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Vet Them Now or Vet Them Later

Vet Them Now or Vet Them Later

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

The Trump administration has moved at a blistering pace to fill federal judicial vacancies. Despite the fact that the ABA has found nearly ten percent of the nominees "unqualified," the Senate has largely acted as a rubber stamp.

Asst. AG Mateer has his religious wires crossed. Voting for Republican and Texas evangelical bigots and racists, who also happen to be lawyers, shows " Satan’s plan is working ". Good thing this legal ogre will be confined to " the pineys " in East Texas. And Texas, yet again, proves it’s not part of the U.S. If anything, it is part of Saudi Arabia or Sudan.
The soft coup of the Republicans continues. Trump is being well paid for his treachery. Protected by religious thugs and 1%ers of the Conservative ( read Fascists ) persuasion.
I wouldn’t bet on removing judicial appointments working in this current Congress. Trump just gave these mafia capitalists a bunch more of our money, so they can buy as many as they need to keep the kleptocracy rolling along smoothly. Like Mussolini, Trump will keep the trains to the schedule he’s been given. It’s all part of the art of the deal ( with the devils ).

We are headed to a culture where these impeachments will be a rare occurrence, and the corruption, in full display, will be celebrated.