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Veteran NBC Commentator Rips Failures, Pro-War Posture of Corporate Media in Scathing Resignation Letter


Veteran NBC Commentator Rips Failures, Pro-War Posture of Corporate Media in Scathing Resignation Letter

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a biting resignation letter published in full by CNN on Wednesday, longtime NBC News reporter, commentator, and military analyst William "Bill" Arkin blasted the corporate media network for embracing U.S. "national security leaders and generals" while "ignoring the empirical truth of what they have wrought: There is not one county in the Middle East that is safer today than it was 18 years ago. Indeed the world becomes ever more polarized and dangerous."


From the article:

“… terrorists will never be defeated until we better understand why they are driven to fighting.”

Butbutbut—they hate us for our freedom! They’re crazy evildoers!! Now stop asking foolish questions, get out there and shop!!!

I can see from his resignation letter why Mr. Arkin felt out of place, as his rejection of military/industrial groupthink would have put his livelihood, like Phil Donahue’s before him, in jeopardy. To sincerely wonder why someone would strap on a dynamite vest was equated with “condoning terrorism,” the kiss of death for a career in corporate media.

I eagerly look forward to reading this principled man’s 9/11 novel, and wish him well.


refreshing start to a more truthful media? Bravo!


This is the state of NBC. A year before the next primaries they are already slagging supporters of Bernie Sanders and blaming them for the last electoral defeat to Donald Trump.

David Brock is the kind of guy Mr Arkin had to work along side of. I do not know how Arkin could stand it as long as he did. When you see one of their announcers reporting what they call “the news” or a talking head giving his opinions on Syria or Iraq, someone somewhere is making money off the message.

NBC is not a news outlet. They are a 24/7 propaganda outlet always trying to feed the poeple the pro-corporate message.


Unless Mr. Arkin’s novel tells the truth about 9/11, we will not understand " TERRORISTS IN A DIFFERENT WAY".


Bill Arkin has written a fabulous resignation memo, in the tradition of Eisenhower’s 1961 admonition to beware the military-industrial complex. America has kept a standing army since Korea, justified as a defense against communism. Of course, communism is an economic system, an idea that can sink or swim on its own merits. After the end of the Cold War the military had a few years of crisis as it searched for a new mission. So the military went back to its old standby of invading countries to aid big business, small countries who supposedly had “evil dictators.” Then 9/11 happened and the military had a new enemy in terrorism. But terrorism is a military tactic, an idea that doesn’t have a state to demonize and invade. Not a sexy enemy at all! We’ve obviously bungled our way through 2 decades of Hell in the Middle East for no apparent reason. So now the military-industrial complex is back to trying to stoke up another Cold War against Russia (China is next). In the meantime…Iran!


This piece – and Glenn Greenwald’s more thorough piece should be mandatory reading for all Blue Wavers and members of the so-called “Progressive Caucus.” Their ignorance (and support of) the U.S. empire and National Security State is their Achilles Heel. Of course neither of these pieces can be summarized in a Tweet, so never mind.


I have to say that I disagree with a lot of Arkin’s assertions. And of what value is it to speak about one network, with zero comparison? Are the other networks any better or any worse?
We will all suffer the withdrawal symptoms when and if sensation news takes a rest. Covering the theft of poor little Johnny or Katie’s bicycle, and Mrs. Smiths cat in the tree is going to bore us to tears.

What SHOULD NBC-MSNBC be talking about when we have engaged in war for nearly two decades, when we have the president we have, and the criminality of both?


It seems many people are watching a different MSNBC than the one I watch quite often. How else would people characterize the events of ongoing war, a crazy president, a crook as well, and the amount of crimes being committed, prosecuted, and settled out of the White House.

What should be covered instead? I don’t get why covering the main topics of our existence is promoting those things any more than any other news outlet, or the topic in general with the public speaking it’s mind on CD or anywhere else?


Good for Mr. Arkin for letting us inside the MIC & MSM love shack. MSNBC & NBC are the public face of The Corporate Media and The Corporatocracy. That’s put them in the role of cheerleaders or public relations hacks for the Endless War Crowd. Who’s that audience and that constituency, if not The Washington Consensus and The Pentagon? Their ever increasing money and power grubbing and grabbing; the enduring status quo which will never allow all USAins to have nicer things, better things and even life’s barest necessities. It is a total bust for most of us. And, they don’t care, really.
The 99s have been mortally wounded by The Endless War killing machine, and it is truly the greatest journalism/news story that is never told.
It would be too uncomfortable for the so-called truth tellers.
Orwell & Huxley are somewhere shaking their heads, muttering about our collective cluelessness. Caution Lights are blinking brightly: Shallow graves ahead, indeed.


I’m going to have to bring more crackers. There seems to been a lot of bad tasting whine being brought to the party of we hate anything but the Green Party that will go nowhere the next election, the one after that, and the one after that.
If people really do want the democratic party to fail, they are inviting republican rule and destruction for a very long time.


As much as I hate our president, I agreed with him when he said we have too many troops in too many places. If we want democracy, we need to ratchet down the military. The Defense Department has become the Offense Department. As far as MSNBC goes, I stopped watching it when Maddow and others endorsed Hillary instead of Bernie.


Should be called Zio Broadcasting Service


I had to look at the calendar to see if it was April Fools Day.
It would be nice if one of the MSM prime time “Reporters” had the guts to do what Arkin has done. I don’t expect it to happen.


Just to note: In his email, available in full at the link below, Mr. Arkin says that his criticism is applicable to the other networks as well, not simply NBC:

“Seeking refuge in its political horse race roots, NBC (and others) meanwhile report the story of war as one of Rumsfeld vs. the Generals, as Wolfowitz vs. Shinseki, as the CIA vs. Cheney, as the bad torturers vs. the more…”



You can read his full email at the link I posted below, but right here in the article on CD, he says, " Seeking refuge in its political horse race roots, NBC (and others) meanwhile report the story of war as one of Rumsfeld vs. the Generals, as Wolfowitz vs. Shinseki, as the CIA vs. Cheney, as the bad torturers vs. the more refined, …"


At the end of his email, he says, " I am writing a non-fiction book, an extended essay about national security and why we never seem to end our now perpetual state of war. There is lots of media critique out there, tons of analysis of leadership and the Presidency. But on the state of our national security? Not so much. Hopefully I will find myself thinking beyond the current fire and fury and actually suggest a viable alternative. Wish me luck.

I want to read that one too!


I would like to commend MSNBC and their strong coverage of the hiring and firing of Trump administration officials. It’s strong coverage of the ones prosecuted from Trump’s umbrella, found guilty and sentenced. Coverage of the ones still in play and under investigation. The coverage of the many issues that brought people to the streets. The in depth coverage of the likely Trump and Russia connections to money and politics, and perhaps more. Their relentless coverage of Trump’s lies and other character flaws. And their coverage of our war mongering White House, Pentagon, and corporate MIC, which all networks fail to cover adequately. How people construe reporting on war with supporting the warring escapes me. I don’t see MSNBC advertising war equipment, recruiting soldiers, pumping up the corporate war machine, or applauding any of it.


Me too, on the subject of national security, and his surmising in his 9-11 book.


FYI- In the year of 2001 the DoD budget was $290.1Billion. In 2018 the DoD budget is north of $715+ Billion. And, Mattis wanted $750+ Billion, going forward. ( BTW-That’s not including HSA funding and The Alphabets who serve the DoD as an auxiliary partner That is not just a little chicken feed, either ).
That’s an annual increase of mindboggling proportions when wrapped around and into the rest of the funding for the Permanent Police & Security State we all live in.
But, we are told to forget this abomination of waste, fraud and the abuse of the 99s who must do without, so the MIC can have their wishlist, without any accountability, of course.
" If we can’t defend this country on $350 Billion a year, it is time to get some new generals ". Now, there’s a fevered pipedream for peace activists.