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Veterans Apologize to Japan For Using Nuclear Weapons


Veterans Apologize to Japan For Using Nuclear Weapons

Veterans for Peace

ST. LOUIS - St. Louis, MO. Veterans For Peace, a national organization made up of military veterans and military family members, released an apology to the people of Japan for U.S. usage of nuclear weapons. This apology is in conjunction with a call to President Obama to also apologize to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during his upcoming visit to Pearl Harbor.



As a 75 years old Japanese born a month before Pearl Harbor, an attack without ultimatum, I personally don't want them to apologize but do want them to look into 1) the US intervention in our Supreme Court decision in 1959 to set the the US-Japan security treaty above our pacifist constitution, which is called Sunagawa ruling. The evidence of cables between US State Dept and Japanese government were found in the US National Archive in 2008. Supreme Court means the sovereignty of a country. We lost it by the US intervention in Sunagawa ruling People of both countries should recognize this fact at least to establish better relationship for the future and 2) The Status of Forces Agreement is nothing more than extraterritorial rights of the victor for its military personnel and facilities. It is ridiculous for the US to hold those rights basically as they were even 71 years after the war..

I would be grateful if you could shed light on these two important issues most people in both countries tend to overlook.
Thank you very much,