the same cabal are behind this latest attempt to overthrow Maduro, lets hope this one fails also!


At one point Venezuela was a major factor in keeping prices at the pump down. It was during the “W”
era. The Venezuelan state owned oil company had purchased Citgo earlier. They wanted market share in
the US. To get it they kept prices about 1 cent a gallon under the competition. 1 cent a gallon does not seem like much however; It forces all companies to keep a cap on things. The 1 cent likely resulted in 20 cents a gallon cheaper, or more. Other companies can’t; follow each up in price, feeding on each
others price increases, if one major player does not play the game. We are talking 2002 to 2006 approximately. Venezuela nationalized their oil industry in 1975 (Mexico in 1938, Saudi Arabia 1979).
In Saudi Arabia AARAMCO still runs the operation (US led) even though they don’t own the oil. Since
they ave huge profits there is not an effort to destabilize Saudi Arabia or their oil industry.

With a lot of $ at stake all of a sudden the executives of the Venezuelan oil company began agitating for privatization with the managers owning the company and the people of Venezuela being left out with little compensation. The evidence pointed to US oil company executives being behind the push. This did not set well with Chavez and started his anti US stance in earnest. He might have done it anyway, the oil issues provided him what he needed to get his citizenry behind him. A decade later the repercussions are still being played out on the world stage. This is another example of fossil fuel immorality screwing things up for the average human being on the planet.

Oppose environmentally destructive energy like your life depended on it, because it does.


Honduras and Ukraine worked so well they’re on to Venezuela. (Hillary is salivating) Better a corrupted government than a Democracy so they can be manipulated. If they are not corrupted they can’t be used. Simple as that. This country has become the real terrorists.


Venezuela has oil fields out the gig that our government can steal and hand over to the government’s best friends, and Venezuela also has millions of potential near-slaves who can make shirts for Mall-Wart someday at about $3/day. Can you imagine the mighty United States invading a country that doesn’t possess massive oil fields?


Oh, right, the US never ever really intervenes anywhere.
History class has been cancelled.


Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, as they say.

Typical of failed leftist governments to come up with stories about some evil capitalist ploy just to draw attention away from their own incompetence.


Pro-right wing troll.


Got any more of those funny stories? I got a good laugh out of this one.:laughing:

Well, on second thought this is not just disturbing, but outright scary. I wonder how much this non-intervening government of ours was involved in digging out ‘evidence’, which led to the indictment of the democratically elected Dilma Rousseff,
leading to an all white all male cabinet, how cosy!


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