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Venezuela's Maduro Accuses US of "Imperialist Attack" Against Latin American Leftists


Shoot, we have 50 years of street education and our schools are still churning out dummies faster then they can be reeducated.


Under entirely different circumstances and political/econmic educational and economic modeling. The American Experience is only applicable to First World countries found in the EU and Japan, Australia, et al. 2nd tier countries moving to a socialist model are rare. Rarer still under the nose of Yanqui Neo-Cons with a blood lust for looting, mayhem and serious mischief, or much worse.


I don’t know, but this seems interesting:


natureboy, the following two web pages regarding eco-anarchism provide a lot of information:

A snippet of the article follows:

Given what eco-anarchists consider to be the root cause of our ecological problems, it should come as no surprise that they think that the current ecological crisis can only be really solved by eliminating those root causes, namely by ending domination within humanity and creating an anarchist society.

It is important to stress that eco-anarchists consider it important to fight against ecological and social problems today. Like all anarchists, they argue for direct action and solidarity to struggle for improvements and reforms under the current system. This means that eco-anarchism “supports every effort to conserve the environment” in the here and now. The key difference between them and environmentalists is that eco-anarchists place such partial struggles within a larger context of changing society as a whole.

Due to current undeniable ecological issues facing the world today, eco-anarchism continues to grow in popularity and importance within anarchism.


Donald, you are indeed a chump. You know precisely nothing about anything you are talking about, like your namesake Donald Trump. So the Castros are “now openly Capitalist”? What a moron.


What do you mean by “nice try?” It’s a true story.


If Hillary makes it to the White House , if she is one day sworn in as president, may her love for regime change come home to roost.


What really astounds me is how the US (leading the charge with others tagging along) is all over the planet being a busy-body creating chaos, environmental disasters, humanitarian crises, regimen change dreams, overt/covert operation daily and hourly but is making no ones life (or country) better. The US has destroyed the ME (always stating we need to bomb some more, more troops which has worked to well thus far), and is doing the same to Africa. Europe and the UK seems to be very tired of being on its knees before the US and sucking dick (long overdue). China and Russia is back in the crosshairs since Putin (and Iran) are HRCs nightmares. South and Central America has always been a tick they can’t get rid of and an itch that keeps itching. Look how well the US has done with Mexico. It’s a Narco-state and failed 3rd world country.

MSM is really silent when it comes to all the sh** the US is pulling globally. Hell, we have no idea what our leaders are doing to us most of the time, or this country. Someone should post a world map and pinpoint every country the US is operating and corporations are on the move to seize assets and resources.


“U.S. and international media has focused on the food shortages without also emphasizing the sustained rightwing assault on Maduro’s leadership, as teleSUR notes”
Good to read this and understand that there’s not been any hoarding of goods to cause those shortages. CD, did you just forget to mention the fully stocked warehouses that have been found in recent months while the market shelves are empty?


or most of the rest of the world, except for Saudi Arabia, Israel, Bahrain or like minded right wing regimes


I see CD is not immune from right wing nonsense like yours. Ever wonder what the world would be like if the US didn’t hundreds of military bases all over the world? There might even be enough money to fix our infrastructure and provided health care for all, like the rest of the industrialized world.


While Maduro’s Party is extremely popular in Venezuela, Maduro has been losing some support. Venezuela’s 1% despise Maduro and his Party simply because their socialist platform has undermined the incredible income gap between the rich and poor. The 1% used to suck every last peso out of the oil exports with nothing going into the public treasury. But the 1% has maintained control of the press and feel that the time is ripe to force another coup at home. The CIA naturally will support any vicious and brutal attempt that will install a corporate friendly puppet, but aid only comes in the form of weaponry. The Venezuelan 1% does not have the manpower to stage a coup despite superior weaponry and American logistical support, but maintain a belief that they can convince enough of the 99%ers to support a regime change. The answer therefore has led to this wealthy minority to pull a “HillaryClinton” in which they get one of their own to join Maduro’s Party claiming that they represent the 99% while disparaging Maduro. With positive press coverage both in Venezuela and the U.S., deep pockets to offer the new candidate ‘a deal they can’t refuse’, some election rigging and a false message that only new leadership is required to fix the problem, Venezuelans may support the new candidate only to discover that he is a corporate lackey after he takes power.
This is similar to the tactics used in the past in Latin America with surprising success in many countries including Brazil, Colombia and Panama to mention just a few. Unfortunately it doesn’t take too many of the poor to switch sides to enable the rich to seize power.


article beginning right off: “…‘leftist’ president…” says it all…


I agree: someone should make one map. For some reason the site will only allow these thumbnail images, so I’ve added a link to full size images below each thumbnail.

Here’s a map of US military including spy network:

[ http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/imagenes_sociopol/globalmilitarism58_14.jpg ]

Here’s a map of US special ops:

[ http://www.globalresearch.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/socom_map_td_img.jpg ]

And here’s a map of corporate connections:

[ https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/794721796720203556.jpg ]
This last one is contained in an article detailing all kinds of corporate connections by industry and is well worth a perusal.