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Veterans Groups Condemn Trump as 'A National Disgrace' Over Reports He Called Fallen Soldiers 'Losers' and 'Suckers'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/04/veterans-groups-condemn-trump-national-disgrace-over-reports-he-called-fallen


Might as well kick American Veterans in the scrotum too Mr. Trump ! "

Shame President Trump…shame!

Mr. Phillips


Donald Trump does not respect our men and women in uniform. He does not respect their families. He does not respect veterans.

Publishing a list of people/things Trump does not respect is futile. Much easier to publish a list of people/things he does respect:

(Can you add to this list?)



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Beyond considering fallen soldiers as “suckers and losers”, we should readily acknowledge that that his how he sees pretty much everyone in the ninety-nine percent, except when the cameras are rolling and he can praise that part which comprises his base or the heroes of his base. A cult leader cannot stand to be outshone and IQ45 is very much a cult leader–“I love the uneducated”. Knowing that his base responds to emotion and not reason, don’t expect to swing his base with reason. The only tool available is to get out the vote. The youth simply have to show up. Protests are cool and all of that, and very valuable, but not so very valuable as for many what will be that first trip to the ballot experience. If you can reach any of this cohort please do all you can to persuade them to show up to the process.


An unseemly comment from a draft dodger suffering from an overgrown toenail …



Donald J. Trump

I think that’s the entire list, although I think he kinda likes Jared Kushner.


Just so I’m clear:

Nazis = very fine people

Soldiers who died fighting Nazis = losers

Let’s all be clear: The poison fruit in the WH has not fallen far from his ancestral tree even if he has self-hating Jews as allies.

Trump’s grandfather was a Nazi and his father a KKK sympathizer.


And probably his own reflection.

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“But later he came to realize that Trump simply does not understand non-transactional life choices.”

This can be said of the entire pillar that is foundational to the capitalist US America: Selfishness, But this, to varying degrees, also applies to the rest of us. Who, for example, can honestly say they “give” freely with no thought of recompense of any kind?


I’m glad you mentioned emotion:


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The laziness of the refusal to go out in a light rain to honor the fallen of WWI and all vets to not “muss his hair” shows the utter lack of character of that Ugly American - the despicable fraud infesting the WH and nation! .
The ugly truth and reality is trump doesn’t respect much of anything, except his own ego and malignant narcissism - all else are props to be used as needed by his ignorance thru an un-filtered mouth.

Any group, issue, person, society, critical environment, planet is only there to serve the greed, madness and pathological ambitions of that hideous truly evil creature
He only loves money and the grotesque trappings of wealth within his gold-plated garish really ugly expressions of such wealth, all gained in any way possible regardless others, just like his racist father. Much of his wealth imaginary all paper fluff and lies, as his tax returns may well prove beyond any doubt, along with his who his hidden criminal cronies are - his political tools/cronies are all too visible.


Sadly to his cult this won’t matter one iota. They either love him despite these comments or because of these comments. It scares the hell out of me that this lunatic might be re-elected.


Trump is right about one thing, anybody that fights for the US military and Donald Trump after being called suckers and losers, are suckers and losers.
I call on every soldier, sailor, airman and Marine currently on duty, to walk off their jobs right now. You need to walk off the job because Trump didn’t just say that remark flippantly. What he said is what America’s oligarchy has thought about those that serve in the military since the civil war. America’s wealthy have always thought of you as well, suckers and losers. A dim subclass of Morlocks who are willing to lay their lives down in order for the rich to remain rich, and the poor to remain poor. Smedly Butler was correct. War is a racket. It’s a game of three card Monty. And for three card Monty to work it requires someone to be a sucker.
All trump is guilty of today is saying the quiet part out loud. Come on folks, let’s give him credit for once. He finally told the truth.


He only loves his own reflection after an army of fluffers has spent several hours:

Gluing his wig into place (model: Afghan Bitch 1200)
Spraying on copious amounts of pancake tan make up (model: George Hamilton Orang)
Wedging him into a fat-containment body suit (model: Spanx XXXL 4 Men)


Oh, and America’s military families will line up and vote in droves for the conservative politician of their choice on November 3rd. You can count on it


The DNC is probably in emergency meetings right now trying to figure out new ways to lose to this guy.


Do you think he has scaly skin too.?

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Those close up shots of his face are pretty scary.
But, hey, lots of people just love the guy.