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Ventilators Not Bombs; Humanitarian Aid and Cooperation, not Sanctions and Regime Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/09/ventilators-not-bombs-humanitarian-aid-and-cooperation-not-sanctions-and-regime

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Trump complains about anything beneficial for the American People----and yet he gives lots and lots of $ to the military----and for all kinds of ships and planes and things that don’t even work. And really, how many nuclear bombs does America need? After all , with the climate crisis—a few more wars will kill the planet forever. : (
Maybe it’s time to stop being the Bully of the World too. It is horrific that America is in so many war actions all around the world ( but weirdly America never wins and the American people lose every time there is a new war.)
It is even more horrifying that Trump, Pompeo and the Weird Mr, Barr think that offering $15 trillion to kill, President Maduro of Venezuela ia a sane action. The UN was a good idea, but America uses it as a bully club to hurt other nations. After WW 2 the Hague worked well in fairness and justice. It’s time to turn the UN building into a homeless
shelter, and change it’s name to the Lady Liberty Shelter for all those on planet Earth who want to ," Breathe FREE." Act now UN members because this planet can’t take any more America wars. : (


Doesn’t matter anymore. Those are just floating Covid-19 plague carriers. American Exceptionalism is done. When the experts say we’re two or three years from a vaccine…and we have wildfires, drought, floods, tropical storms, tornadoes coming up this summer, along with the second wave of the pandemic…who will plant our food and, more important, reap it? Farmers in Canada are already looking at the loss of their early spring crops because migrant workers have to be in quarantine for 14 days. Why not use the young hands and limber bodies of Canadian teen to work in the fields and also earn some cash? Young people back in the Depression days worked on farms to put food on their own family tables. They’re not in school now. Playing games on the computers and phones when they could help the Commons is insane.


I think most of us feel that the virus will subside, possibly resurface this fall, and perhaps again next year. When do we let our guard down?
A doctor being interviewed said when a corona virus struck while he was in the middle east it didn’t peak until four years later, and is still going into year seven.
What might that do here to jobs, economy, health, and death rates?


I can only feel despair when I read this article. So few Americans are aware of our actions around the world and would feel pride if they did know. We have accepted that there is an underclass just barely getting by and blaming it on them and we are well on our way to accepting that the middle class must struggle financially and we worship the upper class instead of demanding our share of the pie which we are entitled to as we are the ones putting in the hours, weeks, and years of labor. A woman on a real estate show recently was in despair at the thought of lowering the price for selling her house from $17 million to $14million. “This is my retirement, “ she said. “I can’t retire on less than $17 million.” She lives in a different world from most of us. A world where most of us live very pared down lives so that she can have millions. And perhaps she lives off of our constant wars and needs constant wars to keep her income up. The immorality of our wars and our sanctions is draped in red, white, and blue, which always anesthetizes us.