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'Very Encouraging': After Trump-McConnell Court Takeover, Biden Applauded for Signaling Plan to Nominate Civil Rights Lawyers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/31/very-encouraging-after-trump-mcconnell-court-takeover-biden-applauded-signaling-plan

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Civil rights, Human rights, the People’s rights to representative government.

It’s all words.

Actions speak louder than words.


And the bi-partisan actions tell us that murdering tens of thousand of civilians who are no threat to us is a more important expenditure to Congress than preserving the lives of American citizens. We’ve put weasels and hyenas in charge of America, it’s time for more and better choices.


Biden sending a signal that he is hinting at thinking about nominating decent judges does absolutely nothing to balance out the great big shout-out to the plutes that Harris just made by stopping the $2000 relief checks.


Harris?   Or McConnell??

It’s the latter who concerns me at this point — NOTHING that Biden proposes, and NO-ONE whom he nominates, will get past the Senate so long as ‘Moscow’ Mitch is in charge.  OTOH, so long as ‘Moscow’ Mitch remains in charge, the DimWit-Rats can pass anything they want in the House, and Joe & Kamala can continue pretending to be The Friends of Main Street, while the puppeteers pulling the strings of the DNC & RNC can sleep tight — knowing that their Multi-NaZional Korporate Owners can safely continue with their kreeping kontrol of EVERYTHING . . .


I’m gonna take my smiles as they come but still understand the collapse of civilization still looms with the very limited effort being made to mitigate the changes we have made to our planet!


Not to mention the hundreds of Apollo Asteroids, ready to do to us what they did to the dinosaurs, while we squander our resources on wars of choice, instead of space technology that could deflect asteroids before they can hit earth.

Let’s see what happens. If true and actualized, it would represent a form of checks and balance, a concept that was supposed to be the bedrock of the Constitution, until the pro-fascists started chipping away at it, and giving more and more unwarranted power to the President.

The odds of a large asteroid wiping us out before we wipe ourselves out (along with most other life forms that can be observed without a microscope) are very, very small.

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Nobody knows exactly what the odds are, but yes, humans are working very hard on “Project Ultimate Demise.”

Near as we can tell, mass extinction by asteroid is a once in 65 million years event.  “Modern” man has been around only a few, or maybe several, tens of thousands of years — and already we’ve made a bloody mess of the place . . .

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I wish it was not so, but it is.