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Venezuela-Baiting: How Media Keep Anti-Imperialist Dissent in Check


Venezuela-Baiting: How Media Keep Anti-Imperialist Dissent in Check

Alan MacLeod

Corporate media have always attacked leftists for their positions on Venezuela, a country consistently demonized and misrepresented in the US press (FAIR.org, 6/1/02, 11/1/05, 4/1/13, 2/22/19).



Thanks Alan for the depressing details. South American nations will
be cogs for American Corporate State imperialism through propaganda
or military violence; unless courage finds its tongue.



On the one-hand, more media/Washington awfulness.

On the other hand, a little Karma coming back at Bernie for talking all that sh!t against Maduru & socialism.

If Sanders was a real socialist, he would have been railing against the USA’s 20 year campaign of economic war against Venezuela.

But since he’s really only a Democrat Sheepdog, he’s been playing into the ‘Maduro-is-a-boogie-man theme,’ all the while pretending to ‘denounce’ the impending coup/invasion.



Koch brothers anyone?



Ironic how red baiting is almost always directed at those determined to flee from anything remotely related to “socialism”.

(And let’s not count “democratic socialism” in that category. At least in the US and A, that’s simply another term for reheated New Deal liberalism.)



The irony is particularly bad considering that while the right likes to pretend that “free market” capitalism won the Cold War (neither side won), the truth is that the Western countries during that period were not free market economies as the modern right would define them. They were social democratic countries, close to what Bernie is calling for now. Even the US, at the time, was trending in that direction. It was the New Deal, Great Society era. The “capitalist” alternatives in Asia were even more remote from modern free market economies, as they all copied the state-centered Japanese model of development and were ruled by one party states. The damn free market didn’t “win” the Cold War, basically, Bernie’s policies did in countries like the US, and things have gone to hell since that stuff went away. And the cold war was won anyway by imperialism outside of the West, and socialism like Medicare, Social Security and a wide range of other things works very well here too. The modern right is a heaping pile of shit.

Beyond the complexities in Venezuela, such as the economic war, sabotage, destabilization, the economic problems that pre-dated Chavez, the problems it shares with other poor and developing countries, the problems it shares with other major oil producers (all struggle from a lack of economic diversification), Venezuela was never any more socialist than a number of Western countries I could rattle off. I mean, if nationalizing the oil industry is “socialism”, then what is Norway? If public enterprises are “socialism”, many Western countries have then more socialist than Venezuela.



We don’t need any more Syria’s, Iraq’s, Vietnam’s, Korea’s, Nicaragua’s, Cuba’s, Guatemala’s, Palestine’s, Afghanistan’s, South Africa’s, etc. etc. Hands off Venezuela.




Ironic that the lead picture to this article is in itself a prime example of media Venezuela baiting.
The Tienditas Bridge “blockade”

“…it seems that Tienditas Bridge has never opened even though it was finished three years ago, due to a dispute between Colombia and Venezuela. And the now familiar “rusty gate” has been there all this time. It’s a complete falsehood to say that Maduro “blocked” the bridge … that it must “reopen”, or that Venezuela erected “makeshift fencing” this week….”



In fact, the 2018 Venezuelan elections were watched over and endorsed as free by over 150 international observers, although media uniformly ignored those bothersome facts ( FAIR.org , 5/23/18).

End of discussion. The US IS doing what the UN said it is.

This started long ago with PNAC - do a search on Project for a New American Century. Empire is what it was, all it was. It’s why we have 900 US military bases around the planet and why the Defense (huh? what defense?) Department costs more than $1 billion per day.

I see that Bernie lost his cojones, and it’s sad to see how brutal this country has become at home. The truth is that the neoliberals have all the power slots occupied and they want control of Venezuelan oil, just as they wanted Vietnam’s oil, tin, and rubber. After a US economic blockade for 25-30 years took Vietnam from a fairly prosperous nation to the poorest country in the world, they knuckled under, and Nikes are made in Vietnam and ExxonMobile drills in the South China Sea. This old pony can’t learn any new tricks, but their propaganda infrastructure is devastating.

But Maduro was democratically elected in a clean election. White Venezuelans are the same kind of white supremacists as we have in the White House.

From my Vietnam experience, I knew this was coming in 2002, when the US started propagandizing about Venezuela. They don’t even lie about it anymore, or create a bullshit reason to invade. They just launch the propaganda campaign (now we know who the neoliberal news outlets are, at least) and do it. People are too broke to spend time protesting. They need the money.

The last US coup was in Brazil, and the one before that was Ukraine, where Victoria Nuland, Robert Kagan’s wife, managed the coup that put neonazis in power instead of a democratically elected (if super corrupt) President when Hillary was SoS. In US foreign policy, democracy comes with a dictator.

Luckily, it’s easy to loathe Trump now. He may still make a mess in Venezuela, but he can never leave the US again, like Dubya and Cheney and those guys, or Interpol will arrest them if they can catch them. Rumsfeld went to Europe and they chased him all over the place. War crimes do carry a serious penalty even if they don’t get to court.



Yes, good. I missed this the other day.