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Veterans at Standing Rock Ready to Take Clean Water Fight to Flint


Veterans at Standing Rock Ready to Take Clean Water Fight to Flint

Nika Knight, staff writer

The veterans who deployed to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe reservation in North Dakota to support the water protectors in their battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline are now looking to take their successful mobilization to another community fighting for clean water: Flint, Michigan.


Why is Flint's water supply a problem? It would cost only $216 mil to fix this, https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jun/06/flint-water-crisis-lead-pipes-infrastructure-cost , and $216 mil is only about 3 weeks of U.S. aid to Israel (we give Israel $10.2 mil per day http://ifamericansknew.org/stat/usaid.html).

The problem isn't lack of money, the problem is that our government would rather fund Israel's war crimes than provide safe drinking water for American citizens.


The US also prefers to not tax the rich and allows them to stash their wealth outside the country. They also prefer to spend trillions on endless wars rather than serving human needs.


Hopefully, solidarity actions will start occurring at all the polluted rivers, lakes, ponds. Justice for the people of Flint!


These dedicated and courageous people stand-up for clean water over corporate exploitation and pollution, at Standing Rock and in Flint - the outgoing fraud, Barack Obama, has not really stood-up for clean water in either location - what we have seen is his general support for corporate exploitation including the pollution associated with it.


Brilliant! Now, if we could have The Greens, Our Revolution and Black Lives Matter and what's left of the Dem faux-corporate (no corporate shills, thank you), Nurses United, Vets - ALL GET TOGETHER! A VERY LONG LIST OF Patriots! Who want Justice Now! Climate Change & Physics will not wait. Everybody come together and act as One - not the circle the wagons thing I see going on in some places. Trump's horror show must be met with strength of character.


"Language was added to the bill ..." that's our Congress doing its job. Treason comes in many forms, and we ought to know the names of the men and woman who are destroying individuals, groups, societies, nations and the planet. Names, first and last: not "the alt-right, fascists, Wall Street, the oligarchy, the masters of the universe" - all those nouns they hide behind. I'd ask for addresses but the "government" is reading this too, and I don't want to threaten anybody, for heaven's sake.


Yes, this unification of the various resistance groups could be called "I'm not the only one", from Lennon's "Imagine"


Thanks JohnEllis for your outspoken letter. It takes guts to talk about a shameful period of life. I want to say that I respectfully disagree with your sentence about the "gutless wonders." All things cannot be accomplished with the first step. The energy and determination that veterans bring to the struggle for justice is a huge step toward a more galvanized resistance by U.S. people to oppression and exploitation. It places a focus on what you touched upon in your letter: fighting wars of aggression only for the benefit of Empire. This is seminal knowledge kept hidden by main stream media who still insist that U.S. wars of aggression are for "democracy!" My hat is off to all the Protectors at Dakota. My heart sings at the thought of the Veterans moving on to Flint, Mich. to expand awareness, confidence and hope, as well as to show that organized action is the way forward in this time of threat from the corporate empire directly toward U.S. people. When the people of the USA get on the move the world will change!


Mercenaries with dogs looking to make a truck payment may want to rethink the mercenary opportunity I suppose when the protesters are Veterans. Many of whom have actually been in a fight and would be first in line to protect water over a corporate profits.