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Venezuela: It’s Only a Coup if the US Government Says So

Venezuela: It’s Only a Coup if the US Government Says So

Alan MacLeod

It’s Groundhog Day again in Venezuela, as the local conservative opposition has launched another attempt to oust President Nicolás Maduro from power. Surrounded by a few hardcore supporters, Washington-backed self-appointed president Juan Guaidó on April 30 called on the military to rise up and overthrow the democratically elected Maduro.


After invoking the Monroe Doctrine to claim no other Country but the USA has any say in what happens in Venezuela, the next step in “making America great Again” is breaking out the stockpiles of Agent orange to use as a jungle defoilant to deal with the “Hizbollah backed Muslim Communist Terrorists” that continue to support the “Freedom hating Fascist Dictatorship” of Maduro.

Watch for those serious journalists to start reporting in this vein even as they claim contrary stories coming from any other source as “Russian Propaganda campaigns”.

Any person who believes anything the main stream media is “informing us of” here in the West is as looney tunes as they are.

When they release bile like this as “news” one can see why Trump supporters will not believe anything they say about Donald Trump. The greatest threat to freedom in the west is not “Muslim Terrorists” , it is the Corporate media and the Governments they work for.


Of course it is a coup. But call it what you will, the U. S. is about to embark on a brutal unwinnable guerilla war in Venezuela. Read Col. Wilkerson’s take on this issue. The incompetence of U. S. Intel is mind boggling, if the stakes were not so high, this could be treated as farce, and the characters involved Monty Pythonesque.


What is insidiously evil is that Bolton, Pompeo, Rubio and their ilk ‘think’ through their genitalia, which might as well be growing out the middle of their foreheads. If ever there were grounds for trials and lifetime imprisonment for treason, these excuses for lumps of flesh are the ambulatory poster boy causes for the uncounted walking wounded.

I think it was Cornell West who said that justice is love made public. These are inverse as indifferent hate made secret under the rhetorical sheeting of US claims to democracy and freedom, while in the same breath tearing the foundations apart.


thanks for the reality check CC


Don’t say “coup,” don’t say “oil,” don’t say “quagmire,” and don’t say “US empire.”


More on the failed Coup.


My pleasure, goat. And YOU keep up the good work of spreading TRUTH also!

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Yeah its on Tucker but this woman hits it out of the ballpark.


Coup d’étached from reality

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Maybe we can hurry Guaido’s exit along a lot faster by just incorporating his name as a synonym for utter and complete failure!
Examples : : )

!.Oh man, he could have won–but he pulled a Guaido!
2. Or maybe it’s a new psych term now…we had to keep him locked up, he had
Guaido-esque tendencies!
3. America should pull out of all these wars, or be left with a Guaido-like failed future.



I watched the clip you provided; Parampil is indeed wonderful. However, I noticed that Tucker Carlson, while he seemed impressed by her and agreed that Trump has brought “the swamp” into his own administration, also said we ought to “have a debate” about Venezuela. I assume he meant a debate about the entire scenario - the sanctions, the backing of our CIA guy, Gaido, who is only attempting a coup because the US is helping him, possible US invasion, etc.

“Have a debate”? That struck me. What the f*** is there to debate about? The US is illegally interfering in the governance of a sovereign nation and is attempting to overthrow its elected government in order to steal its financial reserves (which has already happened) and its natural resources (which are currently being held captive and shuttered from the open market, and will soon be in the hands of US corporations).

There is nothing to debate: the US actions are illegal. Still, at least someone is willing to interview someone like Parampil and do so without dismissing her. Surprising to see this on FoxNews. Anyway, thanks for the link to the clip.


If there is anything that shows the Corporate Media and by extension, the Democrat’s cognitive dissonance it is what is going on in Venezuela. By their logic if you want the Trump administration to not intervene you are a Putin Puppet but by their logic Trump is a Putin Puppet so wouldn’t that mean if you support this coup, like said media and politicians do, you would be considered a Putin Puppet? But of course you will never see this logic explained like this on mainstream television.


Also good detail in today’s moonofalabama.org.
Evidently Guaido was misled by several leaders. They told him they would switch sides. They were faking, got him exposed. It has fizzled.

I am a bit confused on the semantical use of the term COUP. I would expect a coup is a completed and forced government changeover, and that an ATTEMPTED COUP is a non-successful forced government changeover. If we stop fighting semantics and think about what happened, I think this should clear up.

And yeah, it ain’t over. And it ain’t gonna be over soon. Because the pockets are just too deep. Really need to cut the purse strings on these events.

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This, on background

From Hartmanns interview with Palast 5/2/19


Tucker is a White Imperialist at heart feeling it the RIGHT of the USA to do as it pleases anywhere on this Globe. His mindset is still the old Colonialist crap that was born in Europe and exported to the Colonies the Europeans created abroad manifested in things like “The Doctrine of Discovery” and patently absurd things taught in schools like “Columbus Discovered America”.

The International Criminal Court is another example of this. They all to willing to take Ex African leaders that had committed crimes to trial for Crimes against Humanity but the Tony Blairs and Barack Obamas get a pass.

When the Spanish driven from the Philippines , Mckinley suggested he prayed to God as to whether the Filipino’s should be granted their independence and concluded they were too “primitive” to run a Government themselves and so decided that the lands should be absrobed into the United States of America. This racist twaddle lives on to this day in the United States.

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Hi helen, thank you for the video with Madur. I’m not sure if I’m spelling it right but an old actor named Peter Sellers played a hilarious and inept French police person—and he was a very funny and incompetent police person. Too bad that Guaido couldn’t at lest be entertaining in the same way------sadly, a boy and his coup are soon separated! Thank goodness : )

Yes, and also don’t say Guaido’ is Amerika’s puppet.