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'Very Dark Moment for the Senate': Republicans Block Consideration of Covid Relief While Rushing Ahead With Barrett Confirmation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/24/very-dark-moment-senate-republicans-block-consideration-covid-relief-while-rushing


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has refused to allow a Senate vote on the bill despite the deepening economic suffering across the nation.



Nancy is just as guilty as Trump and McConnell for not extending financial assistance to american families and individuals. Today’s cable news/opinion stations are all about election races. The 224,000 already dead and the soon to come 200,000 to 300,000 more are not an issue in DC or NYC.

Imagine that we are at war some place and we have already lost 224,000 soldiers - dead!!


Not sure why you bring MS Pelosi into this. The House has passed Covid relief bills, the last one Oct. 3rd, but Moscow Mitch, has refused to bring any to the floor of the Senate. Similar to the other 300 plus bills he has sitting on his desk. What what was Nancy to do about it?


Her refusal to negotiate at all until just the past 10 days.
She stood her ground all summer.
And that stinks of this democrat trying to persuade voters that she is a good.
See her meltdown on CNN with Wolfie. A bit more than 13 minutes.



Do we really have to start every thread involving McConnell with the obligatory recitation of the “Moscow Mitch” bigotry? I’m trying to understand why this is necessary. One thing is for sure: The continuous appearance of that phrase in here shows how far we have to go, how many around here are still drinking the threadbare nationalistic, imperialistic Russiagate kool-aid. Isn’t the mindless, juvenile bigotry behind the phrase “Moscow Mitch” intended solely as Russiagate revival? Toward what, world war?

I’ve just completed Assata Shakur’s autobiography, and I’m reminded of it every single time I see that painfully stupid phrase: We on the left are not very good at self-criticism. This is a point Shakur makes with great strength, in the example she sets criticizing the BPP – which she of course deeply respects.


He has worked hard to earn the epithet.


You don’t have to foul yourself with such filth, unless you don’t mind openly declaring your bigotry. My concern is whether Russians have earned our inchoate hatred. That concern is not difficult to understand.

We should be worried about why USA is the worst country on Earth for Covid infection, not about whether some Russian cyberhackers (or Iranians or Chinese, for that matter) are engaged in utterly ridiculous electoral email campaigns – which seems to be where the national security types want to pivot at the moment. The following is precisely where USA’s national security circles the freaking drain. Some dingbats around here want to blame Russia for this?

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  02/21/2020          15          15
>  10.  03/27/2020     103,306     103,321
>  15.  05/01/2020     989,494   1,092,815
>  20.  06/05/2020     798,875   1,891,690
>  25.  07/10/2020   1,281,522   3,173,212
>  30.  08/14/2020   2,112,334   5,285,546
>  35.  09/18/2020   1,420,828   6,706,374
>  40.  10/23/2020   1,763,602   8,469,976

I understand that pejorative, but it would make more sense if in the above picture Mitch was surrounded with Russian flags. I prefer the pejorative term for McConnell: THE EPITOME OF CORRUPTION!


It’s such a tired worn-out formula from way-back: place-name=bad-person. The only exception I can think of to the fact that this formula is always a vicious insult to the the place so-named is the legendary proto-blues singer “Memphis Minnie” – but in that case you have to spell “baaad-person” with a couple extra a’s, and Memphis is most probably quite proud of her.

Evil Devil Woman Blues

These Republican bastards are flat-out mobsters one and all. International organized crime at the helm. He should be surrounded by black pirate skull & crossbones flags and called Mobster Mitch.


I’m absolutely baffled as to how any republicans could be supporting their “representatives” any longer. It’s like the GOP is actively trying to take us back into some feudalistic serf based reality once more.


They do call themselves
Greedy Old Parasites

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Yeah, I like it! Mobster Mitch works well, calling Mitch " Moscow Mitch" is an insult to Russia!


That phrase hits many ears as an absurdity, so obediently conditioned are we, here in USA to hate Russians. I don’t know how we got here, but many US Americans think it’s impossible to insult Russia – that anything bad you have to say about those people isn’t bad enough.

My deepest Russian loves span from the mystical anarchist Tolstoy to tragic Tchaikovsky. Bottomless love, from intimate sharing of human solidarity.

There was a time when some smart-alecks in Hollywood had latitude to ridicule Rusophobia properly. Carl Reiner’s The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming is profoundly timelessly funny, because xenophobia might be scary and hazardous, but it’s also so very stupid.


I think Pelosi just wants to make sure this bill doesn’t turn into another windfall for trump, the GOP and their cohorts like the last one did and that states, local governments and suffering people get the help from it they so desperately need. She also wants to avoid letting trump use this to win peoples’ votes by having stimulus checks and letters he can put his name and signature on like he did last time as well.

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…A POX should fall on his personal and GOP “Houses”…Scum of scum…

Decide not to vote, or vote for a useless 3rd party, guaranteed! You and everyone around you are all in for more of this. And these maneuvers from the fascistic Rethuglicons are just previews of a nightmare to come. Guaranteed.


…The ‘only’ movie ever discussed on the ‘House’ floor…had to keep an eye on those ‘Reds’…

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Thanks for writing that. x100

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