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Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Slams Canadian Actions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/27/venezuelas-foreign-minister-slams-canadian-actions


Some foreign policy institute in the U.S. should host a similar interview, allowing Arreaza to present the Venezuelan side to a large U.S. audience. Criminal is the best description of the U.S. sanctions program. The Real News Network has online an interview with Arreaza from Feb. 2019. The Greyzone has an interview with Nicolas Maduro from August 2019, hosted by Max Blumenthal. The Venezuelan problem is not simple, the opposition won an election in late 2015 capturing 58% of the vote and the National Assembly, but they fragmented into divided parts without achieving any reforms, and their proposals were extremely divisive. They have lost much support. They are again boycotting the coming December 6, 2020 national election, even though 103 political parties, including 30 that are national parties, are participating. See Venezuela Analysis. But in the past almost 20 years, the Chavistas have won 23 out of 25 elections claims Maduro, and have always polled strongly, if not in the majority. The ongoing strength of the Chavista - Bolivarian Revolution, it’s majority vote in clean elections (as certified by the Carter Foundation made clear) is uncontested. Obama leveled charges of “national security threat” in 2015. This was farcical and tragic. Trump ramped up sanctions, and many thousands of deaths, and millions of emigrations occurred. The role of the U.S. has been criminal, destructive of democracy, purely ideologically driven against socialists who have won the support of a majority in Venezuela.


You left out the attempted coups by all American El Presidentes since the rise of Chavez to power. I would say there’s been at least 4 in 24 years.
Canada’s Liberal Party and, by extension, Trudeau’s public lovehug of Trump’s foreign policy in this Hemisphere, has sealed their fate. The UN votes against this current bunch of no good " hosers " said it all.
Strange bedfellows these Trumpers & Liberals.


Venezuela . like Haiti under Aristide before it, dared elect a government that suggested a Countries natural wealth belongs to the people of that Country and should provide for them first and foremost.

Canadian mining Companies and Corporations, which are in essence a legacy of Colonialism will not allow that “nonsense” anywhere.

They believe they have a right to these resources so as to harvest the wealth for their shareholders wherein collective wealth flows from what was once the commons , to select individuals who already have far more then any person would ever need.

Canada’s foreign policy is driven by greed. Human rights have nothing to do with it in spite of the posturing of the leaders. It is all about large scale theft and transferring wealth to the few. If this leaves 50000 children hungry and suffering from malnutrition so that the head of Barrick Gold can buy another yacht then they will make it happen. They will then provide a pittance in foreign aid to make it look like they care about those children.

This is called “Capitalism”.


The COMMONS------in capitalist speak we are the owners-----just take the sanctions off----All candidates should be asked if they support sanctions on Venezuala and if they do then they support the daily death of children because of these sanctions. THERE IS NO EXCUSE ----STOP THESE SANCTIONS–


As foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland was arguably pathological in her desire to overthrow
the elected government of Venezuela. In part she would do anything to appease the Trumpists
to get her beloved corporate ‘free trade’ deal, but she went beyond that.

The new foreign minister hasn’t changed a thing, and Freeland is now deputy prime minister.
So while embracing neoliberal keptocracies and dictatorships like Brazil, Honduras, Haiti,
Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia, the Canadian government will continue to act
as Uncle Sam’s diplomatic thug to subvert Venezuela.

BTW, the Canadian government refused to defend its position on Venezuela


Unfortunately, dialogue in canada on foreign policy is non existent. When i talk to people about our government’s support of murderous western imperialism, people’s eyes glaze over. The last election, substantive discussion on this topic by opposition parties was essentially ZERO.