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Venezuela Embassy Protection Collective Defies Unlawful “No Trespass” Order


Venezuela Embassy Protection Collective Defies Unlawful “No Trespass” Order

Medea Benjamin, Ann Wright

An extraordinary set of events has been unfolding at the Venezuela Embassy in Washington DC, ever since the Embassy Protection Collective began living at the embassy with the permission of the elected government of Venezuela on April 10 to protect it from an illegal takeover by Venezuela’s opposition. The actions of the police on the evening of May 13 added a new level of drama.


Benjamin & Wright sez:
“The notice said that the Trump administration recognizes Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido as the head of the government of Venezuela …”

That warrants a response along the lines of that delivered in the famous address by noted statesman The Dick “Tater” Cheney — “So?”


No drama, just authorities removing unregistered agents of a foreign government operating illegally in the US AND in possession and control, as custodian, of official State Documents of a foreign country in violation of US national security interests. Secondly, quit trying to have your people steal stuff! Those expensive framed pictures are the property of the PEOPLE of Venezuela and not the personal property of a president who was never constitutionally sworn in and whose election was vacated by his congress, nor the constitutional interim president Guaido himself. They belong to our people! Silly entitled and privileged white people!


If ever there was a good versus evil conflict in the world, the Venezuelan
Embassy Protectors are a stark revelation of the two contending forces. America’s
regime change deceiver has all the powers of worldly law enforcement while the
Embassy collective is alone with the truth. And all we Christians know what happened
to the truth, when He came into the world.


Have any members of the congressional “#Resistance” been spotted in the vicinity?


Hi unlikelysource: geez, it would probably be easier if Guaido tried to take over the White House-----I wonder of anyone would notice the change? : )


If you have to call in the US Military to put a leader you don’t like out of power and especially those who are Venezuelans standing outside the Embassy in DC having a street party while calling for the US Military to do it for them and they want to get American troops killed and use American tax money to fight their war for them, well, I have to conclude they are total cowards. I was there and asked if any of the Venezuelans were US military Vets since they are living here. None are. Are any of them going to enlist if the US invades Venezuela. Hell NO !!!
Let those cowards who are outside the Embassy fight if they want Maduro out. Not our American kids… The Venezuelans and Cubans outside the Embassy have been allowed to assault and rob Code Pink and their supporters on almost a daily basis by the Secret Service. They have also been allowed to use an unpermitted gas generator and a large sound system and air and bull horns on block that is designated as a quiet zone by signs at both ends of the block. They have used laser pointers on people’s eyes and put strobe lights and air horns inches away from people’s faces and when you try to get them out of your face they scream assault.


The protectors of the Embassy are true heroes. This whole Venezuela coup is truly the David and Goliath story of our time. For the people of Venezuela, I hope the Davids continue to prevail and that Goliath is brought down.


One can only praise these heroic defenders of the legitimate government of Venezuela. Yet the article raises questions:

  • If the eviction notice contains no signature or letterhead (and presumably no seal), what court in even Trump’s America would rule it authentic?

  • Why was it expected and apparently taken as given that police would enter the embassy, let alone evict persons there? If such an action would violate the Vienna Convention, surely it is eminently arguable that it is still a foreign embassy, even if who is in charge is contested, and thus U.S. police have no prior right to enter what is legally foreign territory.

The U.S.-directed, U.K.-arranged police eviction of Julian Assange from Ecuador’s London embassy may set an unpleasant precedent, but the points may still be worth pursuing. Finding someone who could get standing in court to argue them may be problematic, but perhaps some international body could help. Would it be worth starting a campaign/petition to the UN General Assembly to pass a motion condemning U.S. attacks on the embassy (including cutting off water, electricity, etc.)?

In any case, thanks go to this courageous collective.


Blessings upon the courageous and persistent Embassy Protection Collective.
Their perseverance is admirable.
May this dispute be resolved “in a peaceful way consistent with international law.”


The only thing more cowardly than bullying is anonymous bullying.


I’m thinking my girl Tulsi has spoken out, and perhaps Bernie too.

You’re right though, our illustrious Congress is too spineless and lawless to know the difference between right and wrong.


Silly entitled and privileged white people!

I assume you are speaking of Guaido and the coup plotters.


Hi John_Penley: Well we learned one important thing: The Secret Service, does not work for the American people—or maybe they are the Guaido Goons and not our Secret Service. Will we ever know if they are the real Secret Service?
Do they actually wear uniforms that say, "Secret Service? " Or if they just wear suits, how would anyone know that they really are Secret Service and not just Guaido Goons? America is getting very confusing as it used to be a lot easier to identify the honest people. : (


lol. Madura wasn’t sworn in as president, but Guaido who never even ran for president should just be allowed to be one? You can’t make this crap up, but yet here you are trying to do just that.

Lots of Venezuelans want the USA to bomb their country. Very brave of them to say that since they live here and won’t experience it.


Bernie hasn’t spoken out about this because he’s fully on board with Madura stepping down. He isn’t any different from the other democrats who think that they should decide who is the president of Venezuela not the people who vote there.

Bernie also hasn’t said a word about Julian’s arrest and possible rendition. Tulsi has and she said she would pardon both Assange and Manning.


Keep the christ myth out of this please