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'Very Bad News': Scientists Behind New Study Warn Warming Oceans 'Contributing to Climate Breakdown'

It is amazing to watch the bad news continue to intensify and grow. Political collapse, economic crisis, pandemic, wars - not just our little involvements, but many other countries now - although nothing compares to the potential damage that this disaster is bringing. A mass extinction event includes us. Are we actually seeing this in real time? Whether we are or not, it certainly feels that way.


Those gosh-darn oceans. California and I could be having perfectly ordinary September weather today if only it weren’t for that pain-in-the-ass Pacific Ocean and all its precious moods: La Niña, El Niño – why can’t the freaking ocean just speak English? That’s what I want to know!

What science knows about the global heat budget hasn’t changed much in years. The cumulative chemical imbalance of atmospheric carbon – which is what holds the heat in – is reliably measured, and it does not wildly vacillate year to year. This proximate source of the heating, greenhouse gases, is not where to look for yearly temperature variations – cumulative atmospheric carbon holds too nearly steady, in its gradual increase. We know around 90% of the heating from the carbon imbalance goes into the global ocean, some years a little more, some a little less, as the ocean surface exchanges chemistry and heat with the atmosphere, depending on the weather.

Since the nuclear-test era, science has known about atmospheric circulation in amazing detail. In contrast, it may not be popularly appreciated how little science knows about deep ocean circulation – to this day. I’ve heard a scientist observe that we know much more about the farside of the moon than we know about bathymetry underneath the North Pole. If stuff like science were an interesting priority for anyone, there could be much to learn from investing in undersea research – maybe figure out how all that saltwater is sloshing around, someday. Deep ocean circulation is terra incognita, for the most part.


A Global Emergency, is upon us…
"Humanity is at the threshold of great global change, world change on a scale never seen before, caused now by humanity’s misuse and overuse of the world, by human ignorance and human greed. It is a condition now that will affect the lives of every person.

Though few are yet aware of it, it is a global emergency. You have changed the chemistry of the atmosphere, of the waters and the soils. And now the world is changing—changing so rapidly, so dangerously, changing now in ways that will affect you more than you realize.

God’s Message for the world must sound the alarm and provide the preparation for a new world reality. It is a time and a threshold that will call upon many to arise out of their self-preoccupied lives, out of their personal misery and confusion, to serve a world in peril."…from “The Global Emergency” article; Marshall Summers…the teachings of the New Message:… This Situation represents both a Great Existential Crisis for humanity and also a Great Opportunity for humanity to respond and to restore the natural systems of the planet… to perish or to survive, ?

[Hitchhiker spoiler-alert:] I thought it was We apologise for the inconvenience.” That’s God’s Final Message to His Creation (or so I’ve heard, on excellent authority) – but maybe that’s not the same thing.

I thought the message was from the dolphins. :))

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I got a little mixed up about the seqence of all such messages after reading the bit about making love while flying about in the air – somehow that’s the part which squats implacably on my feeble memory-synapses, smothering many fine details I might otherwise recall.

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when the ice melts and we no longer have a natural cooling mechanism to reduce the heat trapped in the water–the heat produced by our flagrantly consumptive lifestyles–then we will understand the true peril we have put ourselves into --of course by then it will be too damn late–

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“Terra incognita” is right:


Two years ago. What was it?

since we are so willing to despoil and destroy god’s creation for the comfort and profits we are acquiring now–I do not think that many care what was given us by that creation–certainly not our self described christian leaders working hard for the perpetrators of this, the worst crime in the history of the world–the complete loss of ALL life on this planet–the ecocide that makes genocide look benign


Birchie…you may be interested in Dane Wigington’s work geoengineeringwatch org … it may explain much of what you are seeing…

Your post, if I get it right, suggests that AGW is a problem that promotes despair and overwhelms our belief in ourselves. Problems don’t promote despair–only complacency, dishonesty, and inaction do. The solution of problems carries with it excitement, commitment, and hope. Our present capitalist system creates despair, not the problems themselves.

Your final question, “Why would any sane person consciously try to make a bad situation worse?” has a ready answer: "Because doing so enriches the wealthy class in the short term even if it destroys the world ecosystem in the long term. That is precisely how we got such monsters as the Koch brothers and Donald Trump, isn’t it?

Birchie…it is difficult for those trying to raise the alarms of what is happening…you are SO RIGHT about things getting so much worse quickly…Difficult when the media keeps beating the drum of things happening in 2050 or later…this drives complacency, which is their goal…things are getting really bad…and will continue…we are in the midst of planetary Life Support System collapse… you may be interested in Marshall Summer’s article (searchable): “The Global Emergency”…

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yes… as we lose the Arctic’s Albedo effect, as we move into a Arctic Ice Free situation…things will quickly escalate…as the methane deposits are melting now, The Methane Dragon, releasing Methane Stores in the Permafrost and the Ocean calthrates…this will truly escalate the superheating…as are all of the Forest Fires in the Amazon, West US, Siberia, we have unleashed and catalyzed the Earth systems, which are now rapidly changing other systems… We must all accept this situation and plan to adapt to it and live within it… This is a situation where humanity can continue on with business as usual…and perish,…or humanity can change course, respond to this and restore the planet…this will be a 1000-year project to restore the natural systems, the Life Support system…


Same logical fallacy.

Humans are not making the situation worse - individual people are.

Yes - in the short term - and this type of person is imo not sane.

Individuals are key here.

As for a bad situation promoting despair - maybe.

Psychologists only partially understand people’s minds.

People have always needed leaders - leaders are sometimes better at dealing with disaster - and they always emerge during disasters.

But leaders can be of two types - those who will help the people, and those who will take advantage of the people.

The first are human exemplars - the second insane.

The really bad news in the global ocean warming story are powerful people in some of the richest nations on the planet claiming climate change was a hoax or simply fake news…

Nice link there wings !

Yea - a pretty complex system we’re trying to model and understand.

This book I’m working my way thru - Thomas Homer-Dixon’s “Commanding Hope” - it’s an academic’s way af addressing the situation we’re all in. An attempt to understand in an intellectual way what all great leaders know instinctively. Hence ‘working my way thru it’.

The author’s main pivot is this article he read in 2009 - and it really is good imo.


It’s free on the internet - I’ve already printed it off in color - a one in a thousand article according to Thomas Homer-Dixon.

I’ll have more to say once I’ve read both the book and the article, but it’s clear already that a paradigm shift is needed, one I’ve already managed personally - it just has to spread.

Rights for Nature will feature I think, as will negative emissions - but these cannot happen without help from that paradigm shift.

The book by Homer-Dixon, in case you are interested:

Should be interesting (albeit most likely highly disturbing) to see if AGW, human destruction of life forms on earth are brought up in the debates tonight.

As if old, white, rich Joe and Donald lose sleep over such trivialities!

If by some bizarre reason it does enter the “debate”, I’m sure it will only be for a few seconds or minutes.

While I am not an advocate of anthropomorphizing nonhuman life on earth (“Nature”) I agree with Wendell Berry who said:

“Whether we and our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do.”

IMO: If there really was a “Mother Nature” who had a stern sense of justice then true justice would not allow for collateral deaths/suffering/extinction of other species.

My agreement with this quote is that human behaviors will be superseded (rendered moot?) by the main life forces on earth that allow for diversity on this planet which humans have irrevocably altered (through climate forcings).

p.s. I would love/welcome a belief that there is a just “Mother Earth” a kind Gaia.
As I watch the suffering of creatures around me—since I’ve had consciousness of them which has been many decades---- it is hard, if not impossible to believe such a thing exists.

Climate change is like a bad fire, a really bad one. No matter how big it has gotten, you can still work on it. 20% containment is generally better than 0% containment.

Some of this ocean stratification is responsible for the Arctic Ocean turning from white to blue. That’s a big runaway feedback loop. The Arctic Ocean is heating up, heating causes more blue and more solar absorption all spring and summer, and so it’s only going to get worse every decade.

September is the worst hurricane month and we’re already through Tropical Storm Beta. We need to think about what happens when we run out of Greek letters too. We need to think about what happens when we get these 200 mph storms parking over any particular coastal spot from Cape Cod down to the Rio Grande.

You rhetorically asked why any sane person would choose to make a bad situation worse. I pointed to tRump Dumps. I guess my mistake was considering them sane.