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'Very Bad News': Scientists Behind New Study Warn Warming Oceans 'Contributing to Climate Breakdown'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/28/very-bad-news-scientists-behind-new-study-warn-warming-oceans-contributing-climate


The really bad news is it’s only going to get worse from here on out until planetary collapse of multiple ecosystems ends things. It’s now irreversible, in human time frames, that is. Or in other words it’s too late to matter what we do, it’s irreversible. There may be a lifeboat or two left on the sinking Titanic but they probably have big leaks in them and will sink in a short time as well. The massive amounts of methane stored in the permafrost in the far north is thawing. Once that is loosed upon Earth the temperature rise will be very dramatic. Enough to end most life on Earth. Like what happened 252 million years ago in the biggest extinction event in over a billion years before that. Aptly termed the ‘great dying’ event. 95% of Earth’s species died off. And we silly humans caused it because of hubris, greed, and power.


We’re in the beginning phase of earth’s sixth great extinction, which is caused by us.
The oceans are being warmed, vacuumed, used as a trash can.
The land, flora and fauna bulldozed, asphalted, burnt, clearcut, mined, shot, hunted, toxified, urbanized, gridded, ecologically massacred.
This is how our species has chosen to fuel itself and its desires, needs, etc. It is a very fun and interesting world we’ve built. Unfortunately, it is based on killing the biosphere so that within this century, the biosphere itself and most species including us will be extinguished.
If you’re truly serious about understanding the reality of what we have done, read the two Endgame books by Derrick Jensen.
If only we had chosen a different way of living. This is a time for mourning.


You mean Yogi was wrong ? I’ll just bet you’re a lot of fun at a party though ~

I didn’t know a ‘species’ could make decisions like that. Are you and Olhippy party buddies ?


The only part of this article that I take home is a quantification attempt at characterizing ocean stratification. As so often has happened during this period of climate change, the results appear to be on the worst case side of the models. That’s a pattern - patterns are important.

Anthropogenic Global Warming is at the moment just one of a constellation of serious problems threatening every day to overwhelm our belief in ourselves - to promote despair.

Why would any sane person consciously try and make a bad situation worse ?


and a nuclear waste dump


Some nations are taking it seriously (if a somewhat late decision):


And a must see:


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But as long as there are stupid ideas like this:



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I think we’ll just let Willie Nelson handle this one…
Turn out the lights
The party’s over
They say that all
Good things must end
Call it a night
The party’s over
And tomorrow starts
The same old thing again


Yesterday I walked with my dog on a trail through the woods. I have two acres of old growth forest that are attached to 40 acres and another 80 acres of untouched Alaska forest after a handful of houses. When I first moved here I saw bears every year, but development has changed that. I also saw lots of foxes, and moose, and porcupines.

It was the prettiest autumn we have seen in several years. Autumn in the subarctic can be reminiscent of Aspen, Colorado. We have quaking aspens and stately birches that turn a beautiful gold in September. They used to be intertwined with dark green spruces and the sight was as beautiful as any place I’ve ever seen.

The last few years, however, moths and caterpillars killed most of the birch leaves before they could turn gold, and they turned an ugly brown without ever turning gold. Bark beetles have killed most of the spruce trees. Their corpses are still standing. I have well over 100 of them on just two acres. I am aware that I live in ticking timebomb of a fire hazard.

This year there were no moths and caterpillars, and the birches were in their full glory, peaking more than a week later than they did 30 years ago. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I took a long walk with my dog. I settled down on the ground for a long while, seeing no human development anywhere.

Last night the wind came. It blew most of the birch leaves off the trees. Today it is raining and cool.

I’m so glad I sat with the Earth and soaked it all in before the wind.


What, is the whole world interconnected? Who would of thought.


Great post. And good for you for appreciating and loving what is still out there while acknowledging what we have lost. I do the same and it ain’t easy.


Thank you, lindaann.

No, it is not easy.

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Don’t go blaming it on the oceans, that’s just one more of the predicted and anticipated effects of allowing the Corporations to prevail in their contest with man for human habitat. Many Corporations grow and prosper by making Earth unlivable for humans, and We let them.


It’s bad news, for real. Really real.

I think Hurricane Katrina was the first actual extreme weather event seen in the US from global warming. They denied it had anything to do with heating the planet.

Seven years later, superstorm Sandy arrived. They acknowledged that one might be connected to climate change.

Three years later, hurricane Patricia was the strongest ever recorded. After that, it was nonstop extreme weather events that have only grown in intensity every year since that time.

Six years is all it has been since we have seen these types of extreme events. That’s it.

In six years from now, it is going to be exponentially worse. Just like now was completely inconceivable for most people just eight years ago. I know that for a fact. Because I told people in late 2012 that within 3 to 4 years they would see major changes due to climate, and the do-do was about to hit the fan like an apocalypse. They were all certain I was hysterical and psychotic.

By 2017, no one thought I was hysterical or psychotic anymore.

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Violence of males - taught by Patriarchy –
Resulting in religious systems of patriarchy and subjugation of women to child bearing (imo)
made other more sane choices impossible.

But don’t fail to notice that humans are naturally UNSUITED for life on this planet –
We are too needy – unlike other animals who inhabit this earth peacefully, cleanly –
without either declaring war on half of their fellow humans – the female half.

What 2020 has shown us is that the planet is infected with the stoopid mammal-19 virus. And like with any infection, the planet is running a fever to kill off the parasite.

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I don’t know. Why not ask RetRumplicans. Their response to Covid is exactly the approach you seem to think humans wouldn’t attempt. But then, who ever accused the Death Cult Party of being human?

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"human-caused global heating is making the world’s oceans more “stable” "

The calm before the storm. When the oceans stop turning the acid starts rising, the heat accumulates faster, and the oceans move closer to shutting down oxygen production. “There’s a bad moon on the rise.”



Thank you