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Venezuelan Officials Say They Intercepted Arms and Ammo Delivered by US-Based Plane

Venezuelan Officials Say They Intercepted Arms and Ammo Delivered by US-Based Plane

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With tensions still dangerously high in Venezuela after the U.S. and major European nations recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as "interim president"—a move that was quickly condemned as illegitimate interference in the nation's political affairs—Venezuelan authorities said they discovered weapons and ammunition in a "crate" that was delivered to a Valencia airport this week by an American plane.

Where’s the interview with the owners of 21 Air LLC?

Watching them say ‘no comment’ will have some entertainment value.

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Watching them tell the truth would have even greater entertainment (and other) value. Who knows? Maybe a modern day Eugene Hasenfus was on board!

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I hope the Venezuelan government confiscates the plane.
That is what some US states do to fill their police coffers.


So now, all those countries, Canada, Europe, who idiotically “recognized” Guaidó as the new “President,” will pull back their support and denounce US war machinations?



I see Sen. " Little Marco " Rubio as Ricardo Montalban’s tiny sidekick in a NBC mini-series screaming with delight, " Da plane! Da plane! Look Senor Bolton and Senor Pompeo, it’s the plane you dreamed of ".
This is the latest episode in Trumpster/Dumpster Diplomacy, aka, Gunboat Diplomacy without the boat. Is it unlawful to start a GoFundMe page for the 9-10 million Chavistas who’ll need medical care and food and water before this potential imperialist disaster is brought to a screeching halt.
Then, can we start the paperwork to get the entire Trump Adm. committed to the proper asylum, and pronto.
Any Democrat that signs on to the continuance of this kind of shit should be expelled from the party. Or else! Yeah, Obamobots and Clintonistas we’re looking straight at your Fearless Leaders. Xuck them and you.


Chile all over again. When Kissinger was not tried in the Hague, the precedent was established. Neocons are traitors to humanity. Onward Evil Empire. Don’t worry, the NYT will 'splain it all to you.

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I’m not sure that would have much entertainment value since it rarely leads to the actual people who are organizing and financing. All it nets are low-level operators that never seem to know much.

Since this country is so…shall we say comfortable with ‘enhanced interrogation,’ maybe a few sessions of waterboarding of the board of directors and CEO of the airline? Of course the managers signing the paperwork should be included don’t you think? This event could be shown live on pay-per-view. Donate the profits to the hospitals down there because it sounds like they are really going to need the extra cash soon.

Weapons no doubt going to ‘freedom fighters.’ Dozens of flights in the last month. You do realize just how many weapons to the right wing death squads that adds up to if this is just from one flight?

We came, we saw, he died, aHahahahahahaha SCREECH! Doesn’t matter who the figurehead is, the policies stay the same.

I’m pretty sure that Venezuela will be the 81st overthrow of an elected government since WWII by the USA/CIA/US Military. Taking the numbers from William Blum’s book with the latest added in…but then if one adds in those done BEFORE WWII you get well over a hundred and that’s from reading what Marine Brig. Gen. Smedley Butler said he did with the US Army as a gangster for Big Business from Central and South America to the Philippines to China. At least he was an honest general unlike the rest, or became so after he retired and wrote that little book ‘War is a Racket.’

As the UN-indicted war criminal John Bolton recently proved, it’s about the oil. Since he’s already busy lining up corporate heads who gets to steal it I’d have to say that’s proving the point.

We’ve been circling inside the toilet bowl since Reagan was put into office. Sure is getting dark down here in the bottom of the bowl…



"The Boeing 767 has made dozens of flights between Miami International Airport and destinations in Colombia and Venezuela since Jan. 11, "

Not sure if anyone is aware of the size of the 767. In someone wanted to deliver " 19 assault weapons, 118 ammunition cartridges, and 90 military-grade radio antennas" to Venezuela they could have done it in a small twin and land on a grass strip somewhere like that always did when delivering weapons to the Contras or whatever group was allegedly fighting commies at the time.

This is just another one of the Maduro government attempts to distract from the disaster they brought upon a once thriving country.

BTW, 118 ammo cartriges is what the average American sport shooter blows in single trip to the range. A simple google translation would have shown that “118 cargadores para fusil” means 118 magazines. McClatchy has it wrong as well. Show about how much people proofread these things.

Indeed, the ammo supply seems minimal; maybe it was just filling the crate space available after the heavier stuff was loaded. Or maybe 11,800 cartridges came in on the other flights.

Nah, the Venezuela govt post says “Todo este material vino acompañado con unos accesorios conformados con 118 cargadores para fusil,”. Even with my minimal Spanish skills i figured out it was magazines. Just shows the dismal level of professionalism in media today.

The whole thing is propaganda. Coming from a socialist country myself this is pretty much standard.

Working with and helping heal victims of American dirty, barbaric and gutter snake tricks ( El Salvador ) your comment is a pretty standard response. From a terrorist in love with genocide and the raping and murdering of nuns, 9 yr. old girls and 80 yr. old grandmothers.
Fits you to a tee, actually.


Sure you responding to the right post? While the whole El Salvador thing was going on i was trying to survive in an Eastern European workers paradise. Thanks for responding.

That being said, and hindsight being 20/20, the US should have left all those guys go commie. They would have have gotten it out of their system and when the money ran out they would have become productive societies.

BTW, this year we celebrate 30 years from the fall of Communism in Europe and the liberation of million of people. The Soviet Union managed to survive another 2 years and went down the drain in 1991.

Well, at least American trained and commanded troops didn’t drag your entire family out of bed, stand all 7 of you up in the front yard and execute your parents, three of your siblings and leave you to tell the neighbors your hardluck story in the morning.
So, there’s that, too.

Nah, Russians trained goons were doing that over there. I guess everyone has their devil. By the time they weer done in the 60s everyone knew they have to keeps their mouths shut and obey. There were the odd dissidents having accidents or under house arrests but nit much resistance. Luckily it all came to a crashing end in 1989.

Like i said all them guys in Central and South America would have been much better off trying it out and getting over it. I am actually happy for Venezuela. With all the oil they got and their lesson learned they gonna be one of the richest countries in the region.

So, it’s propaganda. Well hey…


That insipid NY Times reporter is why I don’t care one ioata about what that fishwrapper places in their overhyped newspaper. Their " news and opinions " are as phony as Trump’s tan.
Thanks for the Rogan interview. It was the motherlode for exposing who are the real toadies, sychphants and propogandists for the Empire. It was pretty funny, too.


Yeah, that guy is a real hoot. Comedy is the best way to expose propaganda.


They operate like any other major crime network, which means you won’t find a single actual agent with their name on a paper.
Most you will get are willing patsies who really only know the name of 1 or 2 fake identities.