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Venezuela: The U.S.'s 68th Regime Change Disaster

Venezuela: The U.S.'s 68th Regime Change Disaster

Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J S Davies


Just as with Iraq, Libya, Syria and countries too numerous to name , this all starts with the US Government and the mainstream media conditioning the population so as to accept the premise that the leader of said country a “brutal tyrant”.

This all by design. The US first acts to destabilize these Countries via the CIA and their NGO affiliates and then use unrest as an excuse to invade or topple a regime.

It should be VERY clear to anyone that can think critically. The US Government are the bad guys as is its Military and its National security state entities. The greatest purveyor of violence in the World is the same today as when Martin Luther King spoke those words some 50 years ago.


How about a list of all the countries? That would be interesting, some like Cuba would get 2 or 3 mentions.


As upsetting this is to watch such blatant, naked aggression against another country; it is almost more upsetting to witness the utter silence on the part of the Democrats about it.

And they want our vote in the future???


I agree. Dems are in general are just ‘kinder and gentler right wing coup supporters … because they supposedly ‘agonize ‘ over it rather than do it gleefully like the Rethugs. And of course we all know the results are the same…


Great article and thanks for posting it, CD. What a way to start your week; knowing your country is governed by a bunch of low rent shitheads, and that you’re really living in one of the biggest shithole countries on earth.
" The only real god in America is money ".
Malcolm X


I LOVE Medea Benjamin.

She is a Peace Monger in an Imperialistic Warmongering Nation of Killers and Exploiters. She is one of the few people that makes me proud to be an American.


I agree. Articles like this that are censored in the main stream, T.V. cable media are why I support Common Dreams.


Remember, it is also about the dollar. From Pepe Escobar:




And don’t forget the greatest and the most successful non-violent coup of all; The Reagan Revolution that gave us our current ruling power establishment controlled by never ending corporate money, the war mongering neocons and the Zionist Christians.


You can find most, if not all, listed in William Blum’s book, Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since WWII, which, after I’d written this post, I noticed is mentioned in the article’s first sentence. It is indeed a book that anyone interested in US actions in the world ought to read.

  Besides the Venezuelan people protesting for their right of national sovereignty, “Speechless” is also on to something.  Even Bernie came out late with only a tepid statement against Pentagon/CIA regime change murder; and Alexandria O-C has said nothing for the Venezuelan people’s human rights. 
 While Blum is an eye opener, and J.S. Davies, *Blood on our Hands* a moral awakening; our Democratic Party leadership’s silence speaks loudly for the Deep State.

HI SuspiraDeProfundis: Mr. Arafat’s wife said he was poisoned, and I guess Chavez was too. I am amazed that many in Europe are supporting the US in attacking Maduro and Venezuela.There have been so many things written about the Guiado guy as a CIA asset---------but Europe—you nations are just as awful as when Britain, France and the USA decided to take the ME apart and put it back together with you 3 nations stealing and sharing the goods. Oil might have once been "Black Gold, " but oil now is a planet killer— Black Death! How can you “leaders” of the supposed governments not see this?


HI UnclePo—wow Cubans are in Venezuela----good show. They have experience with “America,” land of the oil stealers. I love how Cuba sends their doctors to imperiled nations—but America sends its usual death squads. I guess Teddy Roosevelt started the attack mode going with his warship visiting world ports. : (


Just to say, that caution should be taken when citing de Zaras

He is a questionable authority

He is on the board of this think-tank


Canada plays a shameful role here as they got right on board with the USA in recognizing Gaido as the rightful President of Venezuela , which an absolute crock. They do it because Canadian based mining companis want in on the action in that Country and Russian and Chinese firms were winning that race.

Gaido has all but stated that if he recognized as leader of that Country he would kick out Russia and China and start turning those resources over to Corporations in the USA and any other Country that gets on board with the Coup.

Disgusting but par for the course under our Corporate run States.


Sen Dick Durban wrote in the" USA Today" that he met secretly with Juan Guaido and that he supports the on going attempted coup of Venezuela.

Just look how many South American countries have moved to the right. And this has been happening under Obama and continuing with Trump. What has been the US involvement in this movement to the right? And just look at the coverage this attempted coup is getting-----THE PROPGANDA OF THE CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE IS GLARING!

This is not just about controlling another countries resources----It is about squashing any idea of ECONOMIC FREEDOM! The ruling elite do not want the masses thinking that ECONOMIC FREEDOM is possible----------as Bloomberg said the other day—we need to stop these “pie in the sky” ideas.



HI SuspiraDeProfundis-----oh geez-----I wish we had real news in America. I can’t believe Venezuelan people are falling for this phony “democracy,” crap which passes for major media news. I can’t believe people in Venezuela would actually support some guy that didn’t even run and most don’t even know him.And ,if they knew that the CIA trained him, I’m sure that they would shoot him!
I am also amazed and angry that the EU countries are backing America on this----of course, who even knows of this is real news. sigh—The NY Times , at one point was an actual paper that used real journalists—but now—it’s hard to believe them about much----Maybe they should be renamed New York CRIMES Against Humanity------as the democratic republic falls and slips under the miasma—and no one notices that real news is gone. : (


Hillary gleefully tortured and killed Gadhafi.
Obama said he learned to be good at killing as president.


And HRC/Obama get a 3fer (4fer?) - Honduras, Libya, and Ukrainian (Syria probably counts as the 4th). Bill probably did a lot of damage during his 2 terms too - but there have been so many it’s hard to keep score…