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Very Fine People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/12/very-fine-people


Trump’s family has a history of this type of intolerance with a Nazi grandfather and a KKK father. The Donald too is following in their footsteps.

From Democracynow to get an idea of the ties between Nazis and US America:



byden and harris can suck my left nut

Did you give the right nut to trump? Probably! Thanks Abby Zimet, you shine very brightly, the swastika cap, and the reference to the unfortunate dead Ferret he wears on that empty head were GREAT! And, dicklessowitz, maybe go somewhere else where you may, or may not be welcome.


What are you, twelve, jackass?


lol. This guy really believes Biden and Kamala are the “adults” in the room?


Harris’s political history of sucking up to power and oppressing the already-oppressed suggests that she, like Obama and Biden, might have been happy and successful on the faculty at Belsen back in the day.


just expressing my opinion which as you know are like assholes, everybody’s got one

" Thankfully, we now have adults in the room to [challenge] him. At their campaign debut, Harris and Biden entered to Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up,” and slayed it."

Good Lord. This breathless excitement over a manipulative spectacle passes as political analysis?

My guess is the writer would have been impressed by “Triumph of the Will.”


Yeah, and yours stinks worse than others.

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There a lot more bitter invective on these boards then there used to be from poster to poster. This understandable. The true progressives and left are just getting tired of the same dog and pony show happening election after election . The “progressive” wing of the DNC has been at it for years, always sending out the right message but never really changing anything. Election after election is the same old “just stick with us and our time will come” even as the 1 percent garner ever more wealth and power.

The same Columnists write election after election how this time it "different’ and how it so very important just to elect a Democrat and “hold their feet to the fire”

Meanwhile COVID hits, millions are shut in and have lost their jobs, millions face eviction and homelessness and have watched their lifes savings wiped out. There has to be something more then “well they not as bad as trump” or “the progressive movement is gaining momentum”.

so sorry i offended your delicate sensibilities … but i refuse to support lying fucking whores who call themselves Democrats … finuto … done … finished … never will vote for 1 again … i prefer to see the country burn

my thoughts exactly

If you want to burn yourself up…get it done

But don’t include us in you death wish

There is work to be done.


Dismissing the US Progressive movement’s grassroots accomplishments with a wave of the omniscient Canadian hand in our midst, also gets quite tiring

And well…to be Truthful…Biden/Kamala are quite a bit Better than trump.

Tell me how do your Indigenous Peoples feel about progress in their sovereignty fight as the government tears up rights of passage for tar sands.

Covid is a Massive Human Pandemic which is only a precursor of more of Nature’s retaliation to the humanoid infection killing our World

The Dog and Pony show is world wide and quite functional

But to suggest that Biden/Kamala will be anything like Trump/Pence is quite disingenuous

Ok we didn’t get our hoped for candidate to the election
So what you gonna do now
You build your life raft out of the supplies at hand

If every member of SLC or NAACP gave up working with the tools at hand,
there would have been no progress at all, ever.


You contradict yourself in a single post.

Trudeau is a heck of a lot better and more progressive then is Biden/Karmala. At least he supports Universal health care, and not supportive of initiatives like Biden and Karmala got behind such as filling prisons with poor people and making it harder to escape from bankruptcy. He is not calling for massive increases in Military spending.

That he is better then Karmala/biden and more so then Karmala/biden different then Trump/Pence does not make him a progressive. He is still a supporter of the Corporate state. As such , just because he better then trump/pence or biden/Karmala. it hardly means it good enough and something Canadians should settle for. We have to do far better and that is done by electing true progressives to office.

More of what got us here does not help anybody and apparently some are happy with that.

I did not vote for Trudeau or the Liberals just because they not as bad as Scheer and the Conservatives. I voted for a party that sees the Environment as our major concern and for a party whose platform is one I agree with. Were more Canadians doing the same we would be a lot better off just as American progressives would be if they voted for a progressive party rather then one that “is not as bad as trump”



Tommy Douglas recognized we have the same issues in Canada as far as “the fat cats” are concerned.

“all of the laws passed were good laws…for cats”

The US has an extreme rightwing party, and an insanely extreme rightwing party.

Kamala Harris gets a lot of support from the entertainment industry. Her husband is an entertainment lawyer.

oh come on it will be fun… we can roast marshmallows !!