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Veterans Call on US to Sign Nuclear Ban Treaty


Veterans Call on US to Sign Nuclear Ban Treaty

Brian Trautman, Gerry Condon, & Samantha Ferguson

On July 7th, 2017, the United Nations (UN), in a historic decision, approved a legally binding instrument to ban nuclear weapons, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Months of negotiations involving over 130 countries began in March of this year, culminating in a final draft endorsed by 122 countries. The treaty marks a significant milestone to help free the world of nuclear weapons.


I am a nuclear veteran (Operation Redwing, Marshall Islands, 1956) and a member of Veterans for Peace. For most of my life, I have been working for peace, and an end to the use of nuclear anything.

I Have Seen the Dragon

I have seen the Dragon
Through clenched lids and arms pressed tight.
I have felt its hot breath on my back
And listened to the rumble of its voice.

I have looked upon its breath,
Glowing Amethyst, red and purple,
Climbing towards the stratosphere
To deposit its venom downwind.

I have waited in fear as my gums began to bleed
And my hair came out in clumps.
I breathed a prayer of thanks
As I began to heal.

After fifty years, our ranks are thin,
We who have seen the Dragon and survived.
Those who have died or are sickened still,
Their numbers are legion.

All we can hope for, work for, pray for,
Is that no madman will ever be allowed
To unleash the Dragon again.
For its legacy to all is death, disease and decay.

2 November 2006

Sixty-one years since Redwing and we seem to be closer to mutual annihilation than we were then. Now, we have other worries as well. Chernobyl, Fukushima, and hundreds of worn out nuclear reactors that, for the most part, have received permission to operate another ten years, often with permission to increase their power by 25%.

  • That may prove fatal, but as long as the profits continue to roll in, there is no care for the planet or its population. For the Oilagarchy, greed runneth all, sad to say.


Thank you for your poetry and your words of sanity!

I am a veteran, too, and I want to join Veterans for Peace.


Hi Nighthawk,

  • You can Google Veterans for Peace and get quite a few links.
  • This is the Homepage https://www.veteransforpeace.org/
  • There are chapters all over the place, and they say, if there is not one close to you, start one.
  • They are really active, took part in Standing Rock. Right now, there is a lot going on in Seattle and they (we) are right in the middle of it. (We, I’m a member, they are doing the work.)
  • It gets frustrating, but I’m sliding into 80, with a broken back and other ailments and am sixty or eighty miles from Seattle, so most of what I do is write.
  • Somebody apparently got tired of my commenting and said I should be at Standing Rock. I replied that, considering my age and health, about the only job I could successfully perform is Designated Martyr and I’m not quite ready. :wink:
  • So yeah, contact them. It is not too expensive and perhaps you’ll find a need you can fill. You’ll be in touch with some really neat people working hard to achieve PEACE!
  • Steve


Hi Nighthawk,


Thanks for the info. Steve!


Your welcome.

  • May we all, someday, enjoy peace, other than the “peace of the grave.”