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Venezuela's Maduro Accuses US of "Imperialist Attack" Against Latin American Leftists


Venezuela's Maduro Accuses US of "Imperialist Attack" Against Latin American Leftists

Nika Knight, staff writer

Venezuela's leftist president Nicolas Maduro told a crowd of supporters Saturday that the turmoil of recent months in progressive Latin American countries are the result of "an imperialist attack on all," teleSUR reports.


Watch out Maduro, remember what happened to Chavez when he opposed U.S. imperialism!


So what is new? Watch for regime changes in Venezuela and Bolivia, after Hillary gets in.

Lesser evil? My foot! Not for Latin America!


A continuation of U.S. policies begun under the evil Dulles brothers and pursued by Henry the Kriminal in Chile. Hillary can’t wait to unleash ‘regime change’ in Latin America, Iran and wherever else the neocons instruct her.


As far as I’ve been able to discern, there isn’t much of a difference in Latin American policy between the two major parties.

Empire’s Workshop: Latin America, the United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism by Greg Grandin offers an insightful account of US history in the region. I’m not sure I totally agree with his entire premise, but it’s very interesting reading.


Maduro ain’t no Hugo Chavez.
As long as the US is able to keep the price of oil artificially low by continuing it’s fracking program, Venezuela, Iran, Russia and any other oil producing country not receiving billions of dollars in American aid will find it difficult to maintain their economies.
The good news is that the low price of oil is now causing Saudi Arabia to run short on cash (capital reserves).
So they’re beginning to make noises about restricting the amount of oil that OPEC will produce.
That should drive the price of oil up dramatically.


asked my Latin American History Professor, a former Sandanista volunteer and big lefty, whether she thought Venezuela’s problem’s were due to Maduro being incompetent or right wing sabotage. She thought for a moment and simply said that Maduro has proven he doesn’t need the help of right wing sabotage to fuck everything up.

Whatever the case, the pink tide is receding, and so the pendulum of politics carries on swinging.


As soon as she takes a first step in the direction you note it will be incumbent on progressives to oppose her administration and to seek her impeachment and removal from office. This imperialist outlook must be opposed not only because it is wrong but also because it is destroying our own society.


It is all about dominating the hemisphere. Now that “we” have installed a new government in Brazil with an all white cabinet, which, as you pointed out, both parties love to see, the table set now for Hillary to dine on other peaceful and defenseless countries. :sob:

The CIA is already busy causing trouble there.
The 2016 door has all but closed, Let us work the ‘wave’ into a tsunami by 2020 and restore our reputation.

Vote for Jill!


Again; does anyone think for a moment that black, brown or any other persons of color matter? The murderous and genocidal actions of the U.S. Empire preclude caring about anything other than money and power. At home or abroad, is there a substantive difference? Capitalists are willing to literally kill anything that moves left. The Saudis and Big Oily & Gassy want them some of that heavy crude and cheap natural gas. It’s so close to Texas, too. And, real estate development needs clutter free beaches… justifying coups is so easy for lunatics and bullying imperialists.


What made you think I like Maduro? I identify more with mainstream US liberalism, which is to the right of Maduro/the pink tide and to the right of many of the people here. FDR is my political hero.

I see you don’t like Trump either. Could you expand on that?


She’s giving you the neoliberal party line.

Our rulers love to install professors with previous leftist credentials who will sell out to US propaganda for a price.

The truth is told in this CD article.


You seemed to imply that I saw Maduro as my hero.

Regardless, who do you support then? Cruz? Johnson? Or are you an anarchist? (Trying to gauge your ideology)


it was a fair assumption, since you said:

How very refreshing to hear that a pseudo-Communist admitting that their heroes (just like Trump) need no enemies for as long as they have themselves

All people have a worldview, and most of those worldviews have a label that they are close enough with to use. Those that don’t have a label, can be verbally described. They do not necessarily fall along a democrat/republican divide or even a conventional left/right divide, although most do with the latter. I am trying to suss out yours, but you don’t seem to want to make it easy for me, assuming that you aren’t just being a troll.

Do you believe in the concept of government? If so, what form of government do you consider best? Do you believe in Marx’s conception of society? etc.

Most of the people on common dreams actually do not identify with Democrats OR Republicans, but rather the Green party. I am an exception, as a firm Clinton supporter.

I did read your thing. Actually I scrutinized it pretty carefully for identifiers. It’s normally pretty easy to tell simply from the language people use. That’s why I’m still engaging you despite your rudeness. The more you say, the more interesting it becomes for me.


Your answer was too short and did not go in depth enough for me. So, I’ve actually been surveying your activity, and you do in fact identify with several labels and expand on your worldview. It was all very helpful and confirmed much of what I suspected. (Not all though.)

It’s funny. You explained your worldview more in depth to others on your other comments than to me despite me explicitly asking you too.


it’s also hurting domestic frackers, who have been less than pleased at using oil prices as a primary weapon to attack the BRICS counter-system.
This is why I’m never sold on Democrats being the lesser evil. Bush’s attempts to stem the Pink Revolution in LA/SA were clumsy and ineffective. Obama’s been much more ruthless and has actually succeeded in a way no Repo ever could. He went after the wallets (what is it with liberals and financial warfare, anyway?).

I agree, tho. Wonder how long the Saudis are going to be able to keep this up, and if the free reign we’ve given them in the region isn’t enough return on their “investment” in this policy.


You’re highly cynical and believe humanity is doomed to extinction, you see both capitalism and communism as lead-ins to fascism, you’re an atheist (okay you made that one pretty clear), and if anything you are most sympathetic to the lifestyles of certain indigenous peoples.

See, you do have a worldview that can be described and labeled.


Coups succeed by destroying the leader. No leaders, no coups.

Direct Democracy


What the U.S. must know is that future Venezuelan leaders have 20 years of street education in regards to dealing with America and the Crypto-Facists, of European ancestry, in their own country. Sleeping comfortably, for right wing U.S. lackeys, will be a very rare occurrence in a different Venezuela. " Here’s looking at you, kids. "


Now ‘you’re’ an anarchist.