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Very Unpopular Trump Reportedly Thinks Extremely Popular Sanders Would Be 'Easy to Beat' in 2020


Very Unpopular Trump Reportedly Thinks Extremely Popular Sanders Would Be 'Easy to Beat' in 2020

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A White House insider says the president is "always asking people, 'Who do you think is going to run against me?'" 

Sanders and Trump


Trump is probably counting on the DNC to help him defeat Bernie. That is a pretty safe bet.


Bernie and Lizzie, Sittin in a tree,
Thinking they’re the next Presidents to be,
Will they show their Love (for progessive values as
they preach)
Will they be the Doves (calling for the beginning of
total World Peace)
Or will they fuck it up by sucking up to the Corporate


Nicely done


What breed of dog are you?
A couple of whistles and the mentally impaired (even slightly), physically gifted but melaninally challenged electorate will completely depart from any sustaining social fabric.

If sub spectral sounds do seem to be getting the job done, two false flags that need nuclear bombs will move up the list.

You are dying for democracy, or dead under a dictator


I’m still holding out for a left leaning psycho to INTERVENE and end trumps first term early.
Of course an angry right winger that realizes they have been duped, would also suffice.


Well, if hadn’t been for the arrogance of the DNC leadership and their devotion to maintaining the power structure as it is, Bernie would have been president today.
But as always they embraced their dislike for the average workday people, and ignored their wishes.
Hard to say this, but, I do not think it to far from the truth, to say that the political elites have written off the middle class.


How about a Centrist with good vision and a high power scope?


Also an excellent choice. :+1:


Sadly, where I live, Trump could very well beat Sanders.

One would think that a poll of Trump voters would have been conducted, shortly after the last presidential elections, which, after summarizing Clinton’s, Sanders’, and Trump’s; positions, asked "if Sanders had been the general election candidate instead of Clinton, would you have voted for Sanders?

This poll could still be run, although the passage of time would make the results less meaningful.

I am skeptical that many western Pennsylvanian or West Virginian Trump voters would have voted for Sanders instead. Sanders would have been open to all the usual attacks that have worked in the past, plus the “war on coal” attack.

The progressive left needs to get out of its choir-preaching isolation and take a sober assessment of what we are up against. Only then can we develop the right strategies, and steel ourselves for the fact that we will lose more than a few elections before we start winning.


I don’t think there are many right wingers who feel they were duped. Al the right wingers I know absolutely love Trump and what he has done to their mutual funds and 401k’s, to defending their guns, to getting rid of “tree huggers” to getting rid of illegal spicks and putting the dangerous niggers and the terrorist BLM (both BLM’s) in their place. As a co worker told me “Everything Trump has done and is doing is fantastic!”


Hope, but maybe delusion on my part.


Warren has worked to bolster her bipartisan and foreign policy bona fides? You mean like backing Israel and sanctions against Russia that work against us? I would probably vote for her – though I prefer Sanders but we need to keep the pressure on them to truly break with neocon foreign policy. Sanders has moved more in that direction than Warren.


Anther centrist? No thanks.


I know a lot of Trump supporters and like you; I agree that every one I know absolutely love the guy!


Just look at the pathetic voter turn out for the 2016 election that gave us Trump as president. The lowest voter turn out in 70 years. If Bernie had been the Democratic candidate maybe the outcome would have been different. He would have attracted more independents. If Elizabeth Warren had run for president, maybe she would have united the independents, progressives and mainstream Democratic voters. The lesson needs to be learned, running Hillary for office was Democrats supporting an insider Democrat, and the tactic did not work.


Can someone explain why in the hell Biden is so popular with Democrats? That party just doesn’t learn. All about his image versus what he actually has done and stands for. He proudly wants to continue on with the same set of failed policies we’ve had in recent decades (with some small modifications), thank you Joe for your horrific bankruptcy bill, and he’s very friendly with the big money donors that have controlled and destroyed the Democratic Party. So, what the hell is source of his popularity? He is opposed to many of the things his own party says it wants, and while those in his party might think he is a good challenger to Trump, that doesn’t mean the rest of the country agrees, and Democrats are only a third of the public, so that matters. Seems that this should be obvious with the 2016 debacle, but apparently not. It’s amazing how little Americans learn or think critically about these things. Not only are “centrists”, to a person, corrupt and want to maintain an inequitable, undemocratic and corrupt system, they also don’t care enough about working people to fight for specific policies that would necessitate challenging their top donors. On the other hand, the right wing radicals are very ideologically motivated and do have specific policies in mind, which is why the Overton Window keeps on getting pushed to the right. The only counterweight is someone pushing just as strongly in the opposite direction, which is not Joe freaking Biden. I’m sorry, but I feel that things are just doomed. The “centrist” types don’t have any solutions, they make things worse and are important pawns in moving everything ever so much to the right, and the Democratic Party cannot be reformed so that someone like Sanders will ever get power. As far as I am concerned, people like Pelosi, Schumer and Biden are far more instrumental in “free market” ideas spreading than any libertarian hack at the Cato Institute, and they don’t even bother pretending to have any real alternatives anymore. Their “pragmatism” has resulted in the collapse of their party, as well as the middle class and the working poor. It also seems that Democrat cannot think beyond the next election. Okay, let’s say Biden wins the presidency, but backs roughly the same policies Clinton and Obama did, Clinton would have. Given that those policies are proven failures and have made things worse, the same context exists that produced Trump. So, then what? Well, the next Trump won’t be so damn incompetent and things will by then be even worse. This is no way out of this damn situation, and it’s likely that the Democrats are perfectly fine with that.

Sanders had better start thinking about third parties in general. Maybe, if he runs, he won’t run outside of the Democratic Party in 2020, but he better think critically about the party on the whole and whether or not it is a true place for the ideas and policies he supports. Cause it isn’t. Some in the party agree with him on policy, but the majority of those running it simply don’t, and I could give a damn about the platitudes they mouth in their speeches. They show they don’t with their actions, who they align with and their willingness to do what their donors tell them to. What a depressing state of affairs. Bank on it, the Democrats will make collective decisions that will make Trump’s re-election more likely. If they don’t lose, they’ll at least make it far more competitive than it should be.


Okay, but if I live in San Francisco, is it logical to assume the rest of the country thinks as those around me do? On the issues, that would be more correct than assuming Trump is the bees knees and the rest of the country thinks as your Trump loving neighbors do. Trump won the presidency with support of about a quarter of the voting age population. He won not because of anything he did, he won in fact despite that. No, he won because of how horrible the damn opposition is, and that apparently is not going to change enough to matter.


I agree that Sanders would not have a chance and would be easy for Trump to defeat in 2020. Why? Because Trump knows presidents are selected; not elected. The whole process is a sham, a dog and pony show to brainwash the masses into believing they live in a democracy. I would say that the economic elite already know who the POTUS will be in 2020.


Here’s my guess -
People that follow politics closely like those on the CD commons tend to vote based on policy considerations. Who is the person most likely to carry out the best policies? But there is a sizable chunk of the electorate that views candidates principally through the personality lens and Joe Biden has a well crafted image as a “regular Joe”. The fact that he rode public transportation to and from his home in Delaware, rather than live in Washington DC - is more important to those voters than his foreign policy positions.