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Veterans Go to Washington, So What?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/13/veterans-go-washington-so-what


Let’s face it, War is a Racket as Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler told us. Those who enter the ranks as enlisted or officers in their early adulthood surely are unaware of this fact. Many, perhaps the vast majority, will never come to this awareness. Therefore is service the issue or enlightenment? I tend to favor the latter.


From the article:

“…War Powers Act of 1973. Theoretically, it restricts a president from launching a military excursion abroad without informing Congress and getting congressional consent within 60 days.”

The author misconstrues the War Powers Act. The Act does not restrict the President from starting military action - on the contrary, the Act permits Presidential war-making. The Act requires only an after-the-fact notice to Congress, at which time almost no one in Congress ever has the guts to vote against the newly-begun war.


:it’s hard not to add lack of courage to the mix—not exactly the greatest compliment you can pay a military veteran."

I have heard that line before, albeit phrased somewhat differently: “Fie, my lord, fie, a soldier and afeard?” Quite the insult I am sure, but I surely do not get the point of this article. Are there people who make a decision as to whom to vote for based on whether the candidate is a veteran? And, is this small group of veteran politicians a meaningful representative of veterans as a whole?

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During the Obama administration I photoshopped a graphic with Obama and the panel that announced the AUMF with a spring-loaded boxing glove mounted on their table aimed at the midsection of Norman Rockwell’s painting “Golden Rule” which bears the legend “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. The sound of the acronym inextricably tied in my mind to the sound forced out of us when punched in the stomach.

Obamś ears must have been plugged by the paper from the Fed, Wall Street and arms manufacturers. They have known that the shell game is over and table is about to blow away. They’re working their asses off to force the rest of the world into the rut science calls a “creode”-the development process a cell follows as it becomes specialized - making all and everything fit into the creode for organs to enslave, extract, propagandize, eco/ethno/geno/cide.

These insensate treadmill rats seem to have swallowed an ‘end days’ koolaide that is mixing with their greed and shutting down the creode(s) that create brain cells.

I kid you not that we must not conceive of our situation as one of simple chaos. Take a good hard look at Bannon, Pompeo, et al and tell me they are not plagiarizing a dynamic model that has been hollowed out and cherry-picked to force it into a short-term soon-to-explode power extraction strategy. Ultimately dumb as a sack of hammers.

Organize local
public banking
co-op models

yeah … I hear the choir. And I listen to see if vets know how to sing these tunes.


good writing Nan.
" more likely to win. "
balderdash !!
Desert Storm is our last win in 1991.
Here in July 2020, our U.S. Army is broken, leadership sucks.
West Point curriculum needs to be flushed and rewritten to win quickly and LEAVE.
We have replaced state dept. diplomats with military officers and CIA managers who
now control foreign affairs from Europe, Middle East, Pakistan, Africa and central America.

One of the reasons I particularly push Tammy Duckworth for VP is that she is no push over
by DC pentagon brass.

As an old vet, I’d like to thank you for a thoughtful article.

Well parsed WiseOwl.

Butler was the first I thought of, then Kerry throwing a medal, or medals over the WH fence.
Today we still have the VVAW, Tammy Duckworth, and Iraq veterans against the war groups.

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