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Venezuela Needs Negotiation to Avoid Civil War, Not Trump-Supported "Regime Change"

Venezuela Needs Negotiation to Avoid Civil War, Not Trump-Supported "Regime Change"

Mark Weisbrot

What kind of role should Washington play in Venezuela's crisis? Well, what kind of role should Russia play in U.S. politics and elections? The answer to both questions is the same: None at all.

Unfortunately, recent U.S. involvement in Venezuela's domestic affairs has dwarfed anything anyone has even accused Vladimir Putin of doing here.

"What kind of role should Washington play in Venezuela's crisis? Well, what kind of role should Russia play in U.S. politics and elections? The answer to both questions is the same: None at all."

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I’m sure Tillerson has a plan to bring exxcellence to Venezuela.

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Just about all regular media in the U. S. gives the anti-socialist line on Venezuela - even NPR/PBS. About the only places I have seen more balanced coverage of the situation in that country has been from Democracy NOW! and Abby Martin of TeleSur. There is a video from Abby Martin on YouTube that goes a long way to describing the gap between what is reported here and the reality of life on the ground in-country. We are told lies and exaggerations about shortages, censorship of the opposition and where the violence is coming from. It is clear that most of the “crisis” in Venezuela is manufactured by rich oligarchs who control strategic goods (like toilet paper, and cooking oil) and have used their monopolistic control to create artificial shortages and black markets that have caused the poor and working classes most of their problems. They want the populace to support a coup to relieve their suffering if they can’t get enough support to change the government democratically. And our government does not want a successful socialist government of any type to succeed in this hemisphere, under any circumstances, because it shows the way to making life better here for our average people.

Don’t be fooled by our media’s lies about Venezuela. Things are bad, but created by those who want to take over the country for their own selfish ends.


The MSM never gives the public any nuance, or any idea of the complexities of these kinds of matters. Everything is presented as “good vs. evil”. Anytime a leftist government runs into problems,
the fact that it’s frequently made worse by the under-the-radar machinations of the CIA and other policies, such as sanctions, designed to exacerbate the problems, is unknown to most Americans.

Isn’t it a little strange that oppressive right-wing governments, with awful records of human-rights abuses including torture, almost never have economic sanctions imposed on them? Neither do they become the latest candidate for “regime change”.

BTW, Sen. Rubio is a lightweight idiot, albeit a dangerous one!

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Must watch Abbie Martin Empire Files: Venezuela Economy Minister—Sabotage, Not Socialism, is the Problem

We get no real reporting on what the US and others have been doing to destroy the Venezuelan economy-----and this is the real story that needs to be told???-----how many people I hear say—see socialism doesn’t work—ever hear of a country called Norway or Sweden .Venezuela has the largest deposits of oil in the world and many other natural resources(and I believe its a high grade oil). Any wonder the evil elite want to get control of Venezuela.

Its interesting that Chavez actually sent oil to New England to help out low income people during the winter.

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Probably any political system could be made to work if it is run by all the people democratically instead of by autocrats. But this is a much more difficult proposition when oligarchs are funding groups to undermine a government.

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I think that repressing and eliminating dissenters also applies to capitalism, monarchy, theocracy, plutocracy, oligarchy, fascism and so on. Anywhere there is no direct grassroots democracy.

Norway and Sweden have universal health care, free university, paid 6 week summer vacations, paid maternity and paternity leave, etc., there’s much more. Funny, all the right wingers and libertarians usually scream and pound their feet that these countries are indeed socialist countries. They are democratic socialist countries. By the way, Sweden does not have a higher suicide rat than the US, that’s a zombie myth that refuses to die.

According to WHO 2014, the suicide rate per 100,000 was US -12.38, Sweden- 11.43. The more recent one was (2015): US -12.6, Sweden - 12.7. Virtually the same suicide rates. Sweden is democratic socialist which allows for private enterprise and does not mean that the state is making cars or widgets as you say. Yes, the right wingers and libertarians are idiots.

Honestly, does this guy ( Mr. Weisbrot) ever get tired of being dead wrong? His article of Nov 2013 “Sorry Venezuela haters, Venezuela is not the Greece of Latin America” is a good starting point. In it he explains how Venezuela cannot have a balance of payment crisis…because they make too much damn money on oil. Hyperinflation is highly unlikely, shortages are temporary, nothing wrong with the currency exchange rates, democracy flourishing and citizens thriving.

Well, can you say 100% wrong on all accounts? Inflation at 800% and climbing, reserves almost non existent, corruption out of control, 2nd highest murder rate in the world, collapse of agriculture and industrial production, a black market rate on the bolivar 1000 TIMES the official rate… rampant hunger…ect ect ect. Venezuela will soon collapse on its own, it doesn’t need any help to do so from outside forces.

This outcome was easily predicted for the past ten years for anyone with even a basic knowledge of economics… even when oil was high and Chavez was in power. Time for a little honesty from those that had so much emotionally invested in Chavez’s “Bolivarian Revolution” . Heck, they should look to Bolivia , they have helped the poor without destroying the economy. Major changes are needed or there probably will be a civil war…about the only thing Mr. Weisbrot is correct on calling.