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'Very Bad News for Trump' as Federal Judge Rejects His Claim That Tax Records Subpoena Amounts to 'Harassment'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/20/very-bad-news-trump-federal-judge-rejects-his-claim-tax-records-subpoena-amounts


C’mon Donnie, show us your’s, or is it too small or odd shaped. Or maybe, it’s frightening looking.

Either way, we’re gonna see it, and your embarrassment isn’t going to matter one little bit.

Oh, that’s your pet name for it, “little bit?”

Why am I not surprised?


“This is very bad news for Trump,” tweeted Slate staff writer Mark Joseph Stern.

Also could have Trump terrified of going to jail for tax fraud like his fellow Mafia Don Al Capone.


Meet American Gulag Asshole!

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Yet, Instead of playing hardball, Vance keeps giving him more rope.
What’s his game?

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Vance, unlike Tweetle-Dumb, is playing by the rules  —  which you’d appreciate if the feds were coming after you.  Vance & Co. are being very careful to follow ALL prescribed procedures, so that when the “Guilty on all counts” verdict comes down on Tweetle Dumb he won’t be able to get off on some minor technicality.


You see how fat Presidunce Trumpytard is getting … Vance is just making sure he has enough rope to hang himself.

Or Bannon.


What you mean-um “possible” bank and insurance fraud, Kemo Sabé?   It’s “probable” at the very least, and “near certain” is even closer.  And don’t forget to add “extremely likely tax fraud” while you’re making corrections.

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They’re waiting for him:


Trump & Capone are in the same sinking boat.

Bad faith was when Trump took the oath of office.

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