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Venezuela’s Coronavirus Response Might Surprise You

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/25/venezuelas-coronavirus-response-might-surprise-you


Won’t see this on M$M, which is one reason I don’t watch it.


I’m glad CD published this information, because the corporate media sure won’t. It’s what Chomsky calls “the threat of a good example.”


I was heartened to read this piece by a Code Pink person. If it is all true, then Venezuela may be able to ride out the pandemic because of their organized social cohesiveness in their (seemingly ever-present) besieged conditions, created mainly by the U.S. sanctions and animus. If they can, it will also be due, this writer notes, to help and solidarity from those horrible Reds in Cuba, China and Russia.

I am glad to hear all examples of solidarity just now, and hope we can help end sanctions on Iran and Venezuela. Probably not until we get new leadership in D.C., but still we’ve gotta keep calling for them to end.


ALL of trumps sanctions, embargoes, blockades, regime change sabotage and black-ops must be ended immediately against Venezuela, iran, Cuba, Palestine - ALL targeted nations and peoples the imperial US vulture-capitalist war-machine the war-criminal trump is determined to destroy, must be freed from all attacks of any sort and offensive subversions ended, replaced by what aid we can offer, especially at this time of great need and danger.!

trump is a war criminal responsible for tens/hundreds of thousands of foreign deaths/abuses, especially on our southern border, and a reckless moron criminal incompetent to Americans, except of course his own crime-family and political/corporate/banker crony co-conspirators!

““Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” - George Santayana

Likewise I will add: those who do not demand accountability for crimes against humanity and the most vulnerable by so-called “leaders” will never see an end to such crimes and abusive policies against the 99%!


Travelling in South America (not including Venezuela) early this month I witnessed nations that have not been gutting their public health infrastructure and state departments for the past three years and were being proactive in managing COVID-19 early on.

Multiple public health checkpoints at borders and airports evaluated travellers including taking their temperatures.

Returning to the US four days ago the only COVID-19 clues were not any public health infrastructure at airports, just half empty domestic flights.


Russia has also reported low covid numbers. The media , when they did acknowledge this suggested the numbers faked just as they would do with Cuba and Venezuela.

It all rather easy for the media. Good news coming out of Countries deemed enemies is all “fake” while there no such thing as fake news in the West.


Its not just news from “enemies” that is suppressed.

To preserve the American exceptionalism myth, corporations, their media and politicians ignore or downplay policies and actions in non enemy nations that make the US look inferior.

Case in point…did anybody in the US hear about American Airlines notifying the media on March 16 that all of their flights in South America would be suspended within 48 hours, while not notifying their ticket holders of that action, thereby stranding those ticket holders ???

Fortunately we were flying LATAM (a South American airline) and returned to the US on schedule. Had we been flying American we would now be stranded.


This is the only South American country I have visited and I wish them all the best. “Ahora is for Todos!” Thank you for this article.


Thank you CD and Mr. Flores, I hope all of this information is true. Once again, a US sanctioned nation out performs it’s oppressor.


I didn’t know Maduro was back in power. Wonderful news for the people. We could be Venezuela if we had Bernie 2020.


Bless this beautiful country and it’s amazing people. The USA is the most evil and wretched country in the world. Inflicting pain and death wherever we go!!!


We are like Venezuela at the grocery store with all the empty shelves. Just like Venezuela. Except in the US they started getting stocked up again.

Maybe in your neighborhood.
Not mine.


Of course we would not hear about this on the M$M! Venezuela is a socialist country and we could not have ‘one of those places’ responding to this pandemic in a better manner than our capitalist one.
The more I see of a socialized medical system and government in general, the more I believe we need it if we are all to survive. I’m not saying just survive this disease, but as a people, as a country, as part of this world. So many possibilities when people and their governments (as mentioned of the Swiss cantons) work together to overcome serious situations, unlike the dog-eat-dog manner here in the U.S.


If it were not for sanctions, they would be.

Ditto to GuildF312S - same here.

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Seriously doubt it. Empty shelves and shortages are typical outcome of Socialist economies, sanctions or not. It’s like that saying, let’s keep banging our head against the wall, maybe it’s not gonna hurt that hard next time.

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Sanctions have been instilled to the members of the Maduro Regime. This government has mismanaged the country, members of the regime are very rich. Politicians, military personnel, journalist and every day civilians have and continue to be imprisoned. There is no freedom of expression. Physicians and journalists have been imprisoned for exposing coronavirus cases and the lack of medical supplies including the deplorable state of Venezuela’s health care. We don’t know the actual number of cases. The government continues to lie to the Venezuelan public. Venezuela has been meddled by the Castristas for many years. They are in our military, secret service and have trained the regime. Maduro must be removed. His members continuously involved with illicit gold extraction including other natural resources. They have destroyed a once beautiful country. 20 plus years of failed socialism, expropriations of land, private industry and currently destabilized latin America. They deserve Guantanamo prison and must be tried and brought to justice. Money laundering in Miami, Spain, The Vatican Banks, Andorra. Maduro’s vice president Delcy entered the European Union illegally. Pablo Iglesias ( vice president of Spain) has received Venezuela dirty money and " Si Podemos" party was founded. This regimen must seize to exist. The only recognized figure is Interim President Guaido, by constitutional right. THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION MUST KEEP ITS PROMISE : ERADICATE COMMUNISM FROM THE HEMISPHERE. I am a Venezuelan- American and I support an international military coalition to help remove Maduro and the rest of his regime. This is a narc state that has destabilized Latin America. 5 million people have left the country

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Hi Cusimi_Looking:

Wow you must be on the wrong website.------------Mr. Guiado!
Under Chavez, the nation improved for so many, and so did the US as Chavez sent heating oil to poor Americans. I’m not sure which nation offed him, but that was just another crime where America was undoubtedly involved. Maduro is struggling but doing better than the thieves of the OAS ever imagined—and WHY won’t Britain give back any of Venezuela’s gold in Britains custody? Riddle me that! . CUBA too does so much for the world–when America sends armies to pillage- the nation --Cuba sends doctors to cure the people and remember that there once was a real democracy in the Middle East. It was IRAN-----if you read REAL world history, you could learn a lot! What happened to that Iran? Under Eisenhower the quest for every nation’s oil took over and I don’t think that America has been an honest nation since then!

You’re dreaming in technicolor. The reason Venezuela has not yet been hard hit is because there was very little air traffic into Venezuela. Their isolation was their protection.

But that protection was temporary. The coronavirus is spreading, and Venezuela will be decimated. They have no infrastructure left to combat it.

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