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Veteran NBC Commentator Rips Failures, Pro-War Posture of Corporate Media in Scathing Resignation Letter


’ *I’m proud to say that I also was one of the few to report that there weren’t any WMD in Iraq and remember fondly presenting that conclusion to an incredulous NBC editorial board. I argued endlessly with MSNBC about all things national security for years, doing the daily blah, blah, blah in Secaucus, but also poking at the conventional wisdom of everyone from Matthews to Hockenberry. And yet I feel like I’ve failed to convey this larger truth about the hopelessness of our way of doing things, especially disheartened to watch NBC and much of the rest of the news media somehow become a defender of Washington and the system’ -from the article

of course the big shots at nbc, as with the rest of big corporate media, are defenders of the establishment. they’re part and parcel of it!

i learned this nearly 30 years ago when i first did some in-depth reading into the jfk assassination. it was a revelation first learning that the cia, the fbi, and other elite federal government agencies were behind the assassination. but how could such a huge conspiracy go undetected by a supposedly ‘free’ and ‘independent’ media?

that’s the 2nd shock. corporate media, as most readers of this site should be well aware, is owned by 6 mega corporations. so ownership is very elite and centralized. more than that, since before the jfk coup d’etat, the cia has been spending enormous sums of money to control what gets reported and how it gets reported, with something originally called operation mockingbird. supposedly this is no longer being done, but anyone who believes that is extremely naive.

bottom line, the ‘free’ and ‘independent’ corporate media in the usa (and it’s allies throughout the world) is no more free or independent than any state owned and run media. it’s all a big farce.

any reporter who gets too far out of line and reports on something or tries to report on something the big boys behind the scenes who run the show object to, faces the same fate as that of gary webb, the journalist who broke the story that the cia was deeply involved in smuggling cocaine into south central l.a., with some of the profits going to funding the murderous rightwing death squads and ‘freedom fighters’ known as the contras in central america. the whole rest of corporate media turned on webb as if he was the bad guy. he ended up getting fired, harassed, and finally killed, supposedly a suicide, but under very suspicious circumstances, including the fact that he supposedly shot himself in the head not once, but twice!

corporate media gets away with reporting tons of misinformation and propaganda by being totally controlled at the top, and by carefully screening the higher profile journalists it employs to try to weed out every potential gary webb type it can ahead of time. it accomplishes this no doubt by extensive psychological testing to eliminate everyone prone to being too independent, too willing to challenge or question ‘authority’.

the only way to have a clue as to the truth of what’s happening in our world is to not rely on corporate media!





beginning to act like an evil empire?! were u born yesterday? the usa has led a coalition of corrupt elitist bankers and corporatists since at least the end of ww2 in an attempt at world domination to make the world safe for oligarchy and immense inequality and injustice. in the process it has conducted many obscene wars and war crimes (try reading nick turse’s excellent expose of the vietnam war titled KILL ANYTHING THAT MOVES.


Is Orwell laughing from the grave, or crying with our Founding Fathers? War is Peace… we are all Winston’s now.


I’ve have given $ to those Portland street people as well. It is estimated that over 30% of all our homeless are veterans. We all have become a commodity. Just ask Zuckerberg. Slaves to the idea that the generals and legislators and media have our best interests in mind. They do not.
Cause it’s a dog eat dog, it’s a cat and mouse, it’s watch your step, cross yourself, and get back in house. It’s the do or die, it’s the push and shove, because everybody’s hungry and there isnt quite enough. That’s right, I’m talking about the Good Life In The Food Chain, love among the ruins. When you finally realize, there is Nothing you can do about it.


Nice. In Bush’s first speech after 9/11, and the housing crash, he said that the best thing an American could do was to go out and Shop. Seems to be the answer to every problem, except for a real problem, like, climate change (But they are selling that one too: Buy Green (no, don’t buy green)).

On topic: Obama wars cost Clinton votes:
Also, an excuse to Shop for the M-I-Complex.

The Left was afraid of looking soft; instead of just being strong.
I’m glad Clinton lost. At least, Trump is transparent (Please do not impeach; let him fade away; like Gorby (A US agent? I always thought so.)) We don’t need another Bush or Clinton. What is this; an Oligarchy? One party with two heads?

“What this country needs is a second, viable party.” - BJC


1920’s women stating the same:

1970’s women saying the same:

The old Jewish God, and the new Jewish prophet state the same:
War begets war.


Oh no no…didnt your teacher tell you - Orwell wrote about Soviet Union. We are ok, honest, do gooders!