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'Very Dangerous,' Warns Russia as Global Experts Say Trump Ditching INF Treaty Will Restart Nuclear Arms Race

'Very Dangerous,' Warns Russia as Global Experts Say Trump Ditching INF Treaty Will Restart Nuclear Arms Race

Julia Conley, staff writer

Anti-nuclear weapons groups warned that the Trump administration is ushering in a renewed arms race as National Security Adviser John Bolton confirmed late Tuesday that the U.S. intends to exit the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty (INF), the landmark agreement forged with Russia three decades ago.

In response, the Kremlin confirmed those fears, saying that is exactly how the Russians view the move by the Trump administration.

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Meanwhile, Susi Snyder of the No Nukes Campaign wrote that the biggest beneficiaries of the U.S. withdrawal are corporations that invest in nuclear weapons.

This is all you need to know. It ALL driven by Money , the desire for more CONTROL so as to make more MONEY and all driven by the one percent who want MORE wealth, more control and more money.

Forget “Human rights” or “Freedom and Liberty” or “National Security” or “Democracy” it all money money money. The more MONEY the 1 percent has, the more power they have, the more power they have the more control they have.


Look at the picture above and tell me if you did not know who John Bolton was and met him for the first time your reaction wouldn’t be the same as mine: ** THIS MAN IS INSANE AND MUST HAVE ESCAPED FROM A MENTAL INSTITUTION!


Apparently there are cooler heads in both countries that understand the flawed character of mankind. Just like our laws that regulate how people are allowed to climb the ladder of success in America. It’s not the money after a certain point. They continue to play because it is about winning.

If he’d lose that fanatical expression, he’d look like a cross between Mark Twain and Kurt Vonnegut.

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The proposed abandonment of the treaty originated with Putin some time ago. Trump is simply acceding. Once again. You really need to catch up. Or are you just running interference?

It’s even worse if you are serving in a war zone and are under contract to participate. War is hell from any number of points of view.

I was responding to a post about people at Raytheon who’s pay check outweighed the morality of bomb making that kills people, but that post disappeared.

Reagan and Gorbachov were chumps.
Let’s get it on!

Yes, and we must either take him back, or strap him to one of these weapons he loves so much, and press the button (after removing the warhead, and telling the world we removed it).

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Sources please, Russia has repeatedly said it will keep strictly observing the INF treaty as long as the US does. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in October 2017 that any withdrawal from Washington would see an “immediate and mirror-like” response from Moscow. Bill it is time for you and the other Russia gaters go quietly into the night, as Caitlin explains,

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