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Venezuela's Maduro Denounces Warmongering by 'White Supremacist' Trump and His 'Gang of Extremists' Promoting Fascism Worldwide


Venezuela's Maduro Denounces Warmongering by 'White Supremacist' Trump and His 'Gang of Extremists' Promoting Fascism Worldwide

Jon Queally, staff writer

Calling President Donald Trump a person who is "publicly and openly" a white supremacist and accusing the current U.S. government of being run by a racist "gang of extremists," Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro called on the people and leaders of the world to speak out against foreign intervention and instead back efforts for the nation to solve its problems peacefully from within.


Here some background info on Juan Guaido who has been groomed by the CIA and trained in the methods of ‘color revolution’ by US- financed NGO’s:


Can’t we please put these two Hitler wannabes in the ring together in a death match?

Then, hang the winner.


So now we have to recruit the good whites to counter the bad whites? Didn’t they have a little war in the 1800’s over that? Yup, how did that scuffle work out, besides one dead president?


There was a lot of death on both sides, followed by Freedom for many.

The subsequent racial bigotry of the hatefully-challenged ensues till the present.


This is a show of US fascist strength to the rest of the world. Nationalize you’re oil and you’re minerals, and refuse trade you’re oil in US petrodollars, we will come topple you’re government, kill or replace you’re elected leaders, and steal those resources.
Least we forget, the poor in this country have a large incentive to back Venezuela in this deadly game. I seem to remember the country under Chavez, donating heating oil to the poor in this country to keep them from freezing to death, when the US wouldn’t lift a finger to help it’s own citizens.


Many are seen as “takers” by the elites.

Yet, we overwhelmingly vote to keep them, the elites, in office.

That is insanity.


Trump’s already had over a dozen attempts to bump him off. I guess stubborn might just get him just desserts.


Perhaps we should start a Go Fund Me page for a group of Ninjas or Mercs, that have a better success ratio.


Sadly, that endeavor usually starts and ends from right-wingers, usually for some kind of profiteering. I guess as long as there is an established Washington governing body, the only way to truly clean out the swamp is to march in and claim marshal law on our own behalf as we are fucked over citizens.


There you go. Now that’s a head on approach.


“Have gun, will travel.” Interesting show.
We’re going to need a bigger bus.


No doubt that Juan is our thug even though called a “good guy” in the American, press. The fact that Maduro is being excoriated by the MSM, presstitutes as a bad guy tells me even though Maduro is a thug he is not America’s thug.


Starting look like “Thug” is a prerequisite for higher office everywhere.


Only a dozen attempts? (& why haven’t we heard about any of them? SOURCES please!)


Sorry, I can only offer MSM hearsay, albeit said in a professional manner. Obama had a number of them as well.
I;m sure there are subtleties like internet threats, or grabbing someone out of a crowd. That sort. But you are right to be suspect on this reporting because there doesn’t seem to have been a Ray-gun or Ford type attempt.
I just googled this and saw where there were a hand full on the surface right there.