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Venezuela’s Coronavirus Response Might Surprise You

OMG! I did not mean that Bernie. I meant "we could be Venezuela if we don’t get Bernie for President. OMG can’t believe I did that.

OBVIOUSLY nobody typing on these comments is Venezuelan OR has a Venezuelan friend or family member. The Venezuelan healthcare system, security and economy are NOT poor because of US sanctions. Venezuela is in the ruins, after being the richest country JUST 50 years ago, because of an INCOMPETENT, EXTREMELY CORRUPT POS government. I left my country 20 years ago WHEN IT ALL STARTED, and in the past 20 years that SAME garbage administration has been manipulating the constitution to stay in power. Chavez devastated the country and then left it in the hands of A BUS DRIVER!!! Who obviously ran it into the ground. SO don’t f-in sit here in the comfort of your homes, enjoying your internet, with running power and water, talking about your politics to make it seem like Venezuela wasn’t destroyed BY ITS OWN GOVERNMENT. This article is BS and should have never been published - maybe you will convince people who have no idea, but one day it will be you and God , and you will be held accountable for lying on a country who’s people are dying of hunger, illnesses, insecurity, because of the VENEZUELAN government NOT US sanctions.

You. Don’t. Know. S.H.I.T. You can type on here to talk about Venezuela when you step foot in there and see the reality for yourself. When you meet and interact with a Venezuelan who has family there.

:clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4: Only Venezuelans or people close to one will understand

This is an extremely ill conceived article. The spread of a disease requires commerce. Since Venezuela is the poorest and now most backwards country in South America, the spread of COVID-19 will be slower. That is why numbers in Africa are also low. Its not solidarity that stopped it. It is straight forward statistics. Africa also escaped the ravages of the Spanish Flu the first couple years. It was only a matter of time before it ravaged Africa also. This is not a Capitalist thing, or a Socialist thing, or a neo-whatever thing. A virus does not care. COVID-19 will eventually worm its way even into economic backwaters. Presuming Bolivarian spirit is going to beat this thing is just wishful thinking.

On a side note the Russians are no allies as they just signed the death warrant to the Venezuela economy. While they were shipping medical equipment the price war with Saudi Arabia means most oil produced in Venezuela costs more to extract and process then sell. Thanks to the Russian allies who now have most of their debt settled, what supplies 90% of Venezuela’s hard currency is going to go to zero. With friends like these, who needs enemies as Putin did far more damage then Trump ever could.

I took it that you meant we could be visiting the beautiful country and people of Venezuela if Sanders became President… (-:

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Why should we believe you? Your support for the idiot Guaido pegs you as a U.S. establishment troll.


While not true in every situation and certainly many who study medicine here in the oosa but from my experience most medical professional are quite like lawyers, it’s the benjamins baby! We can claim that the medical industry is run by the insurance companies and the pharmaceuticals and it is but many of the doctors love their golden cages.

When I see the dedication of the doctors from socialist cuba, venezuela and others I feel ashamed of the medical staff that I have worked with here.


I think it needs to be recognized the coronavirus is slower to spread to poor countries that few people from richer countries where more can afford to travel want to go. This Venezuela, like Honduras for example with a completely different system have relatively few cases.

How’s the weather there at Langley?


Oh the pity, all those empty grocery shelves in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Hi Drea2218:
Oh , you must be of the upper classes that were horrified at the concept of equality. Non corporate media has very good information, and Chavez improved so much of Venezuela. Sadly it is America and the OAS who have strangled a free people.

Well… hmmm complaining that a bus driver took over from Chavez( you do know that Chavez was assassinated slowly and painfully —don’t you? ) And by greedy Americans —no doubt. Stealing oil is America’s major past time. : (
Sadly too, most of the BS articles come from Big Media---- and not like Independent Media like Common Dreams. Did you know that in America that around 6 corporations own the major media. Truth does die in a vacuum, you know.

Mr. Guiado and the OAS and the oil companies and American greed have ruined and tried to erase everything that Chavez did. Oh, and by the way, bus driver is certainly a valid occupation. Many political people – do -not have connections to the rich, but have impressive jobs. AOC was working in a bar-restaurant—but she is brainy and willing to work for the People ! Mr. Guiado would never do that. Even here in America we have had some real idiots as president… I mean YALE lost esteem everywhere with GW Bush----money can’t buy you brains, you know.

Happily with China and Russia are aiding the Venezuelan people----- and all because of US SANCTIONS, and isn’t that ironic! I think you have your godliness ideas mixed up-----“Do unto others , as you would have them do unto you.” works in every philosophy. Even though I am a Pagan believer—that idea is a very old idea----the trouble comes with those who are acting a negative way------- and they do end up having to meet their Karma face to face. Good luck to you, but denying others the right to their beliefs is a really mean way to live. : )

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I take you think those are Socialist countries?
No, they are not. They are all capitalist societies.
And even is the shelves are kinda empty they are gonna be restocked pretty fast.
Unlike a Socialist country where they are empty all the time.

Absolutely great response! This person HAD to be “upper class” or just a troll. Others would know that Chavez did the best he could for the people of Venezuela. Their natural riches belonged to the people, not corporations. The sale of those riches went to the people, not corporate executives raping their country. That was, and still is, the problem.

And some people believe that corporations have their best interests in mind. B.S.!