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Veterans Arrive at Standing Rock to Act as 'Human Shields' for Water Protectors

Veterans Arrive at Standing Rock to Act as 'Human Shields' for Water Protectors

Nika Knight, staff writer

As tensions grow in North Dakota, with multiple eviction orders facing the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in their battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline, U.S. military veterans on Friday began arriving at the Oceti Sakowin protest camp.


My god. Maybe there’s hope in the world after all. Impressive that the Cuban people are standing in solidarity with the movement. Imagine what people will do when their foul capitalist governments are circumvented. Finally, is there a more cowardly individual in the world than Obama? If he believes his inaction on behalf of first amendment rights in this instance will not tarnish his legacy, then he’s as naive as his neocon enablers.


So good to see the Vets arriving early. This whole thing has been so hard on the water protectors. I finally found Veterans that I can say are heroes. God bless them and the water protectors in their fight to save the rivers.


I have to admit to being a little choked up reading this article - must be something in my eye ~

Re-route that dam pipeline - somebody !


Absolutely no reroute – it must be CANCELED, as all of these pipelines must be canceled if we want a livable planet.


To traveler21:

That would be OK with me, just as it would be my preference that the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion from Alberta to Vancouver be stopped, even as approval has been granted. Same for the Petronas 38 billion dollar project for a liquid natural gas pipeline and all facilities which will terminate at the mouth of the Skeena River in northern British Columbia - prime wild salmon spawning grounds.

But if they go ahead - better to go ahead with compromise.

One step at a time.

These steps are meaningful.

I am a veteran environmental blogger, I might add, from the days before the World Bank, the International Energy Agency, and the Vatican acknowledged in writing - writing of no ambiguity - that we must wean ourselves off fossil fuels and more.

One step at a time.


I am firmly on the side of the Indians (which is the side of life) and I have sent the Veterans money for this operation. I want to point out, however, a basic incoherence in the Indians’ stance. If the pipeline had been rerouted, they seem to be saying, then this opposition would not be occurring. But the pipeline is deadly to all humans based on its mere existence and what it does and what it brings.

I hope that the veterans and the Indians completely move away from talking about some kind of “acceptable” route for the pipeline, though I do understand their concern for their dignity and their own lands and water.


Interesting & informative - from the BBC World News:


Love the brave indigenous people and love these veterans! But to me, the only acceptable route is NO ROUTE!


Thoroughly awed by the absolute bravery of all these protesters. My prayers to those who have suffered physical harm.


Those of us warm at home can do this.


I read earlier today that a judge had, on a technicality, declined to prohibit the police use of percussion grenades against the protesters. The police claimed such grenades were necessary after having previously denied using them at all. I was so disheartened by that, but this has lifted my spirits quite a lot. It’s the first time in a while that I feel like maybe the Oceti Sakowin will win.


“The greatest battle of all: to keep our hearts intact.”
This is my constant struggle as i am so angry at those who appear to have no heart. I fear we are drowning in that kind of people.


I hear ya’, I couldn’t even make it past the headlines before I started choking up.


Only care about ME ME ME! And the other side in congress is spreading lies about how violent the native people are.


Never have I been so proud of veterans/soldiers as now. To stand up for what our country stands for and to protect and serve. Amazing. Love to them and Blessings. This Water Protection gives me hope for our nation.


From the Veterans Stand for Standing Rock GoFundMe page:

We are asking that all donations for Veterans Stand for Standing Rock now go via SquareCash on our handle $VeteranStand. SquareCash allows for instant access to funds and isn’t charging us the fees or the banking delays of GoFundMe. The movement is THIS WEEKEND, and we need cash on hand to accomplish the mission. Please help us Stand In Solidarity with the Standing Rock tribes, Thank You For All Your Support!



Hope that the veterans bravely standing at Standing Rock will be receive better treatment than they evidently do from the V.A.


Now let’s imagine if all of the water protectors were fully armed as the Bundyittes in Oregon; how many of the protectors would be alive today?

Seeing how they idolize corporate power grabs, the Talibundies will never show up anywhere near Standing Rock. They are probably planning their next game refuge occupation to coincide with Trump’s inauguration.

The support the Standing Rock Protectors ARE getting confirms that Hayduke Lives !