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Venezuela: Trump Threat of US Military Intervention "Madness" of US Imperialism


Venezuela: Trump Threat of US Military Intervention "Madness" of US Imperialism

Jon Queally, staff writer

In response to comments from President Donald Trump that he wouldn't "rule out" a "military option" against Venezuela—currently embroiled in domestic political conflict as neoliberal forces challenge the socialist-led government of President Nicholas Maduro—the nation's top officials characterized Trump's remarks as "madness" and "craziness" coming from the "imperial" and "extremist elite that rules the United States."


Maduro: " It is an act of madness."

America is ruled by a mad man calling for " regime change" in Venezuela, when the regime change the whole world needs is regime change in Washington D.C.!


God help us if Trump begins to take that ‘policeman of the world’ crap seriously! If we still had a Congress like back in the old days that Trump harkens back to then no president could attack or invade another country without a declaration or authorization from Congress! The Constitution gave Congress the right to declare war… not Trump.

It is time our Congress withdraw the provisions of the War Powers Act that allow Trump to think that he could intervene in another country’s internal operations because he (Trump) feels it is necessary.


As Cornel West said last July, the USA is having a nervous breakdown.


Here’s something I just posted on another thread that is sure to exacerbate any such breakdown:

America has been in the process of being ruined far before Trump; and, it’s questionable whether that ongoing ruination can be abated, let alone reversed by the Executive and the Congressional pigs-at-the-trough.

China now is offering Russia a military-political alliance that should make the U.S. and the E.U. sit up and take notice; but, I doubt this is being reported by the MSM. What follows are excerpts from an article recently translated from Russian to English. The entire article is worth reading and contemplating.

China openly offers Russia an alliance against NATO – Aug 6, 2017 - Alexander Rostovzef – FortRuss (Translated from Antifascist online by Tom Winter)

July 1, China marked an important date on July 1. It was the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. Chairman Xi Jinping addressed the solemn meeting devoted to this event. …Chairman Xi’s speech which was short, but very important.

"The world is on the verge of radical change. We see how the European Union is gradually collapsing, as is the US economy – it is all over for the new world order. So, it will never again be as it was before, in 10 years we will have a new world order in which the key will be the union of China and Russia. "

"We are now seeing the aggressive actions on the part of the United States, regarding both Russia and China. I believe that Russia and China could create an alliance toward which NATO will be powerless and which will put an end to the imperialist desires of the West."

"Creation of an army, that corresponds to the international status of our country is a strategic task. We must combine economic development with defense development, modernize the army, so that it is current and standardized … We need to comprehensively promote reform in the military sphere to create an army that would be disciplined and would win. "

(Bolding added for emphasis)


When the right-wing political leadership in the USA took the Gorbachev moment as an opportunity for global imperial domination, instead of as an opportunity for global peace, this narrative was set, as if in stone.

And this “New American Century” will soon burn, like the recent “thousand-year Reich”…


So the elites in Venezuela and elites in US who want to overthrow a democratic elected President since Hugo was elected and the US failed in 2002 or there abouts a coup which did not work. They do not like the fact that the oil was nationalized and America oils interests cannot go and rape and pillage.
The ultra right have been provoking violence there for many years with the help of US thru sanctions and other means and now proposing more sanctions for the people. Just like here in America the right has its people supporters who have been dubed.


It should be remembered that every administration previous to the His Tweetednis the Idiot of Orange - from both wings of the Duopoly - have issued AND ACTED UPON - similar threats. Look up the Monro Doctrine for ideological underpinnings.


Back in the old days we ‘intervened’ repeatedly in Latin America:

The Dominican Republic


What are we waiting for exactly? Total, Gandhian non cooperation. Now.


The oil and natural gas was not completely nationalized. Chavez merely renegotiated the royalty %s on the very generous leases. This led to the measureable anger and reprisals by Big Oil & The PTB, both in the U.S. and Venezuela. The Oiligarchy wants their money and privileges back.
The lynchpin in all this geo-political skullduggery is the Saudi and Gulf Coast Alliance, of course. Their ability to flood ( manipulate/blackmail/extort ) the world with cheap fossil fuels destroyed the economic models of Venezuela and other developing non-aligned countries ( hint hint ).
It’s a long Imperialist story. But it runs through Washington, London and Riyadh, pretty much. And, has for over a century. We’ve seen these seriously sick shenanigans before. And, it’s tragic and criminal, as well. But, with nukes and overpowering military forces, this is what realpolitik looks like.

I stand with the Bolivarian Revolution against the Kleptocratic and Plutocratic Oiligarchy trying to overthrow countries and control the energy resources of this world. However, Venezuela never foresaw this coming and/or had a developed contingency Plan B. And, Chavez and Maduro really could be accused of being too conciliatory to their domestic opponents. And, there are many of those.
Hanging out in places like Miami, Houston, Langley and The Swamp.


Security Council authorizations, OAS joint operations, War Powers Act and Congressional Resolutions. Not to mention the Spanish American War and later the covert machinations which resulted in the bay of pigs. Chile was by proxy for the most part. Panama was imperialism’s last hurrah in the Caribbean. Nicaragua was the Contras etc etc.

Trump is salivating at the chance to wield royal powers to send combat forces into another country on his own say so! Congress having abrogated its authority to the executive to declare war. The Republicans (with the help of some of the Dems) are removing Congressional (representative) authority in favor of Executive authority. They are literally dismantling our Constitution but they do it piecemeal.

This statement by Trump reflects his desire to act without oversight by Congress. As would a king or a dictator.


They did not act on the executive’s sole say so but with Congressional authorization or Security Council resolutions. The Monroe Doctrine is a philosophical resolution of intent not literally US Law.



El Salvador

The U.S. has been automatically hostile to every Latin American government, or internal movement, that is anywhere to the left of center. Sabotage has sometimes been overt, more often covert. The one great unforgivable sin is nationalization by a people of their own assets!

This is why Che Guevara had to die!


Bingo! The main reason that we are enjoying relatively low prices “at the pump” right now is to hurt Russia, Iran, and Venezuela. Rest assured, it will go back up!


You’re humming country western at a rock concert, Christian_abel.


No sanctions and low oil prizes and the alt right in Venezuela has caused shortages. Just like the alt right in this country has driven up prices of everything and produced stagnant wages. Here is US we need to do something to get stability back for the middle class and poor.


Yes. – And, this time, when the orange boy wonder suggested peace with Russia, the warmongers within both parties made certain that will not happen, as Russia is their supposed stepping-stone to China and the world hegemony of their pathetic fantasy.


Well, for one, thank God common dreams finally noticed the titanic events going on in Venezuela. For two, the U.S. would be insane to intervene militarily or otherwise ( and will not do so, this is a lot of hyperventilating about nothing )…the current government is hell bent on its own destruction and should be left alone . For three, shame on those that will cheer on the dictatorship that is now Maduro’s legacy as ruler of that once great country. :confused:


Uhh. We ‘import’ some 40% of our oil from Venezuela. Why? I don’t know, as I thought we were striving for energy independence. Must have something to do with trade policy.
Seems Obama’s (No, he wasn’t perfect.) opening the door to exporting our natural resources has caused more of a problem for us than just Fracking and drilling and deforestation and mining and pipelines. Not forgetting to mention massive POLLUTION! Now we need to destabilize other Regimes for more and then more of the same. Like Libya, who dared to believe they could become an ‘independent’ Nation. We sure showed them, didn’t we/she?

It won’t stop. It may never stop unless the voters stop believing the hype we are fed. Like healthcare. The majority of voters want a single payer plan, the politicians do not; along with a certain segment of taxpayers that think others, those in need shouldn’t get a free ride.

Although so many; including our elected officials, don’t seem to mind handing out billions of dollars in subsidies to oil, gas and pipelines and are now slitting the throats of Americans, in order to give these very same people along with the rest of the elite, a nice fat tax break, via the new regime, which is not new at all. The Koch brothers have been steadfast in eliminating our democratic society and form of government for well over 40 years through their supported Heritage Foundation that supports Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Partners, Club for Growth, Heritage Action for America, American Legislative Exchange Council, Pacific Legal Foundation, ALEC and more. There is nothing American about any of these institutions or supposed Think Tanks, I’m an American. I love my country. I fought for her. The last thing I would ever even think about is destroying her and our democracy. It’s not Freedom or America these people care about, it’s More, and when you give them that, they’ll want more again and again. People will die. People will suffer but they’ll get their more until we bring them to heel.

2018 will soon be upon us. We need to use common sense and serious consideration of who we cast our vote for. So far, they still need us, but only for our vote. Make it count. Buck the Party for the better candidate if need be. Talk to others, that is what these boards are for… Communicate. I’ll vote Green Party if I feel confident that person will represent Us. It would make politics a bit more interesting after all and we might even see some actual argument and compromise. remember compromise?

http://www.inthesetimes.com/feature/trump_pence_heritage_foundation.html Edit: You’ll need to scroll to bottom of page, choose archive then choose April 2017 issue. Apologize for that. It’s worth the effort.