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Venezuela Elections: A Key Victory for Anti Imperialist Movement in Latin America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/05/venezuela-elections-key-victory-anti-imperialist-movement-latin-america

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How dare the Russians interfere in another election in the Americas!!!

How dare poor people think they have the right to vote!!

How dare a Country use its resources to help those living in poverty these resources belong to Europe, The USA and Canada!

You do not have a democracy unless the 1 percent runs things. Further to that the whiter the skin of those in power the more Democratic they are.

Dark skinned people are not educated and need to be told by their betters in foreign lands who they should vote for and elect to power!

This is the mindset of the nation states calling this election unfair and claiming Maduro did not win. Note that virtually every such Country condemning these elections are based in Western Europe , the center of centuries of Colonialism and Imperialism and or are nation states they founded as a Colonial powers followed up by destroying the original populations.

The USA as example wiped out 98 percent of the peoples living there when the Europeans first arrived. They do not have to worry about that vote. The original inhabitants make up about 2 percent of the population. And these guys and their partners in Genocide and land theft presume to dictate morality and democracy to poor people in other lands?


It is good Maduro won fair and square. I hope Bolsonaro gets thrown out of office and Dilma Rousseff returns to power and Da Silva is released from jail. Trump intervened in Brazil’s election to get him in office.

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I think that Lula da Silva was released from prison in Nov 2019.

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I did not know that there is a considerable Socialist movement in Colombia. Labor union leaders there need to protect themselves from C.I.A. death squads. If they can do this, they have a chance.

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