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Very Dangerous Times: Press Attacked by Authoritarian White House


Very Dangerous Times: Press Attacked by Authoritarian White House

Adele M. Stan

If there were ever a doubt that a traitor now occupies the Oval Office, Tuesday’s assault on the exercise of a free press, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, should dispel it.


A clear violation of his oath to Protect & Preserve the Constitution. But if you think the ‘conservative’ RePoop- licans in the House are going to try to conserve the Constitution by impeaching Tweetle-Dumb, Think Again!  The Far-Right WANTS him to suppress the press, so that they can replace what little is left of our democracy with a Funny- Dementalist “Christian” theocracy with as little opposition as possible.

1984 is Here at Last!!   And Fahrenheit 451 is its mantra.


Its about time somebody attacked the corporate media. Its ironic that it had to be the same monster it created.


While for people on the left it is laughable to believe Trump and take him for anything but a buffoon there are millions on the other side of the political spectrum who do take what he says as being true and they are convinced the press is some liberal activity aligned against them and does put out false news to further a liberal agenda of protecting the environment, advocating for human rights, supporting redistribution of income to help the poor, and so forth. Since almost all journalists have college degrees that makes them seem unreliable to many Trump supporters. The press needs to be supported from attacks by Trump and his supporters. They appear to think the Founding Fathers got an awful lot of things wrong.


And yet neither of them will learn a lesson from this because ultimately they are getting money from corporate sources. There is a reason why many M$M CEOs say the whole Trump phenomenon might not be good for America but it is good for ratings.


And doubling down on “the Russians are coming” distraction is not going to get rid of the neoliberal Democrats destroying the Party.


Which again are beholden to corporations. They are all vying for that pie but one thing they can agree on is that they want as little as possible going to the public.


If we could all agree not to vote for any candidate that takes Big Money…


Shame there are so few and those few have the system rigged against them.


" the White House recently forbade reporters to shoot video footage, take photos, or to sometimes even capture audio from the most recent briefings conducted by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer."

I saw a bit of hand drawn artistry that came from a reporter in the White House briefing room after the press was handed this assinine directive. Unfortunately, the artwork didn’t show the large flies hovering around piles of bull excrement offered by Spicey.


This business of not allowing cameras or recording devices at press conferences is done so that the administration has “plausible deniability”. A reporter can take notes, but his articles may be questioned later as “fake news” when the Trump gang simply claims the reporter took bad notes.

I agree that the MSM has a problem, but as a citizen who feels that she has the right to know what is going on in the government that is making decisions that affect my life and the lives of those all around the globe, I find this peculiar media blackout/censorship to be unacceptable and scary. It’s not just the media that has a right to record accurately the press briefings - I have a right to see them for myself. This government supposedly works for ME. I have the right to be told what they are doing and why TO MY FACE, which is what televised news briefings do, and not just through some reporter’s hand-written notes that can’t be proven as accurate one way or the other later.

Trump and his minions may think Kim Jong Un has some good ideas about how to keep the public blissfully ignorant, with total black out of any news coverage, but Americans ought to be alarmed at what is going on here at home.